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  • It's getting tiring now. When will Connor get eaten?

    You know, the characters on the show have been investigating these anomalies for several years. During that time they've lost several co-workers, soldiers and innocent civilians to dinosaurs and other sundry monsters.

    What makes this show stale and boring is that these 'experts', who have fought various creatures EVERY time they find an anomaly STILL go in without any firepower or enough manpower.

    How many times will we have to watch Connor and/or Abby being stalked by giant lizards before they get a clue and bring weapons to these missions? Why in the world don't they ever call in backup when they're surrounded by a herd of carnivores? These have got to be the stupidest, most suicidal specialists ever!

    I know there are show budget reasons not to have dozens of soldiers in the background, but to never carry weapons when they ALWAYS need them is just lazy story writing.

    The original concept and season were excellent, but now it's just getting tiresome. The season arch mysteries are always good, but the weekly "Which monster is stalking us through an empty building this week" are becoming a pathetic joke.

    Either jump the shark with this show and shake things up, or this will definitely be the last season for great show that died not with a bang, but with a sad little sigh....