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  • What were they expecting to happen. . .

    . . .when they gutted an ensemble cast, especially by removing the more notable characters?

    There was always some internal consistency issues but they were generally easy to overlook, well until the end of season 2.

    From that point; the series had an amateur feel to it and not in the good way -'amateurs trying to deal with anomalies' but instead 'amateurs trying to write and make a series about incompetents trying to deal with anomalies'.

    The characters and the organizations were written as incompetent so the writers could create drama and series 'development' but they did it so much and to such an extent that I found it completely unbelievable that the protagonists could quite successfully deal with every anomaly situation.

    It was like Superman getting defeated by 'bank robber #3' every single time.

    Things got a bit better during season 4 but then Emily and all the random BS type of stuff from Season 3 turned up again.

    Remember when team members needed to have a military background. . .even people as experienced as Abby and Connor? it was the starting premise for an entire damn episode -but when an arrogant aristocrat from a time before telephones and light bulbs wants on -It's like the 'rule' never existed.

    We once again got stereotypical cardboard cut out characters, massive incompetence and one dimensional character 'development'.

    TL;DR: Enjoyed the premise and the first season but it turned to utter garbage after season 2, to not so bad garbage during season 4 and then back to utter garbage again.

    For every Primeval fan there is a petition up to bring it back please go sign it

    If you have Facebook look for Alexander Tran and look down the page and you will find a thing written ipetitions click on it!

  • Bring it BACK!!! PLEASE!

    I don't understand why wouldn't you bring it back? It had over 5 million views per episode which is more than an average US show going for like 50 seasons. What is wrong with you guys!! I keep watching the old seasons over and over again. Know every line that's ever been said by the main characters! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!
  • Bring it back please! - Great writing, Great casting and great special effects!

    Really miss this show, currently watching the re-runs from the beginning. I can't beleive something this good has not been continued. There is so much rubbish TV out there, that it's a shame not to continue this show. Compelling viewing. Here's an idea, seeing as people can come and go in time, bring back Cutter (not only intelligent but sexy too!)

    I amongst others are waiting for it to pick up where it left off.........

  • The Best TV Show Ever

    Primeval is, by far, the best television show I have ever seen. It has excellent special effects, nearly as good as movies such as Jurassic Park. It also has a very complex and interesting story, which makes you want to continue watching it. But perhaps most importantly, in my opinion, it features plenty of lesser-known prehistoric animals, including my favorite dinosaur, the Troodon. It also features some animals from the future, which I felt was really creative and unique. Overall, Primeval is the best television series of all time, in my opinion, and if it ever gets renewed for a sixth series, I will definitely be watching it.
  • primeval and primeval new world

    we need more primeval season 6 and primeval new world season 2 i love the shows i want more give us more piz we cant live whit out it
  • Lol wroong it hasn't ended yet

    i have some news about that According to Primeval is Listed as Returning series

    you can watch all Seasons and All Full episodes for Free in there and it's not a fake site it's 100% real
  • Brilliant!!!

    I've had time to think a bit and now Ive decided which series I think is the best of a big list of horror/sci-fi/fantasy series.

    A series which is not strong all the way maybe, some episodes and seasons are a bit boring, but overall exciting and it feels that the writer / writers really but some hard thinking into it. It contains a lot of monsters, time travel and excitement. Moreover, it is well made and neat. The Monsters are divine. As monster fans will be so happy.

    :::: PRIMEVAL ::::

    Love it! And want more!!! (I do miss it...)

    (Ive watched the whole serie from beginning to end 2 times and watched a lot of other series aswell and had a long time to think about this!)

  • This Dinosaur show has jumped the shark!

    This show is every bit as bad as Terra Nova. I don't feel any sense of terror or even suspense. Every episode is just like the previous except in a different location and with different creatures. I can just about tell what will happen next, even in a new one I haven't seen before. The only redeeming thing is that I believe this program was DOA in 2011. And my local channel has been running the same episodes for the last few weeks indicating to me at least, it just hasn't caught on .
  • Review? More like an Opinion Poll - NEXT AIR DATE - should it be on the show's Overview Page?

    Is it just me or do the rest of you depend a great deal upon information to not only be reliable but timely as well?

    Ah, Time!

    What TIME is the NEXT AIR DATE and/or maybe I should ask.... Where did the folks Easter Egg it?

    Would the rest of the FANS like to know even the 'possibility' of an Air Date? I like having things to look forward to; Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and most especially WHEN MY FAVORITE SHOW IS GOING TO BE ON AGAIN... or is it just me?
  • It's getting tiring now. When will Connor get eaten?

    You know, the characters on the show have been investigating these anomalies for several years. During that time they've lost several co-workers, soldiers and innocent civilians to dinosaurs and other sundry monsters.

    What makes this show stale and boring is that these 'experts', who have fought various creatures EVERY time they find an anomaly STILL go in without any firepower or enough manpower.

    How many times will we have to watch Connor and/or Abby being stalked by giant lizards before they get a clue and bring weapons to these missions? Why in the world don't they ever call in backup when they're surrounded by a herd of carnivores? These have got to be the stupidest, most suicidal specialists ever!

    I know there are show budget reasons not to have dozens of soldiers in the background, but to never carry weapons when they ALWAYS need them is just lazy story writing.

    The original concept and season were excellent, but now it's just getting tiresome. The season arch mysteries are always good, but the weekly "Which monster is stalking us through an empty building this week" are becoming a pathetic joke.

    Either jump the shark with this show and shake things up, or this will definitely be the last season for great show that died not with a bang, but with a sad little sigh....
  • Boring

    It was interesting in the beginning ... but now it is just "a new episode - a new "monster".

    I would have liked it to be more concentrated on the future, the technology, the exploration, not damn monsters.

    As it is now - it's absolutely predictible with the same plot each episode (anomaly, monster comes, hunt the monster, kill/send back the monster, yay!) ...

    The show is bloody boring now.
    The only ones who find it "cool" are my kids ... and that is telling ...
  • Most Episode Are The Same. Chasing Dinosaurs.

    " Best " , " AMAZING " , " Fantastic! " , " Brilliant " . One Of The Best Show On TV ! ! ! ! You Will Only Like This Show If You Like Dinosaurs And Science Fiction . ( I Loved It But Im In Love With Science Fiction ) . It's Not A Show You Can Just Jump In To . You Should Watch The First Episode . This Show WILL Be Around For Ever ! ! ! It's A Great Cast And I Cant Wait To she More ! ! ! Conner Is My Favorite Character.
  • Bring back the original cast. Think of them and the show as a business....

    I love this show, however, I have a complaint. What is it that makes the producers keep changing the cast. Bring back our original cast. We are talking about different diminsions, time warps and worm holes, so anything is possible! Get our much loved characters back to us. So many times, people open businesses, then they quit selling the very product that made the business a success. Don't do that with this show. Great stories everytime, I so look forward to it, but also have fallen in love with the goofy and the serios types that made the show!
  • Unique and interesting combination of characters that they have ruined with season 3.

    This show was so much fun in it's first two seasons then they went and killed off the main character. I agree with the others that remarked on this, way to try to kill your own show!!! The only thing that could save it now would be to have them come out of the anomolies and be in Cutter's original dimension. Not only have they taken away three of the central leads, they have changed the personality of my favorite character so he is no longer the young comic relief, but a gun toting hunter. Until this season he wasn't even allowed near a gun and that was just a tranquilizer. Add that to the storylines that were developed and then left in the wind this was a great show that has been destroyed by its own writers. In an attempt to pull the show back they have introduced characters that have absolutely nothing to add to the storyline and the educational value is now missing as well. I have no idea what they were thinking, but I for one will morn its loss.
  • Very good,I like it so much. I don't like season 3 so much,because of new actors. The first crew is the best. Everything else is very good.

    Very good,I like it so much.I have watched all seasons 3 times now.And I think I will watch again just before the new episodes are going to be aired.
    I don't like season 3 so much,because of new actors.The first crew is the best.And also I think it was much better when everything was pretty realistic.I don't like it when everyone can beat any animal,or drive helicopter,and there is no fear from anything.In the end this will become a superhero movie,just like any American movie.
    Everything else is very good.
    Can't wait to watch new episodes.I hope at least Nick Cutter is coming back,because he is the best actor.
    Hope to watch you soon.
  • PRIMEVAL: Some how the people of England need to request the return of the original founding cast of Primeval. Cutter, Steven, Helen and Claudia all need resurrection from the past.

    This was one of the best TV series made in a long time. I saw one episode in Australia and then went on eBay and brought the DVDs. I had to wait months for the last series to be realest to DVD only to be disappointed by the killing off of the very actors who played a huge role in make the series successful. It was an insult to replace Cutter with Jason Fleming as he is a rather poor actor, I've seen Jason Fleming in other movie s but he's never impressed anyone, he will never be more than a small part fill in actor employed because he can be gotten cheaply. Please get thousands of partitions signed and send them to the producers to try to get the original cast back. Good Luck Steve of Australia.
  • Pre-historic monster and futuristic menaces... May God Save the Queen! One of England's best science fiction shows ever.

    What happens when a scientific experiment backfires and as a side effect, time rifts are open and animals and monsters from the past, like dinosaurs and giant insects, and futuristic monsters like a distant descendant of the bat start to appear all over England? You have to call in the experts... And the experts in this field are none other than Professor Nick Cutter and his team, who try to find a way to stop these time rifts from happening, while doing everything they can to capture these creatures, sending them afterwards back to their own time. Possibly one of the best science-fiction series I've seen so far. And the reason why I say this is the fact that thanks to the fans scattered all over the world, they returned after got cancelled. This only proves that the series has quality and that its here to stay! 10 out of 10
  • Three in less than 6 shows??? You have to be kidding? You want the show to go on you don't kill off characters so fast. I loved the episode but didn't like the ending.

    As a nursing student the way the IV line materialised with no one to put it in and no chest compressions to bring back life made me very confused. A little more real to life in certain areas would be great.However, the show itself was great but I never liked mushrooms myself and the idea that a fungie could take over and mutate a human body makes me shudder. OK, of they can clone on this show they need to do so on three characters very fast. It was bad enough when Nick went and we were left wondering what would happen next (I am not going to mention names in this show *spoiler) but the ending left me shocked I have to admit.
  • Action, comedy (voluntary or involuntary) and fun!

    This show should be watched with all our logic switched off and then you can only enjoy it. There are lots of reference to Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park and a wicked sense of humor. The script writers have done a great job mixing inter-dimensional jump to a comedy-action packed show. Time just flow when I am watching it. I am impatient for series 3 to begin. Hopefully we'll have the same fun to watch and that finally we'll know what the anomaly is and how it can mess everything around. One negative point - 8 episodes are not enough!
  • With its campy humor, poignant drama and potent scares

    This show is a crackling-good new BBC America sci-fi series thriller, that's packed with vivid CGI prehistoric predators galore, and a story line that kick some serious butt. The pace is crackling and the dialogue has its share of witty asides. Dinosaurs are certainly alive and well in Primeval. Though it's kid-friendly, there are things for adults to enjoy. Henshall is a quietly appealing actor, While the world rarely taking these threats of mankind seriously, Henshall do. Confronting these dinasours and taking the consequences is his job. It's a rollicking adventure, i am looking forward to a season 3 that i hope will air soon.
  • Very intense story of a team of scientist's and government types led by Professor Nick Cutter who investigate wormhole anomalies that connect the present with the past and the future allowing various dangerous species to roam free in modern times.

    This show grabbed me the first time I saw it. Aired on BBC America you have to look for it and when it is on. There is another Primeval show having to do with modern animals that is on currently as well.

    Professor Nick Cutter and his assistant Stephan Hart lead the team. Cutter is all science where Hart is his action sidekick. Abby Maitland the sexy Herpetologist and Connor Temple the geeky yet endearing Grad student make up the rest of his team. The government group is led by Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis who is an anomaly in herself. The Claudia character was a government official assigned to be the liaison with Cutter originally then at the beginning of the second season the character up and disappeared because of some time function and was replaced with the Jenny Lewis character who is now a government PR spin doctor there to keep things under wraps. Same actress. I suppose it was suppose to be a clever plot twist. I personally found it annoying for the most part. James Lester is the head of the government branch assigned to the group and he is the regular rogue government types usually are.

    Then there is Nick's wife Helen Cutter a scientist herself who keeps appearing and disappearing to move the plot along.

    This show actually can be pretty complicated but for the most part seems to keep itself on track. Other than the annoying time anomaly on the Claudia Brown character the stories and acting are quite first rate.

    By the way I hate the whole concept of time travel as it is usually used in a way to cop out of really making stories work by being inventive. This show has pulled it off for the most part so far.

    I am really looking forward to the next season to see where this show is going.
  • Temporal Anamolies appearing all over UK and a special team is assigned to protech the country against creatures that come out through them.

    This show is literally the British film inductry flexing their muscles on a high budget vfx heavy show.
    End result?
    It works BETTER than MOST of the american TV shows! Heck some of the creature movements and details are MAGNIFICENTLY better than MOVIES!
    And with good reasons, its done by the people who did 'Walking With...' series.
    So, the story is interesting, characters are good and effects are killer, what could be the downside?
    Well, 2nd season.
    1st season, like the show DEXTER, is a trendsetter and one of its kind but from 2nd season the writing is just all over the place.
    I understand they are trying to emulate the american TV shows but they really should leave the cliche`d stupidity that are in every american show.
    PLUS, season 2 had some unnessecary character twists that really went nowhere and actually took away the dynamic of the main duo.
    All in all... I love this show, I really do and SINCERELY hope that they've learned from season 2's mistakes and go back to being the smart sharp style of season 1.
    People who like sci-fi [time travel... parallel worlds] and creatures [giant bugs... dinosaurs] you should SERIOUSLY give this a go. Simply put there isn't any other show like it on TV or movie 'cause no one had the balls to go all out like PRIMVEVAL has.
    P.S. - The dino effects were better than KING KONG imo.
  • This is a Sci-Fi show produced in the UK about a team that handles time anomolies and the animals from various times in history and the future that comes through to the present time. It is up to Nick Cutter and team to handle them.

    Very entertaining Sci-Fi show. I just watched the first 2 seasons and was very entertained. It had drama, action, and surprise endings. The production was well done and I liked the characters. Nick Cutter is the leader of a team of unlikely heroes that defy the odds. I like the way the end always leaves you wanting more.
    The story line was interesting in so much as that with one mishap in the past, characters and setting can change. The last episode kills a very likable main character. Just when you think the person has left the show, the last scene leaves the door open for some anything to happen. I hope it come back on this year. It's not Shakespeare, but it is good entertainment.
  • It's kind of a cross between Stargate and Land of the Lost with English accented characters. The last actually probably gives it an air of sophistication that congeals the campy cgi with the cheesy plotlines into an entertaining whole. LOL

    There be Spoilers beyond this point:

    The series does have an interesting premise, I'll give it that. What lay scientist wouldn't want the opportunity to skip into a previous or future geological era complete with biosphere in tact. The premise (and English accents) continue to intrigue me. My main disappointment goes beyond modestly goofy and likeable characters, but instead their flippant treatment of the anomaly effects. Too often the characters are so completely nonchalant, the time door anomaly might as well be a walk in closet; and two mildly tranquilized Deinonychus may as well be dirty laundry. The creatures are pretty detailed, but the animators/directors have chosen to go with the philosophy that if the creatures move lightning quick they will be more scary, rather than cause an Pokemon epileptic fit. Lastly their paradox resolutions are decidedly contrived to the nth degree...I mean fine let loose a future predator in the distant Permian era past, but to have about the only resultant change in modern history be the name of one of the women characters, is about as low budget uncreative as you can get. Anyway the contrived plot still is interesting enough to give this series a worth watching score of B.
  • follows Professor Nick Cutter and his team as they investigate anomalies in time .An unfortunate side-effect of the anomalies is that dinosaurs are moving through them and into the present time, making the team's investigations that much more stressful.

    this show is my favorite TV show curtly waiting for the shows third season coming some time this month it is aired on Saturday on America the Official Site is Primeval @ let think something more you so so so so so so so so so so trust me you will love it it is funny it is Science-Fiction,Action/Adventure and other stuff it is like Doctor Who and Jurassic park put together so so so so so so so so so so watch it or else something might happen ok got two see you later i guess bye people
  • A good little british show... but some what under appreciated.

    This show is considerably better than it's slightly bizzare and arguably weak premise would imply.

    The show revolves around a university professor and his associates who stumble across 'anomalies' which connect the present to times in the past and future. These anomalies allow creatures to travle through them and generally cause havoc in present day Britain. As such the british government (with apparently no-one better or more qualified to ask) recruits the professor and his team to stop these creatures and the anomalies.

    I know, I know but honestly it is better than it sounds. The writing is surprisingly good as is the quality of the acting and ogethyer they give you characters that are at least vaguely believable and that you care about. Add to this some really very good visual effects and you get a very worthwhile family show.
  • This type of story is for a fairly specific audience, but it is a great action comedy story.

    What works so well is the oddity of the stories. It doesn't seem extremely theoretically plausible, but it is an off the wall idea with an odd group of characters, it ends up being a fun story.

    I love the fact that they have delved into several different timelines showing how everything works together in the story. The fact that the timeline can change, but doesn't seem to be ablet o be changed extremely (who knows though with the very end of season two).

    The acting is nice as well in this film. The characters are distinct enough that very few of them that show up don't have some dimension added to them. I think that there are a few in which that is the case, but they keep a wide variety of characters, and the lead characters in the film are great.
  • When I heard of Primeval I found the concept interesting and wanted to see how this grand idea is transported into a tv show but it seems to suffer mainly from one thing: cheap scripts.

    The premise is interesting, the concept should allow for lots of variation and the capacity to build up to a grander plot (from containment to exploration).

    While the cast is likeable and some of the ideas are great the first six episodes of the show showed troublesome problems concerning the quality of the writing. As this show takes itself way more seriously than e.g. Torchwood or Dr Who - which thrive on a concept that allows an "anything goes" attitude to story writing - it also has a problem of having to match the level of expectation created by something that at least indicates it wants to be scientificially sound and clever.

    One worrisome staple undermining this pretext is the "monster of the week" episode schema and that obviously prehistoric animals are absolutely absent of any survival instincts at all and go on a homocidal rampage regardless of their eating habits, are not frightened by going through some wibblywobbly time portal repeatedly and not by accident, cannot be taken down by anything less by a bazooka, strangely do not run away from the sound of gunshots like about any living creature does today and somehow the military swat team accompanying the heroes have not gotten the idea that in the face of dinosaurs you better pack some higher calibre round than the usual antipersonal assault rifles to take these things down with one shot if necessary (hunters developed the elefant gun for a reason and here it would have an understandable usage). All these details add up to the impression that the writers do not seem to really think about the scenarios they are building and find reasonable behaviours of the animals (and people).

    Another big complaint is the character of Helen. She makes absolutely no sense which might be fine if her past is build up over the seasons but her interaction with the people who thought her gone missing is beyond convulted. Neither government officials seeing a crisis looming nor a griefing ex-husband would let her run free like that.

    The other characters are likeable and in part interesting. Connor might be a bit overcharacterized as nerdy, but overall all characters have something likeable and some characterizing quirks about them even someone as unlikeable as Lester, the Man in Black guy. The show has potential, but currently they are selling their potential short with run-of-the-mill storylines that doesn't reach the level of sophistication the show's concept needs to shine. Otherwise it devolves into some low-budget SG-1 clone with the monsters visiting Earth and not the team visiting the monsters.

    I hope things develop positively with the second season.
  • Here is my take on Primeval EP6

    Here is my take on Primeval EP6 [i]First I need to ask, is this the only SciFi program that doesn't name its episodes?[/i] [u]Cutter's Office:[/u] Here we see Nick Cutter playing office golf with what looks like the thigh bone of an ancient creature and a do-do egg. Claudia Brown stops by as part of her normal surveillance of Cutter and begins giving him the 3rd degree about his personal life. She mentions that she is having bad dreams and casually slips in that Cutter kissed her on the lips in the last episode and tells him it is a serious infraction for a civil servant. Why he whould care about that I don't know because he isn't a civil servant, he's a college professor. I did find his use of animal bones to be shockingly cavalier for somebody who studies ancient creatures for a living. I would expect a little more respect. [u]The Forest of Dean:[/u] [original anomaly site] We see a fence with two flashing lights mounted on it and my first though is this must be the sign for all creatures coming through the anomaly to tear through the wrought iron fence right here. Sure enough, the anomaly opens, one of the Keystone Swat Team spots it, then finds the area in the fence directly between the flashing lights and it has been torn to shreds. Next Steven and the rest of the team are on the scene but can't find a trail or any kind of foot prints to follow. Theydetermine whatever came through went back, [i] but[/i] even if it came through and went back there should still be prints, in fact there should be 2 sets of prints, one for each direction. [u]The Wellington Zoo:[/u] Something has the male lion pacing like crazy, while the lioness appears to be semi-comatose, which in itself is strange because it's usually the male lions that can be found laying around while the females are doing the pacing, hunting, cooking, cleaning or what-have-you. Lions have a lot in common with humans it seems. The Future Predator rips through the fence and we later find out that one of the lions is missing. I have to wonder why this predator, which per Helen is "homosapian intelligent" would choose the most difficult prey to go after with the highest security (including electric wires) when surely there are herds of docile yet tasty llamas in an open area nearby. Incidentally, the nearest Wellington Zoo to the Forest of Dean is several thousands of miles away on the North Island of New Zealand. The guys in the anomaly team must have quite the travel budget. [u]Abby & Conner:[/u] Abby is giving Conner lessons in how to pick up girls and reccommneds he uses the lamest line in the book, [i]"Haven't I've seen you here before"[/i] but then admonishes him for talking about comic books. Why is this scene even here? It is basically little more than filler material and does nothing to move the story along.
    Their co-habitation must become important someday in the future, maybe that apartment is the key to all the anomalies somehow. We also get to see Rex again briefly but this happy scene is cut short when Abby's phone beeps and she announces she has to go. [u]Claudia & Lester:[/u] Lester's back YAY! I missed him! Claudia and he are still debating how important Cutter is to the anomaly project. Lester seems uncomfortable having Cutter on the team, but my guess is if he had a better candidate for the job that person would already their own assigned parking at The Home Office garage and Cutter would be spending more time making awesome putts at his private office/golf green. [u]Helen & Steven:[/u] Helen stalks Steven and tells him if he was in any other era he's already be dead. Seems that is a pretty effective pick-up line because in the next scene they are out aslogging beers at a pub together. Maybe Abby should have Conner add that pick-up line to his repertoire? Helen states that she knows what has happened to the 3 people that have disappeared and proves it by showing him the newspaper. The past relationship between Steven and Helen become apparent when she kisses him smack on the lips. I tell ya, that woman really gets around! [u]Abby & Conner at the WZ:[/u] Abby tells Conner that one of the lions is missing and Conner takes a blood sample. At this point I am thinking Conner has been watching too much CSI. [u]Claudia Brown:[/u] Apparently sleeping on the job is acceptable at The Home Office. Claudia finds herself alone in what looks to me to be an empty cafeteria. She is suddenly chased by a dinosaur only to wake up in the same place being chased by a dinosaur. Its the old "dream within a dream" sequence and though its been done before it still has the desired impact of scaring you out of your socks. [u]Abby & the Elephants:[/u] Back in New Zeakand Abby is calmly feeding a herd of pachederms. Now, isn't there supposed to a lion on the loose? I know from experience volunteering at a Zoo that a lion escape is a high red-alert type priority. There would be stresssed ojt people running around with guns and the place would be immediately evacuated until the lion was found and contained. One thing you wouldn't be doing is standing around throwing chunks of food around. We get to see Abby the way the future predator sees her, I like the rainbow effect on her hair. The creature decides to leave her alone, I guess it doesn't like the taste of bleach. A fraction of an instant later the future predator is stalking what I think is Abby's boss who is too busy talking on the phone to notice he is in mortal danger inspite of all the noise the damn thing is making behind him. [u]Abby & Conner:[/u] Conner tells Abby the DNA tests are back from the lab and they've found weird bat DNA in with the lion DNA. Strangely I find that less disconcerting than how it is he gets his results so blame fast! DNA results can take weeks to be completed. Abby's phone rings, and Conner is visibly upset and snarks, "are you expecting a call?" We see the newspaper headline and learn that that there are now 3 people missing. [u]Lester & the gang meet Helen:[/u] Helen tells them they have a "serious creature incursion, a highly evolved ambush predator, highly intelligent, adaptable ruthless" and that it looks like a great ape. I am beginning to think the yet-to-be unnamed future predator should be given a name, and I think I will name it Helen. Lester gets one of the best lines of the show when he says [i]"You know I'm really beginning to regret not staying in management consultancy[/i]" The team finds out that the creature is from the future NOT the past. [u]Abby, Steven & Helen[/u]: Steven rushes off and gets to The Zoo just in time to save Abby from the future predator. Helen and Claudia have a confrontation over Nick Cutter. Helen's jealousy is abundantly clear. [i]The Swat Team:[/i] Next we see The Keystone Swat team in the woods with Cutter and Conner while searching for the creatures lair. Steven shows up with a pistol in his hand.
    There is something about the way all these scenes play out that feels wrong in the time line. Its hard to tell if this story plays out over days, hours or simutaniously. [u]Conner & the Creature:[/u] The team deduces the creature is some sort of Super Bat, Helen agrees with him. At this point Helen is leaning against a tree eating an apple with her Big Honk'n Knife. Personally I find something really creepy and callous about somebody who can stand around and eat an apple while people are being attacked. The fact that she is using a monster knife to cut the apple only helps to solidify that feeling. Conner runs back to the truck to get an Oscilliscope that the team plans to use to track the predator. I can't quite figure out how it is the team plans to use a O-scope to track a moving creature, that isn't one of the generally accepted uses for that particular piece of equipment. Conner gets attacked and Abby bravely saves his life. He thanks her and her classic reply is "I had to, you have't paid this month's rent yet." Once again I can sympatize with her, I think I would throw myself under a moving bus to get my weekly rent money from my roommate. [u]The Lair:[/u] The team finds the creatures lair, and 5 of the cutest little alien looking monsters you've ever seen. Cutter grabs one of the babies and runs to the hot house to distract the creature from eating his friends. He aims his gun at the creature, but for some odd reason decides to shoot out all the glass in the hot house first. Jeepers criminy, doesn't he realize what a mess that will make! Meanwhile the team rounds up all the babies and decides to use them to track the future anomaly. I am not sure how it is they deduce that the babies would even be able to find the future anomaly without their mother/father to teach them how. [u]Claudia Brown:[/u] Next, we see Caudia alone in the ladies room, and we see that she is hallucinating anomalies. She may be slowly cracking up, but more importantly her hair looks fabulous. [u]Into the anomaly:[/u] Cutter, Helen, and Captain Ryan go into the past to find the future. Claudia uses as an excuse to plant one hard core kiss on Cutter. Now I know for sure that Claudia is a goner. Lester tells her that wasn't very professional, and she tells him to stuff professionalism. Helen says it is a "touching farewell" and that she feels she is being "punished in some way." Her jealousy of Claudia is pungent. Helen asks Cutter to take her picture and that triggers his memory from their first trip through the anomaly. He realizes that the remains of the camp they found is actually themselves. Hindsight being 20/20 it seems so obvious to me now, but I have to admit that revelation took me by surprise. Here we get to see some excellent fight action between the prehistoric beast and the future predator and the clumsy old prehistoric carnivore wins. Helen tells Cutter that all the bat-like babies are dead and he believes her. Is that guy ever going to learn that he can't trust her? [u]Back out of the anomaly:[/u] Helen and Cutter step back into the present and the team is there waiting for them only one person is missing, Claudia Brown. I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! At first I think it must be Helen who found Claudia in the past and somehow got rid of her but that doesn't make any sense because Claudia would still have been there when they came back through the anomaly then would've disappeared after Helen steps back into the past. Before returning to her home in the past Helen drops a bomb on Cutter in front of the entire group by announcing the affair between herself and Steven. Cutter acts like he didn't know about it, but way back in the first episode it was apparent that Nick did know, or at least suspect, something was going on between the two of them. The show ends with Cutter looking back into the anomaly and shouting "Oh My God!" leaving the audience wondering what the heck is going to happen next.
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