Primetime Live

Season 3 Episode 805

Anna Nicole Smith; Madonna; Crime on Campus

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

Anna Nicole Smith met J. Howard Marshall II when he was in his late 80's and she was an exotic dancer at a club in Texas. They wed in 1993, he died in August 1994 and she laid claim to his estate, worth billions of dollars.

After an initial judgement awarded her a portion, more than $800,000, J. Howard's family fought even harder than before.

This Primetime episode explores inside information behind the legal fight, never before seen footage of their brief homelife and interviews.

Also, Madonna has reinvented herself yet again, as mother, religious (unofficial) spokesperson and tonight, discusses the material world.

On a growingly more serious note, crime on campuses is addressed, with warnings, interviews and discussion of what is being done, what is not being done and what the real problem is.