Primetime: What Would You Do?

Tuesday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Feb 26, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • Just watched a segment 6.0

    Just watched a segment where there was a girl with a black eye and a guy that was her boyfriend or whatever being verbally abusive to her. While I think they did an ok job, they have so much potential to make it so much better. The girl was attractive and the guy was not intimidating looking. Who is to say the guys that spoke up and said something to the guy only said it because they feel like they are physically stronger and/or they did it because of how attractive the girl was? Maybe they reacted with nobility only to look tough in front of their friends and/or because they were indirectly hitting on the girl? Make it so the guy doesn't want the girl and actually thinks he will get beat up or whatever and you will then see his true intentions. Why not do it right if you are going to do it. Have a woman that is not attractive with an abusive "boyfirend" that is intimidating looking. Larger, muscled guy with a bunch of tattoos or whatever. That would be a better indication of if people are being noble. Essentially, make it so the person has a good chance of getting beat up while not "winning" a girl that they want. Then the show would have much more meaning.