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Primeval: New World

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Primeval: New World is a spinoff of the series Primeval. A team of scientists in British Columbia investigate abonormalities as a result of an opening in the northern latitudes. This will rebroadcast on Syfy starting on June 8th, 2013.

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  • Is it true that this show have been renewed for 2nd season?

    Is it true that this show have been renewed for 2nd season?
  • Disappointing ...

    I've watched all the episodes (well, the ones available on iTunes anyway), and the only things that work for me are based on the original premise of the original show: anomalies, dinosaurs, potential time paradoxes, problems for human beings to fix.

    The new show should be subtitled: Need-a-clue white kids who don't know what they're doing. Evan Cross acts like an ass, and the team members do things like rank amateurs that result in their deaths or the deaths of their comrades who don't know what the hell is going on. Evan should be sued by families of the dead for criminal negligence. (How the hell are they explaining these gruesome deaths away?) I personally like the actor who plays Evan, but Cross, for someone so brilliant, does dumb things. He can't hold a candle to the original Primeval's Cutter. And Primeval suffered from killing off Cutter. The only competent ones are Dylan and Mac. This show seems to be geared for a younger, dare I say, "hipper" audience?

    Maybe the writers are setting up things for future changes/more appealing plot lines, character-wise and events; if so they're doing too good of a job. But I gather the show has not been renewed. I would, however, vote for a second season. Many shows have weak starts but given time have greatly improved. Perhaps this one can as well.moreless
  • Fix the Dates for Primeval:NewWorld And Original Primeval has not been cancelled

    i have some Insights about Primeval and Primeval:New World

    Primeval: New World was picked up By Syfy and Syfy is currently Showing Season 1 and it's also listed as new series

    Original Primeval Is Listed as Returning series

    Primeval season 6 is coming in the End of 2013 or in the beginning of 2014
  • Just bring back Original.....

    Sick and tired of yanks barstardizing Primeval with there arrogance and know all attitude....

    This New version of the show was just destined to fail, and to be honest im glad it has.

    In this case UK version was far superior and i do believe if they do anything else with the show ,its to stop the B/S revamps and Just Bring Back the Original......

  • Slow Burner - but with a great batch of final episodes!

    My first thoughts on coming to Primeval: New World were not good. As a fan of the original UK version (whose fate has yet to be confirmed for definite), I wanted another series set in London with the original characters as opposed to rebooting it with a new cast for the Canadian audience. Two of the main reasons I decided to watch it was for the appearance of Andrew Lee-Potts (from the UK version) as Connor Temple and many of the production team on this series were behind the Stargate television franchise with 17 seasons of sci-fi under their belt what could go wrong?

    My main problem with the series at the beginning was watching a new team discovering the anomalies and working out everything. This may be ok for Canadian viewers but having watched 5 seasons of the UK original, I couldn't help feel like we were treading old ground. The first episode was ok, Temple's appearance was nice (although too brief for my liking), but I felt like it was going through the motions. It finally got good towards the end with a nice little cliff hanger that wanted me to come back for more the first episode had clearly done its job!

    As the episodes progressed, I started to enjoy them more than some of the later episodes from the UK version the characters seemed to work well, some of the set ups were new (an airplane stuck in the past!) and the graphics weren't bad either. I still wanted more of the UK version but was hopeful that this 13 episode season would deliver.

    It was with the final six episodes that the series really hit its stride as the threads from that very first episode start to come together affecting one of the team in particular and Lieutenant Leeds' commanding officer Colonel Hall providing a nice villain for the team (Stargate Universe' Lou Ferreira popping up with the worst moustache ever!). In this final batch of episodes we have an episode that is devoid of a creature incursion (except in flashbacks) making a fresh change and proving that the Primeval brand doesn't need to rely on the 'creature of the week' scenario to be entertaining and interesting.

    The final episode sets up what could have been a great second season and is probably the best episode overall (although in places it is a bit predictable). The return of Connor Temple bookends the season and hints at what could have been with future reappearances.

    The main cast all put in excellent performances; Niall Matter is a good lead for the series (reminiscent of Stargate Atlantis' Joe Flanigan), Sara Canning and Miranda Frigon make convincing potential love interests and hold their own against the creature incursions. Geoff Gustafson's Lieutenant Leeds' reminded me of Ethan Phillips (from Star Trek Voyager) but added another layer to the goofiness so you never really knew what was his plans for the anomalies were. Crystal Lowe and Danny Rahim complete the cast; initially for me they didn't add much to the show, but in the final episode circumstances bring them together and both actors pull it out of the bag opening another storyline that could have developed nicely in a second season.

    Sadly the series was axed in Canada due to low ratings as with most first seasons, the series took a little time to get going but in this television climate, thirteen episodes is too long to hit your stride. Definitely worth a watch, and a ultimately a nice continuation of the franchise, let's hope the Primeval universe returns in some form or another soon!moreless

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