Primetime: What Would You Do?

Season 2 Episode 8

March 16, 2009

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on ABC
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March 16, 2009
What would you do if you saw a young teen being forced into a polygamous marriage. How about a Latino hate crime? What would you do if you saw a thief stealing from someone on the beach? How far would you go in telling lies about a faulty infomercial product?moreless
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      • Thief on the Beach: The female actor places her towel down, doesn't converse and leaves. No one really says anything about the thief in this case. Dr. Keating says the greater the ambiguity the less likely they respond. But just a little small talk with people around her towel, the thief is targeted. Next, she behaves badly to her neighbors! When the thief steals her ipod, one man chases him down. Now they use a tall blonde "knockout". Part one when she doesn't talk: they notice the thief. Part two the attractive girl tries to woo a husband! The wife gets upset, but they do not do anything about the thief since the girl was disrespectful.

      • Faux Infomercial Product: 18 of 19 lied about the product's power. But John wants to test the limits, so he ups the ridiculousness of the requests. Some people start leaving. But then people start saying that it's worth the risk of cancer, since it contains carcinogens. Would people actually use the product? Yes! People actually put the product into their own hand and then drank a sample (that was really just a power drink). Only 4 of the 19 found a line they would not cross. Authority is very convincing!

      • Latino Hate Crimes: The set up is intimidating, with 3 men beating up a Latino actor. But when a group comes out to confront the 3 men the first group doesn't do much. One man grabs 2 friends from the bar and they are successful in breaking up the beating. Over 2 days, 99 people witnessed this, 7 people called 911, 67 people did nothing. A car stops and a woman gets out to try to stop the beating, she is quite successful and doesn't let down. She was Spanish. Another woman helps the actor up, offering a prayer for him.

      • Forced Polygamist Marriage: Several people react covertly, but hardly anyone says anything directly to the teen girl. One man follows the teen out and makes sure she's leaving on her own will. Another man takes photos to show to authorities. One woman leads the teen girl to the back room to get out of the restaurant (when the other actors leave). One woman actually pulls her away from the family in front of them. Another woman even gets physical pushing the other family members away and getting the teen actor out of there. More than 100 diners witnessed the scenario over 2 days. Only 4 people intervened directly (3 women) while several others said things and did other actions.

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