Prime Suspect

Season 1 Episode 2

Carnivorous Sheep

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

Det. Jane Timoney and Boy friend Matt Webb are talking about his son Owen coming over. They start making out. Jane gets a call. They have a woman named Alice Burton dead. Nanny Ms.Letecia Castillo found her. They think her ex Mr. Jason Healy took the missing daughter, Hannah. Sargent Reg Duffy talks to Ms. Costello. Team goes over info. Mr. Healy comes in He's upset. Lt. Kevin Sweeney does a press conference.

Jane and Reg talk to ex. They have him followed just in case. Det. Lou Calderon goes over sex offenders. Jane goes over pics on Allison's phone. She shows a bunch of pictures to Ms. Castillo. She points out Chris Hughes, he talked to Mrs. Burton in the park. Reg and Lou go to see Hughes at home. He has an alibi for that night. Noelle Tanner is his gf. Jane and Det. Everard Velerio go to check out the Gallery. Mrs. Burton's workplace. Then she gets a call from Sgt. Duffy, to go and talk to Noelle Tanner. Noelle tells them that Chris has changed. he was there all night. Don't think she really knows! Her daughter is Rita. We see later a news report on Chris Hughes as the suspect. He has magazines on children's clothes, and newspaper articles on abducted children. Reg and Lou talk to him in interrogation room. Rest watch. He compares it to cancer, and Reg is not happy. Later Reg and Jane don't agree. He has her follow him. Jane and Reg go to his psychiatrist, Dr. Joanna Sykes. She don't believe Chris Did it. Jane wanted her guarantee. Jane talks with Reg over lunch. She says he eats like a duck. Jane goes to talk to the artist. Glen Cover is the guy to watch. Allison Burton didn't get along with him.

Jane gets a call to come home. Her and Matt sit down and talk to his ex. about Owen their son. Trish seems to be worried about every little thing. Jane talks about her cases, and weapons. Trish storms out. Matt upset. Back at station Det. Tkachenko brings in files on Hugheses' past. Reg reads the old files. Reg goes and reads it to Noelle. She says Chris did leave in the night. Reg is so happy. Chris Hughes tries to call Noelle but she won't answer. Lou and Det. Augie Blando go to arrest Hughes. He runs. Lou catches him, but he knocks him down. He takes Lou's gun and keeps saying he didn't kidnap her. Jane goes to Glenn Cover's home, alone. They talk, he leaves room. She hears breaking glass, she follows him. She cuffs him and looks for Hannah. She finds her in locked room. She calls for help. Det. Lou looks for Hughes, he is found in Noelle's house. NYPD and SWAT move in on Tanner's house. Jane arrives at scene. Hughes tells Noelle they were safe with him. She don't believe it as he holds Rita. Jane calls Chris on the bull horn. Telling him Hannah is safe and he can let them go. Lt. Sweeney calls him on Noelle's cell phone. Jane talks to him. Telling him he can see Hannah if he releases them. He thinks it is a trick. SWAT ready to move in, family runs out. Jane wants Sweeney to let her go in and talk to Chris. He finally agrees. Jane finds him and apologist. He said he did talk to Hannah's mom, in park but it was parent to parent. Seems his past won't go away. He shoots himself.

Team watching Lt. Sweeney do the Press conference. Lou telling Augie he has to see the psychologist about having his gun taken. Jane is taking down the pictures. Reg comes over and says he is sorry. Jane says to bite me. He leaves upset. She tells him he will always know he was wrong. She goes home. She meets Owen, and he is shy. Matt takes him for burgers.