Primeval: New World

Space (ended 2013)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The New World
      Episode 1

      When strange attacks occur in Vancouver, Evan Cross and his team discover that dinosaurs are coming through the anomalies that he's been tracking.

    • Sisiutl
      Episode 2

      When the team gets a proto-type city wide anomoly alert system up, they get a hit in the same bay as an oil facility. Going to investigate Mac & Evan run into Dylan who is already onsite to look into a sighting of an First Nations mythological creature caught on film. While Dylan is watching the clock after being suspended for putting dinasaurs in her last report, she has a 3pm pysc evaluation schedule. Evan offers her a job on his team and she must decided between her life long dream, or this new opportunity with Evan.

    • Fear of Flying
      Episode 3

      A cargo plane is plunged into the past after an anomaly opens on an airfield runway. Evan and Dylan attempt to rescue the pilots by entering the anomaly. As the pilot tries to repair his plane with their assistance, he is eaten by a swarm of carnivorous beetles that emerge from a hive underneath the aircraft. Evan, Dylan and the remaining pilot are trapped inside the plane by the swarm as they attempt to repair it and fly it back to the present. Meanwhile, Mac and his girlfriend Sam attempt to capture the hive's queen and prevent her from establishing a new hive in the here-and-now.

    • Angry Birds
      Episode 4
      When an anomaly opens at an abandoned train yard Dylan and Evan head off to investigate it only to be taken hostage by drug dealers who've set up shop in the yard. Mac, Toby and Ken Leeds rush to help them and the entire group does battle with 8 foot tall "terror" birds.moreless
    • Undone
      Episode 5
      An anomaly opens on a college campus during frosh week sending the SPG team on a chase for the Lycaenops that came through and attacked a student, when the anomaly closes before they can return the creature home a dilemma arises and causes friction in the team. Mac's girlfriend Sam continues her quest to join the team.moreless
    • 12/3/12
      When a pack of Daemonosaurus arrive through an anomaly into a Home & Garden store Evan, Mac and Dylanfind themselves locked in a surprising battle of wits with the creatures. The three must also deal with the effects of the events of the recentLycaenops attack.
    • 12/10/12
      An anomaly opens in the woods putting the lives of some of Toby's friends in jeopardy, as secrets from her past are revealed she convinces Mac to help her save the group of models while Evan, Dylan and Ange track the anomaly and the Ornitholestes before it can hurt anyone else.moreless
    • Truth
      Episode 8
      After pursuing a Pachycephalosaurus through the city with the help of Ken Leeds and military forces working under the newly revived PROJECT MAGNET Evan and the team return to Cross Photonics where they engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse when Evan spots the Albertosaurus that killed his wife running rampant through the building. As doubts arise among the SPG members about the creature's existence some light is shed on Evan's past and the events of the day that Evan first discovered the anomalies. A shocking truth is revealed that could have devastating consequences for the team.moreless
    • Breakthrough
      Episode 9
      When footage of a Triceratops goes viral, Evan and Dylan track the creature to an upscale neighbourhood, and the home of Evan's old rival, Howard Kanan.
    • The Great Escape
      Episode 10
      Evan and Dylan are shocked to find that Leggy, a baby terror bird, is now grown and dangerous and has escaped from a secret government laboratory.
    • The Inquisition
      Episode 11
      While Dylan and Mac hunt for information on the government's secret lab, Evan goes up against Colonel Henderson Hall, who wants full access to the Anomalies.
    • 2/12/13
      When Toby is stung by a poisonous Brontoscorpio, Evan and Dylan must chase the creature back through the Anomaly to get a sample of its venom.
    • 2/19/13
      Connor Temple returns, and Evan faces his moment of truth against the Albertosaurus that killed his wife.