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  • 40,000 years ago

    One of the best shows I ever saw on television. Seems like all the best ones get canceled. We put up a fight to keep it on the air back then. ABC finally aired the last 5 episodes. It was put in a bad time slot from the very beginning by going up against one of the most popular shows on the air at that time, 'Friends' and 'Seinfeld'. Also they preempted it several times. If ABC wanted it to fail that was a way to do it. I believe it would have caught on if given a chance in a better time slot on a different night. The premise was exciting. The discovery of finding a new species and having one of that new species help with the discovery made for an exciting hour on Thursday nights. I believe Prey was ahead of its time...
  • This show: Never. Had. A Chance.

    I knew this show wasn't going to succeed the first time I saw it. But I always tuned in for this little sci-fi show starring Debra Messing in a pre-Will & Grace turn as a bioanthropologist and Vince Ventresca of Invisible Man fame trying to solve the mystery of the species that's a step UP from humans on the evolutionary scale. They're only a step up, but apparently that's all it takes to do away with the human race. Always a terrifying premise. While the show was definitely a bit of fun while it lasted, I didn't really miss it when it was (quickly) gone. I will forever blame W&G for ruining and ending the promise of this show. I bet the fabulously successful Messing doesn't give it a second thought…
  • WISH I HAD IT ON VIDEO, they need to bring it back.

    This was a great show that I only got to watch a few episodes of. I really wish I had it on video or that they would release it on DVD. This is one of those older shows that was canceled because the audience wasn't around at the time but would likely be a huge hit today. Sci-Fi Channel needs to consider redoing it cause this would be one of my new and old favs.
  • Dr. Slone (Debra Messing) discovers a new species of human being. They are genetically advanced from us and they want to take over the world. Also starring Larry Drake from "LA Law". A pre-curser to X-Files...

    Another great show cancelled too soon. Loved Debra Messing in this show. Had a crush on Adam Storke--where is he now?!
    I think this show was after Debra did "Ned & Stacey" with Thomas Haden Church.
    I still have a couple of episodes on VHS.
    I think this would do well if released on DVD.

    **this review needs forty more words, but what else to say?
    It's so sad that a lot of good shows get the axe before an audience can find them.
    Remember "Profit" on FOX, starring Adrian Pasdar? At least Adrian is on "Heroes" on NBC--for now, anyway.
    Thanks for reading my stuff.
  • Had a lot of potential ...

    I'm beginning to believe that regular networks shouldn't bother with shows of this nature, they never seem to know what to do with them.

    Prey was a great show. It had an interesting plot to it, not your typical science fiction where everything is about an alien invasion. The cast was incredibly strong, and talented - even without Debra Messing it could have continued if it had been given the chance.

    With just a little more focus on fine tuning and more help from the network, this show could have possibly made it for several more seasons, unfotunately though we'll never find that out.
  • Bad network!

    I only saw this show at 2 or 3 AM in the summer of 98. It was on after I got home from work. I thought it was terrific. A great plot line, a great cast, and the potential for a long running show. Of course Debra Messing has gone on to bigger things, but not better. Prey was a unique spin on the evolutionary process and what it could mean to civilization. What if there were a new species of man? What if they wanted to dominate the planet. Not just rule it, repopulate it with their own. How would they go about it? How are they different from modern man? Could we stave them off? Should we? I guess we will never know. The show had zero network support and got the axe early on.