Primetime Live - Season 5

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  • Campus Killings: Tragedy at Virginia Tech
  • March 20, 2007, The Outsiders
  • March 13, 2007, The Outsiders (4th in series)
    Two women enter the porn industry, answering the lure of easy money, but at what expense? Sunny Lane has a Lolita-esque persona and is managed by her parents. Sophia Lynn is a mother and former sunday-school teacher. Plus, teenage risk-takers.
  • March 06, 2007 The New Jesus?
    March 06, 2007 The New Jesus?

    If you believe this man, the search for Jesus ends in a nice suburban neighborhood outside of Houston, Texas. This 60 year old Puerto Rican man, Jose de Jesus, believes he's the second coming of Christ and claims to be God. He's married and has followers in more than 30 countries, increasing every day.moreless
  • February 27, 2007 When Grandparents Parent
    February 27, 2007 Grandparents Being Parents An increasing number of grandparents in this country are now raising the offspring of their own children. What changes the family structure when grandma becomes 'mom' ?
  • February 20, 2007 Searching for Zodiac
    February 20, 2007 Still Searching for Zodiac

    A fascinating and motivating interview with the man who believes he knows who the Zodiac Killer was and what happened to him.
  • February 19, 2007 The Outsiders (3rd in series)
    February 19, 2007 The Outsiders (3rd in series) Brothers and Sisters marrying, having children of their own? How some are doing this and why some experts think it's a natural attraction.
  • February 13, 2007 The Outsiders: Keeping Secrets
    February 13, 2007 The Outsiders: Keeping Secrets Just a couple miles from the infamous and staunchly secretive wreck of a town called “Colorado City”, reportedly hiding sex abusers masquerading as Polygamists, is a modern, open and forthright town that seems quite the opposite, except for the Polygamy.
  • February 06, 2007 The Outsiders (1st in Series)
    February 06, 2007 The Outsiders (1st in new series)

    Reviving a successful series of unusual people with very unusual lives, Primetime starts a new exploration of oddities, eccentrics and mysteries.
  • January 31, 2007 Medical Mysteries
    January 31, 2007 Medical Mysteries (Series)

    Ectrodactyly is a condition where people are born with missing or fused fingers and toes; also, people trapped in bodies that are unable to move or communicate; a village in the Italian Alps where people’s diets are loaded with fats, sugar and cholesterol, their blood levels are off some charts and yet, heart disease and diabetes are virtually unheard of.moreless
  • January 24, 2007 Medical Mysteries (series)
    January 24, 2007 Medical Mysteries (Solved!) Medical Mysteries series continues with unique and challenging medical conditions presented for t.v. viewers to try to solve along with the experts. People with reversed organs are among just some presented.
  • January 17, 2007 Medical Mysteries (2nd in series)
    January 17, 2007 Medical Mysteries Primetime’s newest series continues with the 2nd presentation of perplexing medical problems that encourages the viewers to play doctor.
  • January 10, 2007 Medical Mysteries
    January 10, 2007 Medical Mysteries No fingerprints; world's smallest people; stuttering problems solved?

    Incredible diagnoses of perplexing problems. Viewers encouraged to participate in, ‘you be the doctor’.

  • Basic Instincts Part 4: The Science of Evil
    January 03, 2007 Basic Instincts (4th in series)

    The Science of Evil: Why do some people seem to have no problem committing evil acts? It might be surprising to viewers to find out how easily certain individuals can be convinced to hurt others.
  • Basic Instincts Part 3
    Basic Instincts Part 3
    Episode 8855
    December 20, 2006 Basic Instincts: Lost & Found

    A remarkable search, plus how to really lose weight!
  • Basic Instincts Part 2
    Basic Instincts Part 2
    Episode 8854
    December 13, 2006 Basic Instincts 2nd in series What would you do? When witnessing outrageous, offensive or even dangerous behavior? Would you step up or not? The results of this hidden camera series are often shocking and not what you’d expect.
  • December 08, 2006 The Hermit Nation
    December 08, 2006 Diane Sawyer in North Korea 12 days in the highly secretive country called the “Hermit Nation”, staying in Pyongyang, the capital and model city. Fascinating footage of a nation with modern buildings and facilities, but such poor resources that there’s barely enough electricity and water supplies are notoriously foul.moreless
  • December 06, 2006 Basic Instincts (new series of reports)
    December 06, 2006 Basic Instincts (new series) Tonight opens a new series exploring human instinct. Have we lost or given up our natural reactions to situations due to social norms? Do we resist action based on what others are doing? As part of the experiment, hidden cameras are set up to catch some outrageous, offensive, or even dangerous behavior and what, if anything, every day people do in response.moreless
  • November 23, 2006 Apocalypto (Mel Gibson interview)
    November 23, 2006 Mel Gibson & Apocalypto

    Diane Sawyer talks with Mel Gibson about his recent troubles and motivation behind his latest movie, the soon to be released “Apocalypto”.

    John Quinones examines the actual history and mystery surrounding the disappearance of the ancient Mayan civilization portrayed in “Apocalypto”.
  • September 11, 2006 Where Things Stand
    September 11, 2006 Where Things Stand Charles Gibson reports on what has changed in the five years since the terrorism on U.S. soil. Interviews include
  • Primetime Live How Safe Are You Really?
    Every year in the United States more than 100,00 women are attacked; 50,000 are raped. Hundreds are victims of murder by strangers. ABC News safety expert and consultant Bob Stuber encourages people to expect the unexpected. This episode deals with how women actually respond to everyday situations that could end up victimizing them - and how these same women SHOULD deal with them.moreless
  • Nuclear Reactors at U.S. Universities
    A “PRIMETIME” EXCLUSIVE with BRIAN ROSS heading an investigation into security flaws at several university nuclear research reactors all over America.