Season 1 Episode 6

Series 1 Episode 6

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2007 on ITV
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Helen returns and claims that a predator from the future is behind a number of disappearances. Nick and Helen join together on a desperate race through time to prevent further attacks, and discover a shocking truth.

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  • The first series of Primeval comes to a end. Bring on season 2 !!

    Well well well.... Its the series finale of primeval and to make it double the excitment a creature dosnt come from the past but from the furture, This was kind of predictiable and it was obvo primeval would do it eventually howver that dosnt stop me from being impresst the creature from the furture looked really real and was a fantastic design primeval really excelled itself. towarding the end of the episode was were primeval really showed us its not just a creature of the week programe the whole messing with time element was really intresting and actually unexpected and now claudia brown dosnt exsist. Cant wait till next year !!!!!moreless
  • Not all the monsters come from our past. Now we find out there are more yet to come.

    This was the last episode in the series and the show ended on a high.

    The monsters from the future were the best yet and they had a real feeling of danger about them. Of all the mosnster in this series, these are the ones you would hope never to come face-to-face with.

    The writers really pulled out the stops with the surprises in this episode. Not only did we finally find out moe about Helen, but that Stephen was the best mate he was made out to be.

    I liked how well they tied up the confusion of the campsite first found in the pilot episode. I can't say I saw that one coming although with hindsight I should have really.

    The sting in the tail ending I can't make my mind up about. Yes, it opens up many questions, but it does also make the show look even more like Stargate which is a shame. This show really needs to find it's own identity.moreless
  • Here is my take on Primeval EP6

    Here is my take on Primeval EP6 [i]First I need to ask, is this the only SciFi program that doesn't name its episodes?[/i] [u]Cutter's Office:[/u] Here we see Nick Cutter playing office golf with what looks like the thigh bone of an ancient creature and a do-do egg. Claudia Brown stops by as part of her normal surveillance of Cutter and begins giving him the 3rd degree about his personal life. She mentions that she is having bad dreams and casually slips in that Cutter kissed her on the lips in the last episode and tells him it is a serious infraction for a civil servant. Why he whould care about that I don't know because he isn't a civil servant, he's a college professor. I did find his use of animal bones to be shockingly cavalier for somebody who studies ancient creatures for a living. I would expect a little more respect. [u]The Forest of Dean:[/u] [original anomaly site] We see a fence with two flashing lights mounted on it and my first though is this must be the sign for all creatures coming through the anomaly to tear through the wrought iron fence right here. Sure enough, the anomaly opens, one of the Keystone Swat Team spots it, then finds the area in the fence directly between the flashing lights and it has been torn to shreds. Next Steven and the rest of the team are on the scene but can't find a trail or any kind of foot prints to follow. Theydetermine whatever came through went back, [i] but[/i] even if it came through and went back there should still be prints, in fact there should be 2 sets of prints, one for each direction. [u]The Wellington Zoo:[/u] Something has the male lion pacing like crazy, while the lioness appears to be semi-comatose, which in itself is strange because it's usually the male lions that can be found laying around while the females are doing the pacing, hunting, cooking, cleaning or what-have-you. Lions have a lot in common with humans it seems. The Future Predator rips through the fence and we later find out that one of the lions is missing. I have to wonder why this predator, which per Helen is "homosapian intelligent" would choose the most difficult prey to go after with the highest security (including electric wires) when surely there are herds of docile yet tasty llamas in an open area nearby. Incidentally, the nearest Wellington Zoo to the Forest of Dean is several thousands of miles away on the North Island of New Zealand. The guys in the anomaly team must have quite the travel budget. [u]Abby & Conner:[/u] Abby is giving Conner lessons in how to pick up girls and reccommneds he uses the lamest line in the book, [i]"Haven't I've seen you here before"[/i] but then admonishes him for talking about comic books. Why is this scene even here? It is basically little more than filler material and does nothing to move the story along.

    Their co-habitation must become important someday in the future, maybe that apartment is the key to all the anomalies somehow. We also get to see Rex again briefly but this happy scene is cut short when Abby's phone beeps and she announces she has to go. [u]Claudia & Lester:[/u] Lester's back YAY! I missed him! Claudia and he are still debating how important Cutter is to the anomaly project. Lester seems uncomfortable having Cutter on the team, but my guess is if he had a better candidate for the job that person would already their own assigned parking at The Home Office garage and Cutter would be spending more time making awesome putts at his private office/golf green. [u]Helen & Steven:[/u] Helen stalks Steven and tells him if he was in any other era he's already be dead. Seems that is a pretty effective pick-up line because in the next scene they are out aslogging beers at a pub together. Maybe Abby should have Conner add that pick-up line to his repertoire? Helen states that she knows what has happened to the 3 people that have disappeared and proves it by showing him the newspaper. The past relationship between Steven and Helen become apparent when she kisses him smack on the lips. I tell ya, that woman really gets around! [u]Abby & Conner at the WZ:[/u] Abby tells Conner that one of the lions is missing and Conner takes a blood sample. At this point I am thinking Conner has been watching too much CSI. [u]Claudia Brown:[/u] Apparently sleeping on the job is acceptable at The Home Office. Claudia finds herself alone in what looks to me to be an empty cafeteria. She is suddenly chased by a dinosaur only to wake up in the same place being chased by a dinosaur. Its the old "dream within a dream" sequence and though its been done before it still has the desired impact of scaring you out of your socks. [u]Abby & the Elephants:[/u] Back in New Zeakand Abby is calmly feeding a herd of pachederms. Now, isn't there supposed to a lion on the loose? I know from experience volunteering at a Zoo that a lion escape is a high red-alert type priority. There would be stresssed ojt people running around with guns and the place would be immediately evacuated until the lion was found and contained. One thing you wouldn't be doing is standing around throwing chunks of food around. We get to see Abby the way the future predator sees her, I like the rainbow effect on her hair. The creature decides to leave her alone, I guess it doesn't like the taste of bleach. A fraction of an instant later the future predator is stalking what I think is Abby's boss who is too busy talking on the phone to notice he is in mortal danger inspite of all the noise the damn thing is making behind him. [u]Abby & Conner:[/u] Conner tells Abby the DNA tests are back from the lab and they've found weird bat DNA in with the lion DNA. Strangely I find that less disconcerting than how it is he gets his results so blame fast! DNA results can take weeks to be completed. Abby's phone rings, and Conner is visibly upset and snarks, "are you expecting a call?" We see the newspaper headline and learn that that there are now 3 people missing. [u]Lester & the gang meet Helen:[/u] Helen tells them they have a "serious creature incursion, a highly evolved ambush predator, highly intelligent, adaptable ruthless" and that it looks like a great ape. I am beginning to think the yet-to-be unnamed future predator should be given a name, and I think I will name it Helen. Lester gets one of the best lines of the show when he says [i]"You know I'm really beginning to regret not staying in management consultancy[/i]" The team finds out that the creature is from the future NOT the past. [u]Abby, Steven & Helen[/u]: Steven rushes off and gets to The Zoo just in time to save Abby from the future predator. Helen and Claudia have a confrontation over Nick Cutter. Helen's jealousy is abundantly clear. [i]The Swat Team:[/i] Next we see The Keystone Swat team in the woods with Cutter and Conner while searching for the creatures lair. Steven shows up with a pistol in his hand.

    There is something about the way all these scenes play out that feels wrong in the time line. Its hard to tell if this story plays out over days, hours or simutaniously. [u]Conner & the Creature:[/u] The team deduces the creature is some sort of Super Bat, Helen agrees with him. At this point Helen is leaning against a tree eating an apple with her Big Honk'n Knife. Personally I find something really creepy and callous about somebody who can stand around and eat an apple while people are being attacked. The fact that she is using a monster knife to cut the apple only helps to solidify that feeling. Conner runs back to the truck to get an Oscilliscope that the team plans to use to track the predator. I can't quite figure out how it is the team plans to use a O-scope to track a moving creature, that isn't one of the generally accepted uses for that particular piece of equipment. Conner gets attacked and Abby bravely saves his life. He thanks her and her classic reply is "I had to, you have't paid this month's rent yet." Once again I can sympatize with her, I think I would throw myself under a moving bus to get my weekly rent money from my roommate. [u]The Lair:[/u] The team finds the creatures lair, and 5 of the cutest little alien looking monsters you've ever seen. Cutter grabs one of the babies and runs to the hot house to distract the creature from eating his friends. He aims his gun at the creature, but for some odd reason decides to shoot out all the glass in the hot house first. Jeepers criminy, doesn't he realize what a mess that will make! Meanwhile the team rounds up all the babies and decides to use them to track the future anomaly. I am not sure how it is they deduce that the babies would even be able to find the future anomaly without their mother/father to teach them how. [u]Claudia Brown:[/u] Next, we see Caudia alone in the ladies room, and we see that she is hallucinating anomalies. She may be slowly cracking up, but more importantly her hair looks fabulous. [u]Into the anomaly:[/u] Cutter, Helen, and Captain Ryan go into the past to find the future. Claudia uses as an excuse to plant one hard core kiss on Cutter. Now I know for sure that Claudia is a goner. Lester tells her that wasn't very professional, and she tells him to stuff professionalism. Helen says it is a "touching farewell" and that she feels she is being "punished in some way." Her jealousy of Claudia is pungent. Helen asks Cutter to take her picture and that triggers his memory from their first trip through the anomaly. He realizes that the remains of the camp they found is actually themselves. Hindsight being 20/20 it seems so obvious to me now, but I have to admit that revelation took me by surprise. Here we get to see some excellent fight action between the prehistoric beast and the future predator and the clumsy old prehistoric carnivore wins. Helen tells Cutter that all the bat-like babies are dead and he believes her. Is that guy ever going to learn that he can't trust her? [u]Back out of the anomaly:[/u] Helen and Cutter step back into the present and the team is there waiting for them only one person is missing, Claudia Brown. I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! At first I think it must be Helen who found Claudia in the past and somehow got rid of her but that doesn't make any sense because Claudia would still have been there when they came back through the anomaly then would've disappeared after Helen steps back into the past. Before returning to her home in the past Helen drops a bomb on Cutter in front of the entire group by announcing the affair between herself and Steven. Cutter acts like he didn't know about it, but way back in the first episode it was apparent that Nick did know, or at least suspect, something was going on between the two of them. The show ends with Cutter looking back into the anomaly and shouting "Oh My God!" leaving the audience wondering what the heck is going to happen next.moreless
  • It was scary but awesome! It is a very good way to wrap up series 1.

    Series one comes to an end with an attack from a monster hailing from the future! This episode had me at the edge of my seat the whole time! The future monster looks awesome. The plot for the episode is awesome too: If anomalies can open to the past, Why not the future? This episode was awesome from start to finish, although why cutter was using a bone for his game..... I'll never fully understand. Anyway, the action scenes are unlike any other in the first series and the battle between the future predator and the Gorgonopsid is simply amazing. The scenes in which the predator stalks the humans, and in the tunnel are tense. I thought a few more people would die. Not to mention the plot twist at the end. Claudia's gone! I'll definitely be watching on. In a nutshell, this was the best finale, be it season, series, what ever you want to call it, I've seen in a long time.moreless
  • Just amazing!

    This was an excellent episode of Primeval. There was a lot of great things about this episode, just a ton of character development, especially Abbey's and Connor's friendship, and the evolution of Helen. It seems Helen is believing that humanity is not worth saving and is an anomaly junkie or something lol. The future predator was pretty awesome to see running around. I enjoyed very much the show down the future predator had against Gorgonopsid it was an awesome fight and was kind of like the Jurassic Fight Club show on the history channel. I feel really bad for Cutter especially with Claudia disappearing on him and then the whole Helen ordeal, poor guy.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The chocolate bar shown in this episode as a link to the remains found in episode one is different, in episode one it appears to be a Yorkie Bar, but in this episode it was a plain unbranded milk chocolate bar.

    • If the creature can "see" Abby's heart beat after she throws a rock at it, why couldn't it "see" her heart beat in the passage near the tanks?

    • Nick says that killing the creature from the future is permissible, because the past and the present won't be affected. The implication is that creatures from the past weren't killed as this would affect the past or the present. However, any interaction (fatal or not) would affect the course of events.

    • Writer Adrian Hodges was recently interviewed about Series Two of Primeval by Starburst Magazine. He hinted that some of the characters will appear rather different than they were in the first series due to the power of the anomalies.

    • Changes to the past which effect the present are the theme of Ray Bradbury's 1952 short story A Sound of Thunder, in which a man, travelling into the past on a safari to kill a Tyrannosaurus rex, steps on a butterfly and finds the future he returns to subtley altered.

    • The Fourth Wall is briefly broken in the scene where the gorgonopsid kills the future predator as blood splashes the camera lens.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Nick: If I don't make it back, push Lester through the worst anomaly you can find.
      Stephen: It's a given.

    • Abby: Okay, I'm a girl in a bar, tell me I look nice.
      Connor: You look nice.
      Abby: Make it more personal.
      Connor: I personally feel you look nice.
      Abby: A compliment, be more specific.
      Connor: Well, you've got lovely legs and fantastic... (Pointing towards her chest)
      Abby: (Interrupting) Er, not that specific, er, small talk, flirty just not too flirty. Yeah?
      Connor: I've seen you here before haven't I?
      Abby: Oh, that's good.
      Connor: Your glass is empty, let me get you another.
      Abby: (Laughing) I'll have a mojito please.
      Connor: Two mojito's coming up. (Clicking at Rex) Barman!
      (Abby prompts him to continue)
      Who do you think would win in a fight between Wolverine and Spiderman?
      Abby: I said flirty, not nerdy.

    • Nick: We need a bigger gun. (Said just after failing to kill the bat monster in the woods with automatic weapons)

    • James: Do you think I should make a speech, one small step for man that sort of thing?
      Claudia: Maybe another time.
      (Claudia kisses Nick)
      James: Well that wasn't very professional.
      Claudia: Stuff professionalism!

    • Nick: The threat is too serious to be ignored.
      Claudia: Serious enough to warrant a permanent intrusion into the past?
      Nick: With the correct restriction, yes.
      James: (Sighs) I suppose just bombing somewhere is out of the question?

    • Connor: I thought I was gonna die then.
      Nick: Well you didn't.
      Connor: No, quite chuffed about that.

    • Nick: This one is too dangerous, and if we kill it, it can't affect the past or the present.
      Ryan: Shoot to kill - that makes a refreshing change. I was beginning to feel like a social worker.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Mathieu Vig, Antoine Birot, Simon Thistlethwaite and Kevin O'Sullivan were nominated for the 2008 VES Award for "Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Broadcast Program or Commercial" for the predator animation for this episode.

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark - July 8, 2008 on TV3+

    • Animal appearances:
      Gorgonopsid, a carnivorous therapsid.
      Scutosaurus, a herbivorous anapsid.
      Coelurosauravus, a flying diapsid.
      Future Predator, species unknown but suspected Microchiroptera.


    • The scene in the garden storage shed is an obvious reference to the movie "Aliens", complete with the oscillator/radar indicating the approach of the creature and it dropping down from the ceiling to attack the soldiers. The appearance of the Predator itself is reminiscent of the aliens in the film, with no visible eyes, incredible speed, prominent razor sharp teeth coated with saliva and clawed talons.

    • James: One small step for man, that sort of thing.
      "One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind" is the famous line uttered by Neil Armstrong as he became the first human being to step out onto the surface of the Moon.

    • Nick: We need a bigger gun.
      This is a reference to the classic line from "Jaws": "we're gonna need a bigger boat" and has come to represent situations where the previous planning has proven inadequate.

    • Connor: Who do you think would win a fight between Wolverine and Spiderman?
      Wolverine and Spiderman are two iconic Marvel comic superheroes of the 60's and 70's who have made the transition from comic book to movie screen over the last decade.

    • There are numerous Star Wars references in the series but this episode has more than usual. There is a Han Solo reference, an R2-D2 reference, and right near the end Claudia Brown says "I've got a bad feeling about this". This line is first said in Star Wars Episode IV "A New Hope" by Han Solo. It is then used in every other film, including the prequels, said by a range of characters. It is allegedly the only line that appears in all Star Wars films.

    • Nick: (To Connor) I always saw you more as R2-D2 myself.
      R2-D2 is the small but courageous droid in the Star Wars movies.