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  • Got off to a ruff start...

    but I did enjoy it after the writers settled down alittle.
  • great show i can believe it got cancelled

    Tooooo slow, too grey.
  • great show - cant believe its cancelled

    I wasn't sure about this show at first but the more I watch it the more I like it. I like the way the relationships are developing between the characters and the storylines are great. If anyone's reading this with influence, please don't cancel it, orgasm potential to be a really long runner.
  • One of the best shows to come along

    Normally I am not a fan of shows that are taken from British television and brought over the ocean. Prime Suspect is one of the few exceptions. If anyone bothers to listen to the fans, please reconsider the premature cancellation of this well written, well acted show.
  • I'm from a family of several generations of NYPD officers. My Dad was a Manhattan Homicide detective. So I really wanted to like this show. Instead I was appalled!


    I really disliked Maria Bello's character Det. Jane Timoney. Even worse was the way the other male detectives treated her with such disrespect. What sex discriminating jerks! Then the booze fest men's club in the Captains office would never be allowed to take place in this day & age. This seemed more like an episode from Mad Men in the 1960's when that kind of behavior was allowed. From beginning to end, this show was a disgraceful portrayal of NY's FINEST!!

  • She's tough and cold (and smart at her job). The men are irrational whim-worshipping wimps (and chase along behind her in solving crimes). I wanted to like this show, but I can't take it.


    Prime Suspect was a disappointment to me. I like Bello and was prepared to love seeing her in her own show. But several things precluded that:

    The writing suffers from too much naturalism: the 2 writers wanted (as they said in their interviews) to keep things really really *real*. But their idea of reality is to show most NYC cops as sophomoric, foul-mouthed, narrow-minded, anti-woman buffoons. I can't stand a one of these so-called fellow officers, and the idea of those morons working to protect citizens' rights... is a bad joke.

    Maria Bello's character is a cut above the sub-human males, but at a terrible price: her femininity is somehow missing. She's tougher than the men--and more important, far more intelligent and reasonable in her work. I could get to liking a woman like Jane T., if she were written *as* a woman. In her present form, I don't quite know *what* she is. Seeing her act like that makes me cringe.

    In another section of (regarding the "empowered women" trend in new shows), a fellow reviewer complained about all the emphasis on gender, and asked "why can't we just be human beings instead of male and female?"

    My answer to that is apropos to Prime Suspect: We can't "just be human beings" because our gender is built in, and deeply affects our world view and sense-of-life. That, in a nutshell, is my problem with Prime Suspect, which portrays a woman who's more gruffly manly than any of the men in the show. (In fact, the men are painted as either wimps or frothing idiots -- or both.) Every second we have to spend watching the needless nagging and straining based on anti-women silliness -- is a precious second taken from the advancement of the real plot: solving crimes with tenacity, ingenuity, and guts. That gender-battle stuff bores me to death.

    Somewhere buried down amongst the folderol of this show is a grand potential: to portray a woman who's bold, courageous, independent in her thinking, and a very clever, intuitive cop.

    I wish we could have more of that. Prime Suspect could be - and should have been - great TV art. Unfortunately, as it stands now, it ain't.