Pride and Prejudice

Season 1 Episode 6

Part 6

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 1995 on BBC
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Lydia comes home in triumph with Wickham, who has married her. Lydia has been sworn to secrecy about the secret help from Darcy, but in her muddle-headed way she lets the secret slip to Elizabeth.

 Meanwhile, Bingley comes back to the Longbourne neighbourhood - and he wants to see Jane again. Bingley is followed by a very angry Lady Catherine, who reveals another secret.

Finally, Elizabeth admits to Darcy that she has changed her view of him - and he gets the answer he did not dare hope for.


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  • Lydia returns to her parents' home with her new husband in tow and lets slip to Elizabeth exctly how the marriage came about and who made it possible.

    When a glowing, newly-married Lydia arrives back with Wickham, Mrs. Bennet and Kitty are beside themselves with delight, but the same can not be said for any other member of the family, all of whom see Wickham for what he really is.

    Being smug, Lydia talks about her marriage and lets it slip to Elizabeth that it was Mr. Darcy who arranged everything and paid all of Wickham's considerable debts, even though she had been told to say nothing. Elizabeth is distraught because she can't tell even her beloved father of Darcy's great generosity but she soon has other things on her mind when Charles Bingley returns to the area and very smartly proposes to Jane, who naturally accepts. When Darcy asks Mr. Bennet for Elizabeth's hand and this proposal is also accepted, Mrs. Bennet is beside herself with joy and the two sisters and their respective bridegrooms marry in a local church, much to the disgust of Lady Catherine who is furious that Darcy will not be marrying Anne.

    Everything ends on a predictably happy note when the two couples leave to spend the rest of their lives together.

    Like I said, they don't make a mini-series better than this. Watch it and you will see for yourself. First rate from start to finish.moreless
  • When Lyida comes home married and reveals what Darcy did, Elizabeth demands the truth, and the intense silence between Darcy and Elizabth is awesome.

    Of course, the mini-series finale would have to do well, and of course it was great. I love Colin Firth so it was no wonder the i'd love this episode, where he proposes and gets married. I love the ending, though perhaps would've wanted the last few chapters where they really get to talk about their love, but i understand that would've been very hard to fit in with the ending picture so perfect. Jane Austen has writtn the perfect book, and Andrew Davies has made the perfect mini-series from it. I re watch it a lot more than once a year but never ever get sick of it.moreless
Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox

Georgiana Darcy

Guest Star

Lynn Farleigh

Lynn Farleigh

Mrs. Phillips

Guest Star

Marlene Sidaway

Marlene Sidaway

Hill, the housekeeper

Guest Star

Barbara Leigh-Hunt

Barbara Leigh-Hunt

Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Recurring Role

Joanna David

Joanna David

Mrs. Gardiner

Recurring Role

Kate O'Malley

Kate O'Malley

Sarah, the maid

Recurring Role

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    • Mr Bennet: You're a good girl. And I have no doubt you will do very well together. You're each of you so complying, that nothing will ever be resolved on.
      Jane Bennet: Papa...
      Mr Bennet: So easy, that every servant will cheat you...
      Jane Bennet: No, indeed.
      Mr Bennet: And so generous, that you will always exceed your income.
      Mrs Bennet: Exceed their income! What are you talking about? Don't you know he has £5,000 a year?

    • Mr. Bennet: (about Mr. Wickham) He's as fine a fellow as ever I saw. He simpers and smirks and makes love to us all. Oh, I'm prodigiously proud of him. I defy even Sir William Lucas himself to produce such a son-in-law.

    • Elizabeth Bennet: I love him. Indeed, he has no improper pride. He's perfectly amiable. If you only knew his generous nature. I didn't always love him, but I love him now so very dearly. He is truly the best man I have ever known.
      Mr. Bennet: Well, my dear, if this be the case, he deserves you. I could not have parted with you to anyone less worthy, Lizzy.

    • (Discussing Lydia with Elizabeth and Jane.)
      Mrs. Bennet: Oh, well, I am so happy. A daughter married, and only just sixteen!

    • Lady Catherine de Bourgh: I will not be interrupted. If you were sensible of your own good, you would not wish to quit the sphere in which you've been brought up.
      Elizabeth Bennet: Lady Catherine, in marrying your nephew, I should not consider myself as quitting that sphere. He is a gentleman. I am a gentleman's daughter. So far, we are equal.

    • Lady Catherine de Bourgh: (to Elizabeth, when she's about to drive off in her carriage) I take no leave of you, Miss Bennet. I send no compliments to your mother. You deserve no such attention. I am most seriously displeased.
      (later on)
      Mr. Bennet: And, pray, what said Lady Catherine de Bourgh? I suppose she came to refuse her consent, eh? Well, well, what do we live for but to make sport for our neighbours and laugh at them in our turn?

    • Mr. Darcy: You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject forever.
      Elizabeth Bennet: Oh, my feelings. My feelings are - I am ashamed to remember what I said then. My feelings are so different. In fact, they are quite the opposite.

    • Mrs. Bennet: Three daughters married! Oh, Mr. Bennet, God has been very good to us.
      Mr. Bennet: Yes, so it would seem.

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