Primetime: What Would You Do?

Tuesday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Feb 26, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • Worn out it's welcome

    In the beginning it was interesting watching the reactions of people calling out those committing offensive acts. In today's climate it's about encouraging bad behavior to create fake outrage. You Tube is full of people instigating this rage for viral videos. I used to love documentaries, Dateline, 20/20 & the like. Now it appears journalism has become so politically biased & fake nobody can trust in any of these programs.
  • A little show for easily offended people

    Their newest target is apparently Southerners because we are the last segment of the population that is fair game for discrimination. As if they think that only Southerners are racist. I know more people in the North that are racist than people here. They also get the most outrageous situations and then expect people to be 'tolerant' of it. If they are not - well, they are just awful people, of course. What a crock.
  • I really disagree with the point of this show.

    I can understand that they want to see who will stand up and say something for those in need, or when someone is doing something wrong... but why? Why would you fabricate a story just to show who is caring or daring enough to say something, compared to those who don't?

    Instead of them trying to point out who is "good", and shake a finger at who is bad, why not do something to help communities become stronger and promote positiveness in the community or positiveness at home? Instead of hiring a group of teen boys to dress like thugs and use baseball bats to demolish a car in the parking lot, why not go to cities or towns where REAL troubled teens are, and do something to change that?

    Pointing out the "good" people and the "bad" people doesn't make the host or anyone watching it on tv any better than anyone else.
  • electric magnetic pulse .

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  • DUMB!

    This show is totally stupid. What is the point? I watched today's setup about a 15 year old boy being tutored by a "seductive" teacher inside a busy family restaurant, while all the patrons watched on "seething" to intervene. Its dumb. This is blatant fabricated drama for the sake of fabricated reaction. This shit would never happened, therefore there IS no "point" on which to ponder. Its like that "Punked" show that used to make me crazy. Camera+overeager, unimaginative producers=horseshit television.
  • Homosexual Couple in Diner Episode

    Army Regulations state that there will be no Public Display of Affection regardless of sexual orientation. So I would have tended to defend the gentleman that was getting on them for it. I am currently in the military at Ft. Bliss and have been in for 15 years now. I am regularly correcting Soldiers (straight and homosexual) pertaining to this.

    A few excerpts from Department of the Army Pamphlet 600-35

    ""Hand-holding between soldiers in uniform while in public is (Para 2-5-b)

    "At the same time, officer/enlisted family members are expected to maintain the traditional respect and decorum attending the official military relationship between them while either is on duty or in (Para 2-8-b)

    Also as a side note I would have also corrected them on wearing the uniform incorrectly ie: No "US ARMY" Tape and you also stated that they came from Ft Hood, if this were true they would at least have unit patches and if they've been in for over 6mos they would have some rank. I guess though if they were that "ate up" then maybe they lost their rank. :)
  • Just watched a segment 6.0

    Just watched a segment where there was a girl with a black eye and a guy that was her boyfriend or whatever being verbally abusive to her. While I think they did an ok job, they have so much potential to make it so much better. The girl was attractive and the guy was not intimidating looking. Who is to say the guys that spoke up and said something to the guy only said it because they feel like they are physically stronger and/or they did it because of how attractive the girl was? Maybe they reacted with nobility only to look tough in front of their friends and/or because they were indirectly hitting on the girl? Make it so the guy doesn't want the girl and actually thinks he will get beat up or whatever and you will then see his true intentions. Why not do it right if you are going to do it. Have a woman that is not attractive with an abusive "boyfirend" that is intimidating looking. Larger, muscled guy with a bunch of tattoos or whatever. That would be a better indication of if people are being noble. Essentially, make it so the person has a good chance of getting beat up while not "winning" a girl that they want. Then the show would have much more meaning.
  • Alan Funt would approve.

    Anybody here reading this old enought to remember Alan Funt and the sixties series Candid Camera? It was as close to a reality series as television got back then...Alen Funt would send out a bunch of actors/pranksters to set up unknowing members of the general public with outrageous pranks (talking animals, mailboxes that threw your letters back at you, that kind of thing) while a hidden camera filmed the reactions of John Q. Public as they were being pranked by Funt's actors. 'What would you do' reminds me a lot of that old series, but with a much more serious theme. Very interesting show...I think Alan Funt would approve...and so do I.
  • I just watched the experiment on the Gay couple in the sports bar.

    The sports bar was in New Jersey. The tolerance that was shown there was amazing. I was completely shocked with what I witnessed. I live in Knoxville Tennessee. Its not that accepted here. You should try something like that in Knoxville TN. I have felt extremely unsafe in public places. I have had looks, comments and I have been harassed. I have been afraid for my life before. I hope that the viewers do not think that all places are that tolerant. Its not anything like that where I am. The South seems like a different planet sometimes. I am a Transgendered Female. Walk in my shoes.