Primetime Live

Season 3 Episode 805

Anna Nicole Smith; Madonna; Crime on Campus

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on ABC

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  • Brawl over Billions! The tabloid headlines are brought to Primetime with the clarity of investigative reporting that can be trusted not to sensationalize. Right?

    This Primetime spanned two hours, actually two shows in one broadcast, which was nice for the moment, but makes me wonder if there's pre-emptions or hiatus planned.
    Among the first features was Madonna, handed a little video camera by Primetime and asked to catch herself in a routine day. With one of her children doing the earliest filming, she let the world see her wake up and start her day. While there wasn't a bad moment on tape, which implies she had ultimate power over what was actually shown or filmed, it was still a pretty decent cross-section of a day in the life.
    In discussing her rumored statement that she is no longer a "material girl", she denies ever saying it. Admitting, quite candidly, that we are all addicted to "things", whether the trappings of a lifestyle, alcohol or even sex, this profile quickly diminished into just another Madonna feature film, a self-promotion of her latest re-invention. She wanted to come off as a mother and 'regular person', open-minded, multi-religious and still vibrant at an age she really doesn't look, and it worked. For some of us, it was just another yawn though. Like family holiday letters talking about how great little Timmy did in school this year and how much we're earning now, but don't let the Jaguar fool you, we're still just regular ol' family.
    Madonna was forthright about her fall from the horse which resulted in many broken bones and incredible pain, for which she called, "More morphine!". It's apparent that this is not a person who would ever be addicted to drugs and so, talking about it with such openess and candor is permissable and comfortable. I must admit I was shocked to hear how badly she really was injured. This wasn't any sprained elbow and superstar drama. This would have brought a full grown man to his knees, and that this little lady not only suffered it, but rallied from it, is impressive.

    The story about crime on college campuses was eye opening and again I wonder how people can be in positions of trust and honor, while lying to the very people who trust and honor them!?
    We're not talking just a purse-snatching or "just" a mugging on college campuses, but Ted Bundy-type stalking and murder. Even with police protection orders, stalkers defy the law and authority to get to their prey.
    Primetime insiders repeatedly (80% of the time) get into locked doors, slip through key-only entrances and position themselves with people they could easily victimize if they were so inclined, including following a girl, alone in a stairwell!
    One college administration wrote their official comment about how they continue to honor a policy of "openess", but they declined to be seen or interviewed. This is just as bad as running from the cameras, ducking into doorways and yelling about "private property" to make the investigators (news) leave. As soon as we see these people running, or putting their hands up to block the camera, don't we ALL think "guilty"? I mean, if there's nothing to hide, there's nothing to hide. Pretty simple.
    Across America, college campuses are painfully void of real security or any efforts to take crimes committed there seriously. On applications the question of whether or not one has ever been convicted of a felony are generally lied about. Is it so hard to believe a felon would lie?
    While Primetime implies that background checks should be done, I have to admit this would be too much of an undertaking and possibly violations of our rights (to privacy for one) by the schools.
    No real solution is offered or addressed, but for certain, doing a lot more AFTER an initial complaint or incident is warrented. This is where they fall painfully short, as lives are snuffed out that, for a little extra effort, wouldn't be.
    The two stalkers and murderers profiled in this segment? BOTH committed suicide before going to trial. I'll make no further comment about that.

    Review of Anna Nicole Smith's hour long program by Primetime coming up.