Pride and Prejudice

Season 1 Episode 4

Part 4

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 1995 on BBC

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  • When Elizabeth receives a lengthy letter from Darcy, she is astonished to learn more about George Wickham, none of it flattering.

    Following his unsuccessful marriage proposal, Darcy writes Elizabeth a long letter during which he outlines the true story of George Wickham. It seems that the REAL cause of the animosity between the two men stems from the fact that Wickham gambled and drank a legacy of 3000 pounds which Darcy gave him upon his request instead of the position in the church which Wickham turned down, taking the money instead and going through it at a rate of knots.

    Following this, Wickham set his cap for the young and impressionable Georgiana Darcy, and her fortune of thirty thousand pounds, eloping with her with the help of a dishonest servant and almost marrying her before Darcy himself turned up and saved his sister from the fate of being married to a scoundrel like Wickham.

    To her credit, Elizabeth believes everything that Darcy tells her in the letter and realises how very close she came to falling completely for Wickham's charms herself. Meanwhile, she undertakes a holiday with her aunt and uncle Gardiner which takes them to the area in which the great estate of the Darcy family, Pemberley, is situated. While touring through the magnificent home, Elizabeth is surprised to learn from Darcy's housekeeper what a fine man he is and how kindly he treats his staff and others. She has trouble conecting THIS cersion of Darcy with the one she has come to know.

    Things become embarrassing for her when the man himself arrives home a day early and she sees him emerging from a stream in a see-through white shirt looking very handsome (one of the most famous scenes in television history and one which Colin Firth sportingly repeated in the movie St. Trinians in 2007. Darcy is kindness itself, to Elizabeth and to her aunt and uncle and they are both very taken with him - just as Lizzie herself is beginning to be as she looks at him through new eyes.

    All the happiness and fun of the holiday however is wiped out by the arrival of a letter from Jane which informs Lizzie that their youngest sister Lydia has eloped with the desolute Mr. Wickham!

    Brilliant performances from all concerned once again. This entire series is truly British television at its finest.