Season 1 Episode 1

Series 1 Episode 1

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2007 on ITV
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Professor Nick Cutter and his team are investigating the sighting of what seems to be an extinct dinosaur. They travel to the Forest of Dean, where it was seen, to explain how it appeared and discover an even stranger phenomenon, while the escaped creature is on a killing spree.moreless

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  • A pretty good start.

    This was actually a really good start to the brand new series. The concept of Primeval is intresting and no matter what people say it is definitly not a Doctor who rip off, it is nothing like Doctor who at all, Primeval is actually grounded in alot more reality then Doctor who. This episode sucessfully set up the story and the chracter situations. The Chracters were good but slightly stero typical and the acting was actually fairly good. The special effects were impressive espcially considering this is t.v . A really good start to Primeval looking forward to whats nextmoreless
  • Not a bad start.

    I was really excited to see this show air here in America. I have heard a lot of good stuff about it from some friends of mine who have seen it and also the ads I keep seeing make the show look really good. I am really liking the whole anomaly / time warp thing idea it kinda of reminds me of some other shows that I have seen like Sliders for example (though I know they just went to parallel Earths). Some of the CGI in the episode was ok, and some of the acting I thought was forced as well but it was ok it was just the first episode. From what I have seen so far though I think this series is going to be a darn good one. (As a side note this is also my 100th episode review so yay to me! :) )moreless
  • Coming to the woods near you.

    Not a total waste but to tell the truth I only got interested when I saw Abby, the men stand around and speak a lot of science but once I looked past that I realized that the characters are pretty decent and the plot's interesting; much room for growth which is how I like my shows. Things I'm looking forward to: Nick getting over his wife and hooking up with Claudia, somebody getting eaten, them finding the answers to this phenomenon only to be eluded by it so our adventure can continue, love triangle between Abby, Conner and Stephen and of course the next episode.moreless
  • If you go down to the woods today you sure of a very big surprise!

    The pilot episode that perfectly sets the series up with a mixture of humour and great special effects.

    I'll start with the bad bit first.... Rex. I hate the little bleeder! It looks too cute and cartoonish and has the feel he's only in the show because of potential merchandising opportunities.

    Compare him to the main dinosaur and the contrast is massive.

    The casting is good and it certainly helps not having a cast of well known stars.

    Hannah Spearrit comes across a sthe most likeable of the bunch. Very much the role you would see a companion have in Doctor Who. Very modern and thankfully not a screamer.

    Connor has potential to become annoying though.moreless
  • I like it.


    v e r y

    g o o d

    p r o g a m m e

    a b o u t d i n o s a u r s

    c o m i n g

    t h r o u g h


    p o r t a l

    b e t w e e n

    p a s t

    a n d

    p r e s e n t .

    S t a r i n g D o u g l a s H e n s h a l l

    a s

    P r o f e s s e r

    N i c k

    C u t t e e rmoreless
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John Voce

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Gorgonopsid and Scutosaurus are not actual dinosaurs. They lived during the Permian era while dinosaurs only appeared during the Triassic era. They are mammal-like reptiles and are the ancestors of mammals.

    • Cutter is shown counting the ribs of the skeleton to determine its gender. However that originates from a myth, male and female human skeletons do not differ in their number of ribs.

    • The Coelurosauravus is shown as capable of level flight, not merely gliding. A text description in the Radio Times misdescribes the Coelurosauravus as a flying dragon.

    • Rex was the only creature made from animatronics and CGI elements as it would be in very close contact with the cast.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Abby: You really shouldn't handle a lizard like that.
      James: Let the experts do their job.
      Abby: They don't know what they're doing. You really shouldn't mess with an angry lizard.
      James: I'm terrified.
      Abby: Do they even know he can fly?
      James: Fly?
      (Rex starts flying around the lab.)
      Lab Technician: Watch the door!
      (Another lab person accidentally opens the door, and Rex flies out.)
      Abby: Rex!
      James: He can fly.
      Nick: Hmm. Pretty well.

    • Stephen: What's this?
      Connor: I think the scientific term is really bad news.

    • Tim: Yes, a six month project studying the lifecycle of parasites in elephant dung!
      Abby: Sounds unmissable!

    • James: And I used to think the EU Common Agricultural Policy was far-fetched.

    • James: You spend your entire career planning for just about every crisis imaginable - up to and including alien invasion - then this happens. So much for thinking outside the bloody box.

    • Connor: It's not every day you meet a potential girlfriend. (Pauses and thinks) And find a dinosaur.

    • Nick: This is Claudia Brown from the Home Office. She'll be coming with us.
      Connor: I knew it. It's a cover-up.
      Claudia: What's he talking about?
      Nick: Connor never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like.

    • James: Still, at least the immediate crisis is over.
      Nick: Some force out there ripped the boundaries of space and time to shreds. Maybe it's happened before, in which case every single thing we thought we knew about the universe is wrong. Or, this is the first time, in which case what changed? What happens next? Believe me it's very, very far from over.

  • NOTES (5)


    • The scene where Ben says "a dinosaur just walked by the window" is similar to the scene in Godzilla where the secretary says "Sir, I think your story just walked by the window". In both cases the person being told fails to see the creature, due to timing.

    • Nick Cutter: People claim to have seen the Loch Ness monster, that doesn't mean it's there.
      The Loch Ness Monster is a mysterious and unknown animal, claimed to inhabit Scotland's Loch Ness, the largest freshwater lake in Great Britain. Along with Bigfoot and the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster is one of the best-known mysteries of cryptozoology and a boon for conspiracy theorists the world over.

    • Abby Maitland: What are you waiting for, soft lighting and a Frank Sinatra record?
      Frank Sinatra (1915 - 1998) was a well known popular singer whose career spanned four decades. He rose to fame as a ballad singer, and continued to make songs perfect for seduction throughout his entire career.

    • Tim Parker: How are Brad and Angelina?
      Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a high profile celebrity couple known for, amongst other things, their torrid love affair that began on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and the adoption of their children Maddox, Pax and Zahara.