Season 1 Episode 5

Series 1 Episode 5

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2007 on ITV
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A prehistoric winged reptile arrives through an aerial time rift on a golf course. Nick goes to investigate, but he ends up trapped in the hotel with Claudia. Elsewhere, Connor loses Rex, much to Abby's anger and both are stalked by malicious flock of prehistoric flying raptors.moreless

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  • Primeval takes to the skies.

    This was another good episode of primeval and was full of action, special effects, and of course some silly comedy. This week a flying dinosaur escapes from it time zone and wreaks havoc in the present day. Helen makes another rather conveneent apperance and as soon as she dose she dissaperrs agian. Connah and Abbie grow even closer, as do Claduia and Nick And offcoure in the end the team manage to lore the flying beast back into its own time zone and then off coure it convenetly closes. Yes predictible but still really really really really good fun.

    P.s soory for all the reallys but yu have to have 100 words minemum and its hard sometimes hahamoreless
  • Iy's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a really really big bird.... RUN!!!!

    This was probably the best episode since the pilot. They had done land and water so it was only a matter of time before they did a danger in the sky. This had the best character devlopment so far for Cutter and Claudia. At last they kiss and the way they did it and the reason why worked reallyy well. It would have been so easy for it to be done sentimentally but they avoided that. Once again Abby and Connor were paired up in quite a comical role. Whilst it didn't really add to the plot it did show how much ther friendship had developed.

    Stephen seems out of place in the team. In the pilot he was very much working as Cutter's partner but since the development of Cutter and Claudia's relationship he seems to be left on the outside with nobody to bounce off. There is a real danger that he could become surplus to requirements.

    I liked the fact that the threat wasn't what you expected it to be. The final attack by the birds was very well done and managed to give genuine excitement thanks to great editing.moreless
  • All in all an enjoyable episode, and one I will be watching again. :D

    Here is my take on this week's episode of Primeval *spoilers* 1. Got Game? The show starts off with a scene of two of the worst golfers in the universe. I don't think we ever learn their names, but one of them has a gap-tooth smile that makes Gwen's look

    surprisingly small. I thought the shot of the soon-to-be-extinct golfer's hand going into the murky water near that picked clean skull was nicely done and had me screaming -- don't go near the water you fool! After last week's episode you would expect the danger to be coming from there, not from the sky. The scene also kind of reminded me of a scene from the movie Evolution where an alien creature comes up from the water hazard and eats an extraordinarily annoying man. I had to ask myself why it is so thoroughly enjoyable to watch golfers get eaten? 2. Breakfast at Abby's Next we cut to Abby's place with Conner in his bathrobe helping himself to what I assume is Abby's food. Its apparent that he has rapidly turned himself into the UK's most annoying housemate. At least one thing is good about this scene, he's finally taken off those horrible knitted fingerless gloves he always wears.

    Abby points out to him that he has turned the thermostat up to 34 deg. C (93.2 F) he replies that it is for Rex.

    Personally, I would've flipped out at this stage about the high cost of fuel and wasting energy. I tell ya he and his skanky bathrobe would be looking for a new place to stay in a heartbeat. Of course this all could've been avoided if only Abby, the lizard expert, had thought to put a heat lamp in Rex's aquarium, but then there would be no reason for her to run around in her knickers all the time. 3.Back to Golf:

    One of the worlds worst golfers loses another ball this time into the trees and cuts himself while looking for it. The special effect of the glob of blood splattering on the tree was nicely done. An instant later the bad golfer is dead. Who knew golf was such a dangerous sport? Question: How it is that the other golfer doesn't see this flock of "birds" after the attack? I would think they would hang around to eat their prey, not just leave him there for other predators to find. 4. Back to Abby's place:

    We have a brief heartwarming moment as Conner remembers his good times playing video games with Tom.

    We also learn that Abby does Yoga, Conner doesn't do much of anything except be in the way and that he Conner has been there a month instead of a week. At this point, I am ready to kill Conner. Being nerdy is one thing, but being completely inconsiderate is another thing all together. When Abby has to remind him to close all the windows I feel her pain because I know from experience that most housemates seem to have doing whatever is contrary to your wishes programmed into their DNA. Rex, on the other hand is pretty darn intelligent for a lizard not only escaping through the open window instantly but managing to stow along with Conner for the ride. 5. Back at the golf course:

    OK, when we last see Abby, isn't she heading out to her Yoga class, how did she get to the golf course so fast? Myfanwy makes her guest appearance, soaring in from a rift in the sky. Cool. Cutter says that pterodons generally eat fish and small game, of course we know from Torchwood that they like Cyberwomen with BBQ sauce as well. Conner arrives and only now realizes there is a stowaway on board. At this stage I think Rex is actually smarter than Conner in many ways. Conner and Rex barely make it to safety before Myfanwy swoops down on them by making a mad flying jump and yet still manage to land on the grass instead of the relative safety of the sand pit. Cutter is mysteriously convinced that the Pterodactyl is not to blame for the golfer's death so he doesn't allow the creature to be killed based on this hunch. I am sort of with him on this as I'd rather see Conner get eaten right now too. Claudia throws a complete hissy fit and storms off. Then Abby asks Cutter if she can keep Rex in her best "can I dad? can I? pleeeease, I promise to take care of him." voice. 7. Roof Top Hunting;

    Steven shows us that he indeed is The No-So-Great White hunter when he repeatedly pops off rounds from the top of tall building.

    Normally a person shooting rounds off with a high powered rifle from the top of a skyscraper would cause public panic. A prehistoric beast in the sky would also cause the same reaction, yet we don't see anybody running for cover anywhere and nobody seems particularly concerned that those projectiles will eventually have to come down somewhere. Cutter realizes that the pterodon likes the color red, and immediately asks Claudia to take her shirt off. Steven eventually does hit his mark and the creature makes a pretty convincing rooftop crash down right in front of Claudia and then proceeds to smash her right in the head knocking her out. Yay!Meanwhile that comical SWAT team enters the building where they pack themselves into the elevator with rifles drawn and flashlights beaming. These guys are funnier than the Keystone Cops. 8. Abby & Conner look for Rex and get more than they bargain for:

    After scouring the nearby woods, Rex eventually finds Abby and Conner. 9. Medic Please:

    Claudia is now seen with an oxygen mask on her face. One would assume that after being ker-smashed in the head by a giant beast they would take her to THE HOSPITAL with a crushed skull, but no, they take her back to the hotel. For some strange reason there is a bag of blood laying on the floor conveniently placed for Claudia to step on it and make a big mess that nobody bothers to clean up. Gross. One of the Keystone Swat team saunters in and determines she only has a concussion. Yeah, right, sure, how about we get a doctor in here to determine that? Turns out that Claudia is now blind but Cutter reassures her by telling her its "normal". Meanwhile Abby, Conner and Rex are discovered by a flock of mean little critters and barely escape with their lives. *whew* Oh yeah, and at some point Cutter kisses Claudia and runs off, leaving me to conclude that this guy has no game with women whatsoever. 10: What does Pterodactyl poop taste like?:

    A sleeping Myfanwy relieves herself and Steven proclaims it to be "exciting stuff" and proceeds to eat the feces. I can tell he's led a sheltered life. Question: Is he is doing this to impress the Keystone SWAT team, or to determine what the creature eats? One could presume from this that Steven knows what human flesh tastes like. No matter how you slice it, eating poop is just not sanitary! 11: The Birds Primeval Style:

    Cutter finally gets Claudia to take her shirt off, he's persistent if nothing else, good thing she has her Victoria Secrets camisole on. "The Birds" come crashing through the glass ceiling of the the hotel in what was [IMHO] a pretty good special effect.

    Cutter then leaves Claudia, still blind, alone to fend for herself while he decides to play with some home made pyrotechnics. Helen comes in makes some pyrotechnics of her own that (excuse the pun) blows Cutter's away.

    Now, this Helen lady is proving to be a truly amazing woman, she seems to know everything about everybody and continues to pop up everywhere. Question: How on Earth did she manage to come through a anomaly that is hanging 50 feet in the sky? 12: The Wrap Up:

    Claudia survives, Cutter takes the credit for blowing up the kitchen by saying he did it with a "Zippo and a bottle of flammable gas." Conner & Abby make up and Myfanwy is sent back through the rift back to her own time. *sigh* I love a happy ending. All in all an enjoyable episode, and one I will be watching again. :Dmoreless
  • Very good effort :)

    This week's anomaly happens at a golf course, where a flying pteranodon and a group of Anurognathus are on the prowl. This episode was pretty good, we got to see a new set of dinosaurs that were flying which was pretty unique. We saw a little bit of character development from everyone in this episode and it seemed like the entire cast was starting to come into there own. I loved that some how Helen was there in the building to save Claudia. I wonder if she can some how control the anomalies through her mind or some kind of technology. What ever the case may be I am really looking forward to next weeks episode :)moreless
  • OMG I love this episode it's so funny!!!

    Wow… what can I say about this episode… lol. Nick, Stephen and Claudia on the roof top were so funny!!! I was laughing so hard that I was about to cry. Lol it was that funny. The scene with dung and Stephen, lol omg looking at Stephen excitement and the cringe of the solider and Ryan omg!!! You could just die of laughter. Helen is a suspicious character or what??? Nick is falling in love with Claudia… Probably one of the best episode I have seen, though I still like 2-4, those are good too, just not as funny as this episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Knowing it was a flock of Anurognathus, the golfer's behavior when spotting the "flying threat" is inconsistent. He acted as if seeing a huge monstrosity in the sky instead of reacting to what would be perceived by him as probably a flock of birds, or at worst a swarm of bats. He would not be able to tell these were flying reptiles until they came close enough for him to see them clearly, and by that time they would be on him a second later. No time to run. Furthermore, we see the golfer that is killed lifted off the ground, his feet dangling in the air, leading us to believe it's the Pteranodon. However, since the true "culprit" is a flock of Anurognathus, this scene is deceptive - the flock could not lift the man like that without a cohesive, organized effort. Behavior such as that was not exhibited in any other scene of the Anurognathus. The scene only exists to fool the audience into misdirection that makes no sense when the viewpoint of the story is impersonal third person (what is shown on screen is what occurred, not someone's account of what happened).

    • The tranquilizer dart acted instantly on the pteranodon. No tranquilizer would act that fast.

    • When Nick is checking Claudia with the pen light he specifically asks her to sit down but when she reveals she can't see anything the camera zooms out and she is standing.

    • Being pursued by a large winged predator, wouldn't someone head for the nearby trees rather than staying out in the open?

    • Anurognathus actually ate only insects.

    • Pteranodon lived in the Cretaceous but Anurognathus lived in the Jurassic.
      The Pteranodon is much larger than in reality. It is stated to have had a wingspan of 40 feet, although their real wingspan was 30 feet at most.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Connor: Abby Maitland's love shack, number one stud speaking.

    • Connor: Rex! Where are you dude?
      Abby: Did you think he was going to send up a distress flare or something?
      Connor: He knows the sound of my voice. I'm thinking he might come running.
      Abby: He's a lizard, not a golden retriever.

    • Connor: Rex! I swear, when I catch you, you're gonna be the first animal to become extinct twice!

    • Nick: Have I ever let you down before? Don't answer that.

    • Helen: You're going to have to trust me, its either that or a radical make-over from our friends back there.
      Claudia: Tough call. Maybe just this once!

    • (A prehistoric reptile flies down the chimney, Claudia grabs a golf club)
      Claudia: (Having hit the reptile) Hole in one!

    • (The prehistoric reptile releases dung)
      Ryan: Oh nice!
      Stephen: You've no idea how revealing dung can be. You can learn a lot from it. It's exciting stuff.
      (Stephen touches the dung and licks it, as the other soldiers cringe)
      Ryan: That's just not right.

    • Nick: How are you feeling?
      Claudia: Okay.
      Nick: Any nausea?
      Claudia: No.
      Nick: Got any headache?
      Claudia: No.
      Nick: Does anything feel odd at all?
      Claudia: Just the one thing...
      Nick: What?
      Claudia: I can't see anything.

    • Claudia: What are you doing?
      Nick: I've absolutely no idea, but I've seen them do it on ER, so there must be something in it.

    • Paramedic: What's your name and how old are you?
      Claudia: Claudia Brown and I have no intention of telling you!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Nick: (To Claudia) I've absolutely no idea, but I've seen them do it on ER, so there must be something in it.
      Nick is refering to the Emmy award winning show ER and the many occasions doctors shine a penlight into a patient's eyes.