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  • Dame Helen is outstanding!

    Watching Prime Suspect again makes me realize and appreciate every episode. Dame Helen Mirren is always worth watching whether Prime Suspect or anything else. Her role of Jane Tennison will go down in history as one of the best female roles ever written and acted by this wonderful dame. The writing is superior to anything else on television. More than ten years after its first showing in America, Prime Suspect is classic television. The series itself has also some award winning performances by Zoe Wanamaker as the unsuspecting wife of a serial killer. Even though we suspect it, it is fascinating to unravel the mystery. When we see the female corpses, it is a gruesome look into reality. For us, it is entertainment. In the real world, they are somebody's daughter and the killer is inhuman. When we finally solve the mystery in this addition, we will have more questions and answers. The biggest question is why does this happen to begin with.
  • In a typically understated British fashion, Prime Suspect delivers excellent performances by an edgy, raucous cast of "old boy's club" cops and a steely-eyed, ambitious female Detective Chief Inspector (DCI), Tennison.

    I absolutely love this show, the word brilliant doesn't even properly give it justice. As usual the UK has produced and delivered a series that puts to shame anything that American television has to offer. Helen Mirren is ranked one of the world's best actors-and for good reason.

    The stories are superb "who dunnits" with outstanding writing and acting all the way around. In addition to being a great crime solving drama, "Prime Suspect" succeeds as a character study of a middle-aged, professional woman who has sacrificed much of her personal life to rise among the ranks of the police force.