Primeval: New World

Season 1 Episode 1

The New World

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2012 on Space

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  • could have been great

    this episode was a good for to introduce new team. One of Evan friend in this reality is the frozen ARC member. Though since the series got allready canceled no reasons to follow for the Sheldons of the world that get frustrated with big cliff that will never be resolved
  • Will we see the return of Danny Quinn?

    I want to keep watching just to see who the ice-man was (though I can't quite work out why the heck - or how - Evan Cross froze him). At first I thought it was Connor, and maybe it still is, but then I thought maybe it's Danny! Or Becker... He seemed to have dark hair, which seemed to rule out Danny or Matt... But maybe it's Abby, with dyed hair, and that's why Connor's come all by his lonesome. Too many questions. Must. Keep. Watching. (I'll be pissed if they use this to rope those of us who love the UK series into watching this one, but never actually explain any of it).

    I wish there had been a little more of Connor in this episode, though. I kept waiting for him to save the day and was overwhelmingly disappointed when he just didn't show up on camera again. I wish they'd reboot the UK series, and maybe have the two working in conjunction. THAT would be amazing. One thing I wasn't too keen on was the explanation of Evan Cross's obsession with the anomalies - I knew he'd have a wife that was lost somehow, but that was very reminiscent of Cutter at the beginning of the original series. But then, I should probably stop comparing the two series. More Connor please! And there had better be an Abby entrance at some point!
  • New World - Abby-sicle?

    I really enjoyed this episode, but I wonder who from the ARC team was frozen in Evans walk in fridge. It was great to see Connor, and if the Brit version isn't continuing it would be great to see Connor join then new Vancouver team. They could tie it in by saying we Canadians are part of the commonwealth so he is just transferring to a new team.
  • New World

    Didn't expect it to fantastic straight of the bat, but it was really good. The little part Connor played was great but I'd hoped he'd done more. I'm hoping Evan Cross will find out who he really is.
  • Lack some of the cleverness of the original

    I must say I think this is kind of weak for a first episode of a new series. Even if it's a spin-off leaning onto the original Primeval I think it is kind of lacking. The first episode of a show should in my opinion drag you in (screaming and kicking) so you want to see the next episode, but I don't feel that here. I will watch the next couple of episode but mostly just to see if it gets better or not.

    They have copied the concept and the filming style pretty well but I lack the witty dialogue of the original show, and that what I can only describe as cleverness of the story.
  • Brave New World

    I love BBC's Primeval and I have been eagerly looking forward to this new iteration of the show since I heard that it was starting production. One thing I can definitely say is that the state of Canadian television has improved dramatically over the years and I was very happy with the bulk of this first episode.

    Being used to the ARC, the set up for the new crew seems very minimalist - a lot of bare concrete and exposed duct work, but hey, new show, new decorators. I loved the interactions that Connor had with Evan, it felt like a proper beginning of the handover from the original series (which, of course, is exactly what it was). Most of the characters were introduced well enough that there was a grasp of who they are and what they're about, always good as this isn't always successful in a series premiere. The story wasn't much more than a backdrop for said character development but it was interesting enough not to be overlooked while were introduced to everyone.

    All in all, the episode was quite a strong one and I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • The New World

    The New World was a perfect start to the new spinoff series Primeval: New World. I really enjoyed watching because the story was great and the actors were pretty awesome too. It was great being introduced to a new team and also seeing some dinosaurs! This definitely has a different feel than the original series but it was nice to have a cross over as Conner infiltrated a business owned and run by Alex Cross. It seems there is some history between Cross and the anomalies. I liked how every thing played out and I like the action, drama, suspense and plot development. I certainly look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!!!
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