Pride and Prejudice

BBC (ended 1995)





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  • The best novel adaptation I have ever seen. No need to re-make Pride and Prejudice, people! The BBC version cannot be bested! It captures the heart and soul of the book perfectly and is a must-watch for all.

    I remember watching this when it was on TV for the first time and I remembered it all so clearly, I could hum the theme tune for years afterwards! This is a perfect adaptation. As a great fan of the book (as most people who have read it are) I remember watching the show unfold exactly as I had imagined it myself, in isolation, with the book. The acting is superb and everything about the show captures the essence of the book without fault: the clothes, sets, landscapes etc. I think that it had the ability to be so good because it doesn't leave anything out; it lets the book dictate the pace and develops each of the characters' stories with great care and attention. It does not seem rushed but it also doesn't plod, mainly because of the colourful characters and the very good acting and on screen chemistry. It is actually this reason that I think it is hard to compare this production to any film versions of P&P because I can't bear to think of the ruthlessness with which half the charm of the book must be cut away to leave just 120 mins of condensed story. To me, you need the 'normal' everyday stuff to enhance the story and to help develop our understanding of the characters and the social world they live in.
    Another interesting point that impresses me is that in the book, there are a lot of conversations that are described rather than having the dialogue explicitly written by Austen. In this way, she can convey the frequency and the subjects of everyday conversations without boring the reader by writing them in full. In the BBC version, conversations such as these are written in specifically for the show and you absolutely wouldn't know they weren't out of the book word-for-word. I can't find anything to criticise in this production. It was put together with a real affection towards the book and I feel that very strongly throughout. I need never watch another version as this one -for me- has hit every nail on the head perfectly.