Prime Suspect

Season 6 Episode 2

The Last Witness, Part 2

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2003 on ITV

Episode Recap

Jane tells Kasim that they have had to let Duscan go as they didn't have enough evidence to hold him. Kasim tells Jane that he and Jasmina were going to get married. Jane asks Robert Weston to look again at the video and interpret what Lukic and Duscan are saying to each other . However Robert can't see any particular irregularity. There were over 4,000 people in the hospital how did Duscan find Jasmina so soon. Jasmina told the little girl Huweeya in the flats that she had seen 'the devil' maybe Jasmina had seen Lukic and not Duscan. Jane and Lorna go to interview Lukic's wife. At the same time Lukic is interviewed by the other officers. They are kept waiting until Lukic appears. During the interview he is phoned by his wife and the officers receive a call telling them where Duscan is hiding. Lukic's story of where he was on the 20th doesn't quite match that of his wife's and Lukic admits that he was having an affair and was in a hotel room at the time the murder took place. Jane checks this out and finds he is telling the truth. Thought to be a dangerous man Duscan is arrested by police with sniper guns and confesses that he killed both women. However, Jane still thinks that there is a link between Duscan Zigic and Milan Lukic. She believes that Lukic made the anonymous call to tell them where Duscan was hiding hoping that he would resist arrest and be killed. Robert is given a film which shows the massacre taking place, which is shown to Jane and Larry. Jane is now convinced that Jasmina and her sister were murdered because Lukic thought they had died in Bosnia, once he knew they weren't he was afraid and decided to get rid of them. Against Larry King's wishes Jane goes to Bosnia to discover the truth. In the village where the massacre took place everyone denies knowledge of it and says that they do not recognise Lukic's photograph. Eventually they meet with a friend of Lukic's who studied with him. He tells Jane and Robert that the photo is not of Lukic but of Dragan Jankovitch who studied with them. Dragan had never completed the course and was not in the regular army. When she arrives back home, Jane is summoned by Scotland Yard who get her to sign the official secrets act and tell her to leave Lukic alone. He is an informer who has helped to supply information against suspected war criminals. They know about his identity change. Jane interviews Lukic anyway, but someone informs Larry and Jane is told to stop the interview. She is given a week off and she tells Simon to carry on with Duscan's conviction. Jane goes to see her father who is now in a retirement home. He tells Jane a story how at the end of the war he was asked to help in Belsen. Underneath a pile of bodies they found one little girl alive and as a result he had to search through piles of bodies for more survivors. After the shock of what he saw he just wanted to return home to a normal family life. However, he tells Jane that compared to him she fights for her convictions. Robert goes to the sisters' funeral instead of Jane as no women are allowed there. He speaks to Kasim about Lukic and as a result Lukic is captured and is going to be taken back to Bosnia illegally for some kind of secret trial. Jane doesn't want this and Lukic is saved by the police at the ferry port. Jane goes to see Duscan in prison and gets him to admit that Jankovic murdered the real Lukic and that his body was hidden under a viaduct. Jane now has some evidence against Jankovic and he is arrested.

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