Prime Suspect

Season 1 Episode 2

Prime Suspect, Part 2

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 1991 on ITV

Episode Recap

Further bodies are found and the team realise that they are looking for a serial killer.

To convict Marlow of the crimes they have to find his car which he claims has been stolen. Jane also has to make sure that Jefford himself wasn't involved in the murders as he was often to be found in the same places as Marlow when the murders took place.

Jane's personal life falls into crisis due to her involvement with the case. Her partner Peter Rawlins feels that she is spending less and less time with him and finally leaves her after she turns up late for an arranged dinner party with his business clients.

Jane takes Otley off the case and works with DS Terry Amson. They discover that there is one murder every year except for the time Marlow was in prison.

They still find it hard to convict Marlow until WPC Havers realises that Marlow's girlfriend Moyra Henson was working as a beautician in some of the areas where the murders took place and did work for some of the girls that were murdered.

Henson is called in for questioning. Marlow panics and he is traced to a lock up where they find his car and his weapons of torture and murder.

Finally Marlow is charged and the other officers have a celebration for Jane who is finally accepted.
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