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Primeval: New World

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Primeval: New World is a spinoff of the series Primeval. A team of scientists in British Columbia investigate abonormalities as a result of an opening in the northern latitudes. This will rebroadcast on Syfy starting on June 8th, 2013.


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  • Poorly written: A stain on the original series

    I am and was a huge Primeval fan. But, Primeval:New World was complete garbage. They called both Terror birds and Gorgonopsid "dinosaurs" as well as giant snakes, etc. Ok... that makes the writers not just plain stupid... but unable to google their facts. Terror birds didn't come around until after the mass extinction event of the dinosaurs. Gorgonopsids are Therapsida and much more closely related to mammals than dinos. The nice thing about the original was that the writing actually looked up many of the facts. And, when people called things dinos that weren't... the person was corrected. That was cool... These guys just called everything "Dinos". This... well... Bad, uneducated writing.

    Next, that some "hobbyist" would be able to take a small team like this and go out and do what they did... be all military about it, and ... also a bit on the far fetched and just poorly written side. The whole thing just felt somewhat hacky and low budget. The ARC concept was done so much better... And, this show would have felt better if they had at least followed some semblance of that concept.

    Last, the original primeval had ARC addressing anomalies all over. This one somehow assumes that all anomalies seem to only occur in the Vancouver region, and very repeatedly. Which is a bit far fetched, had no good explanation placed behind it, and again... lent to the complete low budget feel, and showed very poor writing.

    I completely understand why this show was canned after one season. And, for the sake of the original, I wish it had never gotten the season it had. Because, now there may never be an actual "good" reboot of what I feel was a great show plagued with actor and writer turnovers that slowly killed it as a concept. Now, I don't blame the actors of this new series. They did a pretty good job considering the load of crap they were handed. But, the writers, producers, and directors... well... they should be banned from even attempting another SciFi drama again... because... obviously, they don't cut it.

    Anyway... my 2 cents.moreless
  • The first and last episodes were probably the best.

    Based on the first episode and the original series, the show had quite a bit of potential -however it was then systematically and ruthlessly clubbed to death.

    Between the flirting, love triangles, anti military, anti 'real' science, anti government, absurd characterizations and a pretty extreme pro animal rights view that kind of boarders on anti human, not to mention: the second coming of Jesus aka Evan Cross. . .the alpha male/ Jock/ super genius /rich boy /sensitive /brilliant engineer /brilliant scientist that has people effectively worshiping him -the show didn't stand a chance.

    I mean seriously -do writers get so self involved that don't realize how terrible the stuff that they are flinging actually is?

    Also man; Evan must really want to to get his freak on with Dylan -he used a freaking dinosaur to kill his wife so he could still have a shot.moreless
  • Is it true that this show have been renewed for 2nd season?

    Is it true that this show have been renewed for 2nd season?
  • Disappointing ...

    I've watched all the episodes (well, the ones available on iTunes anyway), and the only things that work for me are based on the original premise of the original show: anomalies, dinosaurs, potential time paradoxes, problems for human beings to fix.

    The new show should be subtitled: Need-a-clue white kids who don't know what they're doing. Evan Cross acts like an ass, and the team members do things like rank amateurs that result in their deaths or the deaths of their comrades who don't know what the hell is going on. Evan should be sued by families of the dead for criminal negligence. (How the hell are they explaining these gruesome deaths away?) I personally like the actor who plays Evan, but Cross, for someone so brilliant, does dumb things. He can't hold a candle to the original Primeval's Cutter. And Primeval suffered from killing off Cutter. The only competent ones are Dylan and Mac. This show seems to be geared for a younger, dare I say, "hipper" audience?

    Maybe the writers are setting up things for future changes/more appealing plot lines, character-wise and events; if so they're doing too good of a job. But I gather the show has not been renewed. I would, however, vote for a second season. Many shows have weak starts but given time have greatly improved. Perhaps this one can as well.moreless
  • Fix the Dates for Primeval:NewWorld And Original Primeval has not been cancelled

    i have some Insights about Primeval and Primeval:New World

    Primeval: New World was picked up By Syfy and Syfy is currently Showing Season 1 and it's also listed as new series

    Original Primeval Is Listed as Returning series

    Primeval season 6 is coming in the End of 2013 or in the beginning of 2014

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