Prime Suspect

Season 6 Episode 1

The Last Witness, Part 1

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2003 on ITV

Episode Recap

Jane has been superintendent for seven years now and has three murder investigation teams under her command. She is seen having a well-woman check up. She has been in service for over thirty years and personnel are wondering if she would like to retire now that she is 54 years old. A body of a young Serbian girl is found in a building, which is currently being renovated. Forensics believe that she was not killed in the building and has died from asphyxiation. Her hands have been tied with wire and she is covered in cigarette burns of which some are scars over 10 years old, which suggests that she may have been tortured when quite young. As the building belongs to an MP that opposes illegal immigrants Jane decides to take the case over from Chief Inspector Simon Finch, keeping him as her 'number two'. Jane is also in conflict with DC Lorna Greaves, who works long hours, but often has time off to be with her young children. She tells Jane that if she suggests that she is not good enough for the murder squad she will see that as discrimination. Stephen Abacha comes forward and tells Jane that the body was that of Samira Blekic who worked with him as a cleaner. He last saw her when he walked her home one night at midnight. Samira has a sister Jasmina who is a cleaner in a hospital. Jane goes to see Robert West, a photographer who has photographs of Bosnia to see if she can discover more information. Lorna finds a van on a cctv film near where the body was found it belongs to OCB Security. A security guard Duscan Zigic is now under suspicion of murder. When Duscan's flat is searched no evidence of murder is found. It is decided to check every building where Duscan worked as a security guard. When Duscan is interviewed his interpreter is a Mr Milan Lukic. Lukic tells Jane that he is an optician and that she might need to have her eyes tested. When Duscan is interviewed at a later date he is angry when he is given a different interpreter. Jane suspects that something is wrong and discovers that although Lukic is an approved interpreter it was Duscan's solicitor, Rosemary Henderson who chose him. So Jane decides to go to him to have her eyes tested in order to discover more. Wire is found in Duscan's toolbox similar to that used on the murder victim, but no forensic link is found. Eventually Jasmina is found hiding under the floorboards in the flat that she shares with her boyfriend Kasim Ibrahimivic and identifies the body as that of her sister. When Jane shows her photographs of the possible murderer she denies that she has recognised Duscan. Jane suspects otherwise and Jasmina tells her story. Meanwhile Finch believes that Kasim is in trouble for trafficking illegal goods such as cigarettes and Samira has been murdered by mistake instead of Kasim's girlfriend Jasmina. He is not happy that Jane has taken over the case and when he goes to see Det. Chief Supt. Larry Hall, Hall remarks to Finch that he once worked for Jane but now Jane works for him Jasmina tells Jane that in Bosnia she and her sister Samira were travelling on a bus with their family and friends when men wearing hoods took all the men and shot them. Later Jasmina and her sister were taken by Duscan to the room where the bodies were but he did not shoot them, instead he told them to hide amongst the bodies. However, later Duscan took both of them and if Jasmina wouldn't do as he wanted he tortured Samira. Duscan denies that he was ever in the army and the atrocity Jasmina talks about has not been logged. Later under the floor in a building where Duscan has recently been working wire and blood is found. When the officers go to arrest Duscan who has been under police surveillance they discover he has escaped out of the window and along the roof. They realise he has gone after Jasmina who has been mentioned in the newspaper. They rush to the hospital where Jasmina is working and she cannot be found. Suddenly a gun shot is heard. Jasmina has been shot through the head.