Primeval: New World

Season 1 Episode 11

The Inquisition

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2013 on Space

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  • Here's hoping the next episode is better.

    There was nothing wrong with the premise of this episode but the delivery was pretty terrible and the characters motives become very confusing.

    The plot this week was Evan and Leeds grilled over the terror-bird's death and Dylan / Mac's break in to a government facility that experimented with the dino's. Leeds was annoyingly calm and cryptic about why he did what he did, whilst Evan was back to being a paranoid idiot over the timeline being blown apart. Repeated incursions through the anomalies came without repurcussions and yet Evan's experience is somehow more valid than the Military? The Mac doppelganger on ice could be from the future you dolt, which was the point of that annoying new guy in charge of interrogation.

    As for Mac and Dylan, breaking into the government facility made sense and as we all know, they played the moralistic centre of this episode. But COME ON!! their mission impossible-esque break-ins could only end one way.

    Points for next week. What is Angie up to? does Leeds know something we don't? and, When the hell do we get to see Connor (and Abby etc as well?) again?