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  • The best novel adaptation I have ever seen. No need to re-make Pride and Prejudice, people! The BBC version cannot be bested! It captures the heart and soul of the book perfectly and is a must-watch for all.

    I remember watching this when it was on TV for the first time and I remembered it all so clearly, I could hum the theme tune for years afterwards! This is a perfect adaptation. As a great fan of the book (as most people who have read it are) I remember watching the show unfold exactly as I had imagined it myself, in isolation, with the book. The acting is superb and everything about the show captures the essence of the book without fault: the clothes, sets, landscapes etc. I think that it had the ability to be so good because it doesn't leave anything out; it lets the book dictate the pace and develops each of the characters' stories with great care and attention. It does not seem rushed but it also doesn't plod, mainly because of the colourful characters and the very good acting and on screen chemistry. It is actually this reason that I think it is hard to compare this production to any film versions of P&P because I can't bear to think of the ruthlessness with which half the charm of the book must be cut away to leave just 120 mins of condensed story. To me, you need the 'normal' everyday stuff to enhance the story and to help develop our understanding of the characters and the social world they live in.
    Another interesting point that impresses me is that in the book, there are a lot of conversations that are described rather than having the dialogue explicitly written by Austen. In this way, she can convey the frequency and the subjects of everyday conversations without boring the reader by writing them in full. In the BBC version, conversations such as these are written in specifically for the show and you absolutely wouldn't know they weren't out of the book word-for-word. I can't find anything to criticise in this production. It was put together with a real affection towards the book and I feel that very strongly throughout. I need never watch another version as this one -for me- has hit every nail on the head perfectly.
  • An awe-inspiring portrayal of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"

    After several failed attempts at finding an accurate on-screen portrayal of Austen's classic literary romance, I was excited to find one I actually enjoyed.

    The casting here was fabulous, and the characterization didn't miss a beat. Aside from the irreplaceable chemistry between lead roles Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, the mannorisms of supporting characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Bennett were spot on and very true to the actual novel. Viewers will be pleased with the superior settings, script, and acting in this mini-series. There was very little dramatization, so the simplistic romance Austen was attempting to create between two unlikely people really shines here. Overall, I think this adaptation of Austen's book did most justice to the characters and time period being depicted. A true must-see.
  • When Andrew Davies decided to make a mini series from Jane Austen novel "Pride and Prejudice", he turned out the best adaptation of the book which has ever been done.

    Jane Austen's most famous novel has been filmed several times, but no adaptation comes even remotely close to the perfection of this one. Andrew Davies and his team put together a superbly talented cast, a magnificent screenplay and some amazing scenery to produce a piece of television which can be watched over and over again without it ever losing its gloss.

    Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle are superb as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, while others, such as Alison Steadman, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Sasannah Harker, Crispin Bonham-Carter and David Bamber, just to name a few deliver performances which are so memorable, it is as though Jane Austen herself wrote, cast and directed the production.

    Accept no substitutes, this is as good as it gets!
  • The best dramatization of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" so far and one of the best novel adaptations I`ve seen.

    This 1995 BBC`s version of "Pride and Prejudice" is simply that - the BEST. And the best not only in a category of Austen's adaptations, but as the best novel adaptation in general. In this mini series, based on a well-known Jane Austen's master piece of the same title, one gets an unforgettable experience told so well that you hardly can get enough of it.
    The entire cast is simply fabulous. And no doubt here that Collin Firth created the best Mr Darcy to date IMO. And the script writers as well did justice to the original story so well that you get all the thrill, suspense and excitement you get from the original novel.
  • I think that this dramatisation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is by far the best.

    I think that this dramatisation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is by far the best that has been produced before or since. The choice of Colin Firth to play Mr Darcy was just superb he fits the character perfectly. Elizabeth's sisters really come across as vacuous personalities. Mrs Bennett is truly brilliant as she makes me cringe at the thought of her faux pas! The choice of sites to film the series are excellent with Pemberley being the icing on the cake.
    I have the DVD of this production and never tire of watching it again and again - I've only seen the film once and never again, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth - a very poor choice
  • I call this a guilty pleasure because it isn't the type of thing a guy is supposed to like..

    But this is a very well made mini-series. It has surprisingly good acting in it, which is something that most mini-series end up missing because of a lack of a budget for them. But all of the roles were cast extremely well, and while not all of the acting is great, it does show what needs to be shown from the actors.

    The story of course is a timeless classic that a lot of people have had to read at one time or another for school. And the adaptation of it is very faithful to the book. Obviously it can't be perfect because of time constraints and how things translate to the screen from paper, but a very good job is done with it.
  • Buy the DVDs! They are worth it for the additional scenes and being able to have a marathon of quality Pride and Prejudice.

    I remember vividly when this mini series first came out. I was laid up in bed and continually saw the commercials for it on A & E. Pride and Prejudice has always been my favorite Jane Austen novel. While I liked the old Greer Garson/Laurence Olivier movie, it just didn't do justice to the book. In the new production commercials one scene in particular stood out, and that was Lizzie standing on a boulder, looking out at the gorgeous countryside, saying with emphasis, "Beautiful!" That scene never made it on the TV showing of this program. It was on the DVD. This is one mini series that I rank with my top 5, possibly number 1 of all time. If I were on a desert island with a TV and DVD player (!!), I would want the DVDs of this show. I can watch them over and over and still see something new in each viewing. Not only is this due to the well-written and fascinating adaptation, but it is also due to the quality of actors and acting that one finds in this show. Just go down the list of actors, and each one is unmatched, unbeatable in their roles. This production was so good that it genuinely diminished the latest movie of Pride and Prejudice for my family. There is just no comparison. Keira Knightly, while a lovely actress, never showed the depth of character that one could find in the mini series with Jennifer Erhle. One needs only to say Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy and that is enough. Reverend Collins in this production is odious, unctuous, creepy, laughable, and yet somewhat decent in his own way.

    This is the Pride and Prejudice production of all time to watch that is guaranteed to please, entertain, and delight. Watching it on television with the cuts is even worth it.
  • Best adaptation, and one of my all time favorite movies.

    Jane Austen's classic novel brought to the small screen, and done better than ever before, or since in my opinion. The entire cast is fabulous. This is exactly how a movie should be well done and entertaining.

    The t.v. movie follows the book as we meet Elizabeth Bennett and her four sisters, as well as her parents. We are introduced to a number of unforgettable characters that live in the town and abroad. You will watch as the sisters fall in love, get their hearts broken, unbroken, broken again, and then finally healed.

    There are so many wonderful comedic moments in this movie as well, usually brought on by the Mr. and Mrs. Bennett.

    Such a wonderful love story.
  • a televison mini-series adaption of Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice. one of the best adaption of a Jane Austen novel ever made.

    this television mini-series is one of the best adaption of Pride and Prejudice ever made. the series takes about five or six hours to watch, i don't remeber which. the series is broken up into six episodes, each i think is about fifty to fifty-five minutes long. the series has some of England's best actors and actresses in it, including Colin Firth. the series is pretty accurate to the book, but there are some minor changes. overall, most people who have read the book and loved it will probably love this mini-series to. the dancing is also a highlight of the series, and the costumes are very accurate to the time period. a great show, and i highly suggest it to teens and adults, because younger kids will probably be bored and not understand it.
  • school project

    in my last year at secondary school i got forced to read the novel. I have to say at the time, it was the hardest novel i had ever attempted to read. We had to write a piece of coursework on it so our teacher showed us this version of it to try and understand the storyline.

    Now, i absolutley love both the novel and the tv series. I bought the dvd and watch it all of the time. I love Colin Firth and this started my craze of him.

    My favourite character in the whole book and series is mr Collins. Im not sure who plays him in the series, but it was great casting - hes fabulous.

    A great series!! :)
  • classic novel, classic film.

    this heart-felt tale of love, hate, romance and class is the perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon watching. It will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with the ever so handsome Mister Darcy! Another definite thumbs up from me. It's a film that all of the family can enjoy.
  • Older, longer and better... I love this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and especially Jennifer Ehle in it.

    For those who are unfamiliar with story I recommend this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. It is a lot longer, but it's also closer to book. All the major caracters have ther 5 minutes, and I'm especially happy for seeing more of Lydia and unbearable Mary, who is out of the picture in movie.
    BBC's P&P are also more focused on Darcy then book, so he is in more scenes then he was supposed to be. Not that anyone dissagree with that. Everyone likes to see Collin Firth in the bath. :)
    No doubt this is one of the best adaptation of book that I have seen in many years, and I know there is a lot of people that says that movie P&P is much better suited for younger audience than show, but I must say that I found it much, much better than the movie, and I'm (only) 17.
  • Forget Keira! This is what pride and prejudice is all about.

    If you want to see the best Pride, this is it. The new movie with Keira has nothing on this series. And not to get me started on Mr. Darcy. What was they tinking trying to make a movie when the ultimate show has already been taped?

    This is a perfect costume drama, well casted, and well played. The story is about the Bennet sisters witch all has to be married away since the house they live in will be passed on to a male relative when their father dies, leaving them with noting. Mrs. Bennet is a somewhat hystrical woman, obsessed only with getting her daughters married.

    This show is feelgood, love and gorgeous landskapes. I LOVE it!
  • Jane and Elizabeth, the eldest daughters of the Bennett family must find suitable husbands.

    This movie is almost word for word the same as the book. Each character has great definition, and the humor in each characters' plot is perfect. Andrew Davies' adaptation of this classic love story is probably exactly what Jane Austen would have wanted. The story shows a time where women weren't expected to think, but its main female character is one of the most thought-provoking ones in literature.