Season 2 Episode 2

Series 2 Episode 2

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2008 on ITV
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Bizarre shaped giant worms, some of which are large enough to consume a human are moving around in a strange fog. It couldn't come at a worse time, as Nick is trying to adjust to the Lester's new PR, who suspiciously looks identical to Claudia Brown.

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  • The TV describes this episode as follows "Jenny Lewis joins the team Cutter notices that she's sharp, cynical & a perfect replica of Claudia. The team fights giant worms that have overtaken a nearby a skyscraper." I've got a bit more to add to that!moreless

    On Demand description of this episode reads as follows:[i] "Jenny Lewis joins the team and Cutter notices that she is sharp, cynical and a perfect replica of the recently vanished Claudia. The team fights giant worms that have overtaken a nearby a skyscraper." [/i] [u]The Teaser:[/u] Helen appears to be suffering her way across a barren, volcano scorched landscape. She has certainly changed, if not in nature certainly in appearance from the last time we saw her. Her jumpsuit is shredded, grimy, and looks as if she's used that Big Honk'n Knife of hers to give herself a savage pixie hair cut. The time shift has not been good to her, but thank goodness her push up bra is still doing its job. Lord knows when treking thru a desert wasteland all alone a woman wants all the support she can get from her Wonderbra. We see her with a piece of equipment that we haven't seen before, a radio, hinting that she indeed has been using radio frequencies to track the location of anomalies. She finds herself some tasty looking pterydactyl eggs, but momma dactyl isn't having any of it. Helen uses her trusty knife to slash the attacking creature and falls overs in the process. It looks to me as if she might've badly twisted her wrist, but turns out she's only cut her leg. Next she does something truly bizarre by taking out her bandanna but instead of using it to stop the bleeding she puts it in her mouth and chomps down on it while slicing her leg open even further. She lets out a blood curdling scream that can be heard all the way back to the dawn of time. Its so loud it makes the Big Bang seem like a little pop. I think I can tell her why it hurt so much too, because she has the knife backwards when she slices her leg with it. Most of the time you want to cut something with the sharp end of the blade, not the blunt side. Knives are funny like that. [u]The ARC:[/u] Lester tells the team that Jenny and her overly made up eyes, have been appointed a senior position on the team; everybody will answer to her and she will report to him. Yeah, right. Cutter, who used to have his own office at the University now sits leering at Claudia errr, I mean Jenny from a cheezy looking Plexiglas table. I don't blame him, if I were him I'd be demanding my own office to hoarde all my anomaly related stuff so I could sell it later on Ebay. Cutter insists in front of everybody that Jenny is really Claudia. Lester tells Jenny that Cutter is a, [i]"fascinating study of the tipping point between inspiration and lunacy."[/i] I really like that Lester bloke. Lester's interest in Jenny shows itself when he states to the team that she is, [i]"classy, very classy."[/i] Whatevah. If by classy you mean "looks like a raccoon" then yeah, she's classy alright. [u]Lambert Smith Marketing[/u]: Enter Teddy, a lecherous, self-centered, ignorant businessman wearing, of all things, red sox. I wonder if he isn't maybe a Boston Baseball fan? Even if he is, I don't care because I can't wait to see him get obliterated by giant worms. We get a brief tour of the building's internal duct work just before another anomaly bursts onto the scene right next to two gold colored juke boxes and a ladder. The room is quickly filled with a hazy thick smoke that hangs low in the air. The first victim this week gets to be a janitor. Why is it always the blue collar guys that get devoured first? The fire alarms blare, but lecherous Teddy makes co-worker Shelly stay put to finish her presentation. Jerk. I've actually worked with guys like this before, and I loathe him with a passion I generally only reserve for certain ex-boyfriends. Next we see the building being evacuated and two rescue workers discover the anomaly in the server room. The first "OH $#!+" moment of this progam comes when The Chief springs up from the fog and gets dragged off by something unseen.

    [u]Back at the Arc:[/u] The Team is having ANOTHER meeting to discuss tracking of the anomalies. Its all a major yawn and I can't wait to get back to see that obnoxious Teddy guy get dragged off, the sooner the better. Sure enough, there goes Teddy off into the noxious billowing fumes only to be thrown back against the glass wall all covered in gooey stuff. Good-bye Teddy, I wonder what those red sox tasted like. [u]At the Movie Store[/u]: Now we are treated to another special personal moment between Abby & Conner. Just can't get enough of those, eh? Abby tells Conner that the movie should be her choice because he picked last week, and she wants to see something romantic and suggests "The Holiday" (a 2006 Cameron Diaz movie) and Conner looks like he'd rather die from an acute case of Weevil Pox. I am inclined to agree with him on this one. Abby runs off and says "you choose, no horror, no action, definitely no Scifi" Well, what the heck is left??? Suddenly, a girl appears who wasn't there before to tell Conner that she thinks fantasy and Scifi are just her cup tea where movies are concerned. Conner is instantly swept off his nerdy feet. [u]Steven's Place:[/u] I think this might be the first time we see Steven's apartment. He comes home, newspaper in hand to find Helen has left a bloody trail on his clean floors. How annoying. Steven checks the wound and tells her she needs antibiotics, and turns around seeming to have just what she needs in a small black bag. Man, I need friends like that, I could save a bunch in medical bills and trips to the emergency room. Call me kooky, but I think Helen and Steven just might still be having an affair. What do you think? [u]Abby & Conner's Place:[/u] Conner brings home his new friend, Caroline, and Abby is noticably bothered by it. I don't blame her, when all she asked for was a romantic comedy, not a threesome. Rex does a quick cameo appearance and shows Caroline what he thinks of her by trying to bite her. You GO Rexie! This scene reminds me of the old Star Trek episode, The Trouble with Tribbles, when the Tribbles could detect the Klingons and start screeching. [u]Lambert & Smith[/u]: The Fog is spreading and Cutter determines the air is high in sulphur and carbon dioxide or as Steven put it, "stinks like shi --- err something rotting." Meanwhile I'm thinking, "Man o Man, they're NEVER going to be able to get that stench out of the carpeting!" Cutter fights off a giant tube worm but it turns out the critters can't survive in our oxygenated environment. The fog continues to spread and the 15th floor is now teeming with giant, spiked, disgusting worm-like creatures. Blech. Cutter and Steven get separated. Meanwhile Conner and Abby decide to take a trip to the local Garden Center. While on the way there they run across scary floor cleaning guy from last week only now he is dressed like a soldier. It must be the same guy because he has a nasty scar on his neck, oh that and I looked at the cast listings - the actor's name is Tim Faraday and appears in episodes 2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5 & 2.7 and is billed only as The Cleaner. So, yeah it is the same guy. Back at the fog building, Steven is stuck in an elevator shaft. Jenny opts to ignore Cutter's order and uses the elevator instead of the stairs nearly squishing our handsome Steven in the process. No worries ladies she stops just in time to only cause injury to his Achilles Tendon. PHEW! Hey, that's no laughing matter folks, it takes forever for soft connective tissue to heal! Cutter then has to save Claudia, err no Jenny from having her hair eaten by a worm. In return Clau-Jen nearly gives Cutter a vasectomy the hard way. While all this is going on, Shelly successfully completes her sales presentation. WTG Shelly, Teddy would be proud! The team find the 2 Survivors and starts to evacuate them. Conner gets slimed by a giant worm which is OK, but get upset when he accidentally washes off Caroline's phone number. Clau-Jen then brow beats Shelly into keeping her mouth shut about the worms by traumatizing the poor thing with her racoon painted eye lids. Meanwhile Abby and Conner are given the task of going all the way back up the 15th floor to turn the heat on. What the heck, they couldn't have figured out they needed to be on the 15th floor back when they were on the 15th floor? Anyway they get cozy in the air ducts but for once Conner isn't drooling over having Abby in his general proximity. Abby kicks some major worm butt and Conner is noticeably impressed, as am I. Clau-Jenn tags along with Cutter and informs him that she basically knows everything about him, including Helen & Steven's affair. Well, at least one thing hasn't changed in this new reality, Claudia in the guise of Jenny is still stalking Cutter. [u]Spawning of the Worms:[/u] The idea of heating up the building to force out the fog works except the heat causes the worms to burst open and dozens of baby worms spew out. The spawn try to burrow into Cutter, Steven and Clau-Jen until Cutter figures out the water from the sprinkler system will make them stop.

    I haven't a clue why that works, but it does, afterwards Steven and Nick wax poetic about the existence of the anomalies. Steven thinks people should be informed so they can prepare but Nick laments, "How do you prepare for a world where evolution has gone mad?" [u]Back at Abby's place:[/u] Abby & Conner celebrate but are interrupted by Caroline who barges in claiming she lost her cell phone there earlier. Yeah, right. How did she manage that? She was only there for a couple of minutes before the phone rang and they left. She planted that cell phone there on purpose. Her sudden interest in Conner is suspicious at best especially considering that she is willing to go out with him in spite of the fact that he is still covered in worm sputum, his clothes are filthy and he smells as heinous as a giant jurassic worm fart. Jenny's House: Cutter visits Jenny at her place. How it is he knows where she lives is yet another mystery. He carries a portrait style picture of himself and Claudia in his wallet. [u]Questions:[/u] When did he and Claudia manage to get this photo taken and if he had this photo all along, Why doesn't he show it to people? He could use that picture to convince people that he is right about the whole Claudia/Jenny thing. He starts to pour his heart out to Jenny, but is interrupted by her apparent boyfriend. Still, the look in Jenny's eyes is very empathic and is off set only by the stony coldness coming from Helen's eyes as she looks on from a parked car; once again proving my theory that Nick Cutter is the most heavily watched man in the modern world. What the attraction is, I'm not sure. Next Week: Bring on the Sabre tooths in the Amusement Park! Who-Hoooo! I can hardly wait!moreless
  • Oh dear :S

    Well this weeks episode was absoloutly terrible primeval has just gone so cheesy and stupid its unbelivable. The new chracter jenny brought absolutly nothing good to the table and was just a really annoying chracter. The creature this week was just pathtic and really boring and not the least bit scary. I really hope primeval can get back on track cause the second season has been really dispointing up to now. However i still think that primeval has life left in it hopefully next week will improve otherwise i will be worried about this show going extinct all together. !!moreless
  • Watchout there's a worm about!

    An average episode although there is enough there to at least get you asking a few questions. Who is the man with the marks at the back of his neck?

    What will happen when Helen finds out that Claudia isn't part of this world?

    The worm monsters were good but IMO were never really threatening despite them having the fog to hide in. This should have been more tense than it was.

    Considering it was the second show in the second series it was a borderline filler episode which is a worry.

    Is this a sign that the series is already starting to run out of steam? I certainly hope not!moreless
  • Giant worms!

    To me this seemed to be a filler episode of Primeval, though it wasn't a bad one! The whole entire worm thing was pretty cool, and it was interesting to see how it all played out. Poor Nick though, I hope he finds somehow to fix time right or at the least hopefully some how makes it with this new version of Claudia though she is married which presents kind of a problem. I did enjoy the whole Nick killing worms with the sword and the axe that was awesome :) Other than that I don't have much to say except for this, I believe this was the first episode besides the first episode from season one that didn't have an anomaly in it before the opening credits though I could be wrong.moreless
  • Good episode! not as good as the series 2 premiere though!

    Giant worms are moving through clouds of fog, which smells like sulphur, and are attacking an office block.

    Not the best episode i must admit but it was still entertaining enough. We see Connors first design of the anomaly detector, which will help them track and find new and existing anomalies, so opefully this should help them get to the scene faster and stop more attacks and hopefully help figure out what is causing the anomalies!

    Cutter starts to bond with Jenny, although he still can't seem to forget that she is not Claudia Brown!

    Overall a good episode! next week, Sabre Tooth Tigers! :Dmoreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Connor went into the ventilation tube he said to Abby that there was no room enough for the leaves blowers. Afterwards we can see them both in the tube and there was enough even for Abby to be on top of Connor.

    • The song playing when Terry is walking through the building is "Office Boy" by Bonde Do Role and when Connor and Abby are in the DVD shop is "Mega City 3" by Spizzenergi.

    • When Nick and Stephen fist encounter the prehistoric atmosphere Nick describes it as Precambrian, then after witnessing the death of the worm due to oxygen suffocation he states it might be from even further back. However the Precambrian is the time period, sometimes referred to as the supereon, which began with the formation of the Earth and encompasses 7/8th of its history, therefore there is nothing further back. A more accurate choice would have been the Proterozoic eon.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Nick: Claudia, are you alright?
      Jenny: Don't call me Claudia! And I'm fine.

    • Nick: Are you alright?
      Connor: Yeah, never been swallowed by a giant worm before, but I suppose it's a learning experience, isn't it?

    • Jenny: It's all true; creatures, dinosaurs. This is my new job, how?

    • Jenny: It's me. Why haven't you been answering any of my calls?
      Nick: Been a bit busy.
      Jenny: Listen, I'm coming up.
      Nick: No, don't do that.
      Jenny: I'm tired of this, I want to know what's going on, and quite frankly you can't stop me.
      Nick: Alright, you take the stairs to the twelfth floor and I'll meet you there. Don't use the lifts. Now I'll repeat that for you. Don't use the lifts.
      Jenny: Yeah, fine. (Shuts phone) Whatever! (Walks towards stairs) Twelve flights in heels? Men!

    • Stephen: (After inhaling smoke) Smells like shi...something rotting.

    • Jenny: Lester told me you were odd!
      Nick: I wouldn't put too much faith in anything Lester says.
      Jenny: I don't see why not. He seems like a very impressive man.
      Nick: You're right. I probably don't know you.

    • Jenny: Can you stop doing that, please?
      Nick: What?
      Jenny: Staring at me.
      Nick: So I'm not allowed to look at you now?
      Jenny: Not like that.
      Nick: Like what?
      Jenny: Like you know me.
      Nick: See, I feel as if I do know you.
      Jenny: You don't, because if you did I'd be aware of it, wouldn't I?
      Nick: No, not necessarily.

    • (Connor brings Caroline to the flat)
      Caroline: So are you two a couple then?
      Abby: Connor!? No, God no. As if.
      Connor: You didn't have to make it sound quite so unlikely!
      Abby: Who is she?
      Connor: Dunno. She picked me up at the video shop.
      Abby: She picked you up?
      Connor: Yeah. A lot of women find me attractive.

    • (Connor brings Caroline back to the flat)
      Connor: Abby, um, this is Caroline.
      Abby: Wow, hi.
      Caroline: (Seeing Rex) What is that thing?
      Abby: That thing, is my lizard.
      Connor: That's ah, that's Rex. He's harmless, he's really cool actually.
      Caroline: (Extending her hand) Hello Rex. (Rex snaps at her hand and she snatches it back) Ooh.
      Connor: I'm sorry he doesn't normally do that. Bad lizard, bad Rex.
      Abby: I suppose he's just doing what his instinct dictates.

    • Nick: It's Claudia Brown.
      Connor: I know.
      Nick: Why didn't you say anything?
      Connor: I know that's what you believe. Me, I've never seen that woman before in my life.
      Nick: What's going on?
      Connor: C'mon Professor you can't go flaky on us now. I mean it's nearly twelve o'clock and we're probably going to have to save the world again before bed time.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark - July 15, 2008 on TV3+

    • Nick is using an axe and a sword against the creatures, but the blade always keeps clean.

    • Goof: When Jenny is phoning Nick to tell him she's going up, the display of the phone can be seen and it's the Windows Mobile 6 home screen not the phone dialer that is automatically displayed when a call is in progress.

    • Animal Appearances:
      Coelurosauravus, a flying diapsid.
      unclassified Pterosaur, a flying reptile, unclassified Worm (suspected Polychaete), a carnivorous annelid.