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  • Primetime: Out of Control AIDS in Black America, August 24th,2006. Primetime thanking you for airing this show and shedding light on an otherwise silent yet deadly issue.


    I appreciate and thank Primetime for airing this special on AIDS in Black America. This issue is dire and needs to be addressed and brought to light. It’s very alarming and disheartening to hear that our black women are being infected with this disease via heterosexual relationships. The only way to solve this problem is to educate our communities. Pastors and leaders alike should attack this crisis head on and promote abstinence, safe sex and/or monogamy within marriages. I am very surprised and disappointed that TD Jakes refused to talk about AIDS at a conference in Atlanta and I disagree with his statement about the Bible not providing answers. HIV/AIDS is a product of our choices, it is a product of the condition of our hearts, it is a product of this Country’s mindset and Christianity targets those very things, so to say that the Bible does not gives us any answers is just nuts and extremely outlandish.. Pastors have no excuse and they shouldn’t have to feel their way through this issue. The HIV/AIDS crisis has now become a moral issue, in that, heterosexual married men are sleeping with other men on the down low, thereby infecting black women. It is the Church’s sole responsibility to address, confront and resolve moral dysfunctions within our society. Furthermore, the word of God provides an answer for every single moral issue that plagues this Country. It is extremely unfortunate and appalling that pastors have chosen to take the easy way out; as the HIV/AIDS crisis continues to permeate African American Culture; pastors should make this crisis a point of focus until the condition augments. To move forward progressively Pastors and leaders across the nation should not be afraid to touch or address this crisis. This epidemic is adversely affecting the African American community and we all should band together to affect positive change. Christine Hollingsworth
    Christian Cultural Center.