Primetime Live

Season 4 Episode 8826

April 14, 2006 Tom Cruise Interview; Cruise Ship Personnel-Predators

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Tom Cruise sat for this interview over a week before air date, but he is a good actor and kept up appearences pretending that his significantly pregnant girlfriend may have her baby any minute. Stahl asked the hard questions, but Cruise danced around them with his usual expertise. When, for example, asked if he had anything to do with the pulling of a 2nd airing of a South Park episode, he went on about how busy he was with movie making and his family, life in general - never actually saying "no" to that direct question. When asked about the rumors the baby wasn't biologically his, again, he just committed to 'not dignifying that with an answer', which is no answer at all. He discussed nothing more than what was apparently pre-approved for discussion and did his usual self-promotion, movie-promotion and Scientology pitch. While I enjoy Cruise in his movies, of late he's become little more than a happily misinformed cult member with a great smile. He just goes to show that talent and intelligence means immunity from this kind of indoctrination and brainwashing. Finally, a late switch in stories that was supposed to be about a teen who was over-served alcohol on a cruise ship, and ended up going overboard. In the story that aired, a 12 year old was stalked and raped by a crew member of a commercial cruise line while on vacation with her family. The cruise line personnel did nothing about it, but repeatedly said she was making it up. When she showed them where it happened on the ship, a place she shouldn't and couldn't have known about, the line settled out of court. Investigative reporters look into not only how much this is covered up, but how executives for the cruise lines distort the statistics.
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