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Primetime Glick

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Jiminy Glick was born in 1948, in Akron, Ohio, the youngest of eleven children born to Omar and Isabella Glickman. Sickly as a child, Jiminy had to be privately tutored until the age of thirteen, when doctors discovered his "ailment" was merely the result of a swallowed Tonka truck that had lodged in his duodenum. After graduating from Gale Gordon High School, he enrolled at the prestigious DeVry Institute of Technology, but left after the first semester when he won the role of Onlooker #2 in a bus-and-truck theater production of "Forty Karats," starring Miss Lana Turner. By the time he was thirty, Glick had grown confident enough to move out of his parents' house and pursue a career in acting. Hollywood was beckoning and Jiminy answered the call. Sure enough, he landed a job as a bus boy at Chasen's, where he stayed for the next eight years. He worked only occasionally as an actor, most notably as Buddy Ebsen's kleptomaniac nephew in a "Barnaby Jones" two-parter. Despite a series of mixed reviews, Glick found acting jobs few and far between and was ultimately forced to take a position as personal assistant to the legendary Charles "Death Wish" Bronson. He remained in that lofty capacity for five turbulent years. Then, in 1991, while moonlighting as a bartender's assistant at Roddy McDowell's traditional "People's Choice Award" after-party, he befriended former "Laugh-In" producer George Schlatter. As luck would have it, Schlatter was looking for a host for his new syndicated celebrity interview show, "LalaWood." Glick got the nod and, after two short years, "LalaWood" rocketed into the top 100. "Thank God he's a man and he's so fat or I'd be worried about my job. He's that good!" - Barbara Walters Glick now lives in Tarzana, with his wife of twenty-three years, Dixie, and their four sons: Morgan, Mason, Matthew and Modine. When he's not hosting his current show, "Prime-time Glick," you'll most likely find Jiminy coaching his sons' little league team, rebuilding the engine of one of his classic cars or browsing for antiques. Martin Short plays Glick. Glick will try to interview celebrity guests, hoping to remember their names... Jiminy Glick is a spin-off of The Martin Short Show (1999)moreless

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