Primeval: New World

Season 1 Episode 3

Fear of Flying

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2012 on Space

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  • Goodbye Primeval: New World

    The first two episodes were fair, but good enough to keep watching. But the third episode was so bad I have decided to stop watching this show. The story was ridiculous, the writing was awful, and the acting was horrible. I gave this episode a "1" because there was no zero option.
  • Not bad, but seen before

    The series doesn't evolve, it has more gruesome effects than Primeval UK (this is o.k. by me).

    I surely like the actors, the effects are good. But the stories have to be more original. Why do the supporting actors die, this is lame, also in Star Trek.

    I hope this series becomes a new Stargate/Star Trek franchise( in numbers and support),

    because the premise is the same. A gate into another world, fantasy and twilight zone are back again.
  • Why am I still watching this?

    Episode #3 is the worst so far. One word: 'boring.' It made me decide to quit watching.
  • Fear of Flying

    Fear of Flying was a superb and entertaining episode of Primeval: New World. I really enjoyed watching because there was some decent character development, the story was suspenseful and had some great action scenes and the special effects were awesome. I liked how the story played out and it was cool to see the giant bug. I was a grossed out when learning what the big bug did to that guy. The ending was good and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!