Primeval: New World

Season 1 Episode 10

The Great Escape

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2013 on Space

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  • Horrible; made worse by animal right righteous BS

    OMG, Dylan couldn't get more annoying w/ her "this is torture", "poor animal", animal rights preaching. I so wished the Major had shot her when he had the chance to get rid of the constant whining about animal welfare! No wonder this show go canx!!!!!!
  • Tension building

    An excellent episode that sort of sums up what we might expect to see in the next 3 episodes. You can feel the tension building and things are getting out of control. Can't wait for the next episode... Where's Mac????
  • I bet you feel real bad now don't you Evan? Probably not.

    As I watched this episode, i found myself thinking of the UK version and how much better the storylines were. The UK version found a professor and some assistants investigating anomalies with the government and generally proving how valuable they were in dealing with it. In this version we have a tech genius whose past trauma, dislike for the government and general lone wolf ego puts him at odds with everone around him and this episode finally shed some light on it.

    I never really liked how Leeds was portrayed but nevertheless his arrest at the end proved just how much Evan was messing up. I hate to draw parallels between UK and US versions here as I love the expansion of its universe but the award for bumbling idiot that was Connor in season 1 passes to Evan here.

    In a Dylan/Evan centred episode though it was nice to see how Dylan brought up the topic that not all dino's make it back to their own time. She sounded very much like Abby when she mentioned some kind of containment for out-of-time creatures and her mercy-killing at the end was the only act they did that made sense in the entire episode, whereas Evan just seems to like p***g people off and burning all his bridges with the government.

    Loyalty keeps me watching this show however in the hopes it will grow out of it's adolescence and having seen that Connor's long-awaited return happens in the next few weeks, my fingers are crossed. Let's hope he can stick around (personally I hope he's now got some pull with the government and reveals he was with Leeds in helping them out).