Season 2 Episode 3

Series 2 Episode 3

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2008 on ITV
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The team investigates an anomaly that has opened in a theme park, and are on the chase of a vicious sabre-toothed tiger. But somehow, the team suspect a human involvement with in the case.

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  • Ridiculous

    Well after last weeks episode i was really concerned about primeval and after this week i still am. Primeval has just gone really silly and stupid the comedy is forced the chracters are just basically acion figeres and just run around aimlessly. The intrest and intrigue that made Primeval series 1 so good seems to have gone. The crature this week should of been exciting but it really wasnt and the special affects were pretty poor to say the least.

    I really hope next week is better becuase i cant sit through many more episodes of this kind of qualitymoreless
  • It's not just the rides that will get your heart beating faster in the theme park. you wait until you meet the Sabretooth tiger

    This was an average episode. As has been a problem in the past the early evening slot gets in the way of potentially a great story. A tiger on the loose in a theme park should be exciting but it really doesn't pick up steam. Part of the problem is the uninteresting support characters. The guy that's breeding dogs for dog fighting is brings nothing to the story at all and could so easily get ditched.

    The owner of the park came across as an idiot and nt like he could run a theme park at all.

    Valerie was nice enough which kind of gave away the fact that she was going to be linked with it all in some way. The fact she was going to die was pretty obvious too. The tiger itself looked really good and massive when next to Valerie.

    last season there was a mysterious subplot regarding Helen, Cutter's wiife. this season it seems to be that there is some conspiracy or espionage going on. One can only hope that this isn't the start of this show going the same way as The X-Files and getting too wrapped up in conspiracy theories.moreless
  • I enjoyed this episode a lot and it was really exciting :)

    This episode opens up with a few people playing paintball though a more dangerous game is being played by a Saber-tooth Cat. I loved that whole opening set-up with the Saber-tooth taking the guy down. Anyway the team goes out to where the Saber-tooth attacked which happens to be an amusement park owned by a crazy guy who is all about profits and becomes a nice cat dinner about halfway through. The episode was very revealing in the fact we know now that Stephen is being plagued a little bit by guilt and seems to be in contact more with Helen. Also the girl that Connor is seeing is somehow connected to the anomaly project by some means that we do not know, except for the fact that its her job to follow Connor around and be "his girl." Just seems to be a lot of cover-up stuff going on as well as a lot of trust issues going on. But we will see what happens as the season progresses :)moreless
  • As the ARC team is working on a breakthrough device to detect anomalies, a sabre-tooth cat is stalking a theme park. But as the team investigate, they discover that things are not all as they appear at a first glance.moreless

    As the second season of "Primeval" gets underway, the team is attempting to pre-locate the anomalies by using a radio frequency. A big cat attack in a theme park appears to undercut their attempt. As the ARC team begins to investigate, they begin to discover more bodies than even a smilodon could be responsible for. On the other hand, the rift between Nick has to deal with the widening rift in his relationship with Steven and with Jenny's decidedly non-Claudia style of antics, while the audience learns that Connor's relationship with the mysterious Caroline is not what it seems either. Another intriguing episode in a great show, in short.moreless
  • I liked the surprising nature of this episode and the little shocking moments throughout it, especially towards the end.

    Good episode. You think you know what's going on and then there's a little twist. When I found out who was hiding the tiger I realised I should've seen the signs a lot earlier... But the character didn't seem like the sort of person who would let an animal kill people. I loved the very end of this episode when we find out there are characters that are acting suspiciously and we don't know why.

    I also like the setting of this one, the theme park, and the fact that we don't see the annomoly. (can't spell that word sorry)... Makes a bit of a change.

    I jumped a few times, usually do though, I'm a wuss. But loved it overall. Nick and Claudia are bonding a little which I enjoy. They make a cute couple. Or at least they did in season 1.moreless
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    • Jenny: Should have shot him though this is my best coat!

    • Cutter: You're a real piece of work aren't you?
      Jenny: Thank you! I'll take that as a compliment.

    • Nick: You're a flirt.
      Jenny: What?
      Nick: You, you were flirting with him.
      Jenny: I was just being friendly. Your way wasn't exactly working was it?
      Nick: What? No, I don't have the eyelashes for it.
      Jenny: Listen! You do the creatures I'll do the people. Deal?
      (Nick walks away)

    • Nick: Connor keep an eye out if you see anything suspicious call me.
      Connor: Hang on! What am I supposed to do if I do see something, talk it to death?

    • Nick: If we keep this open people are going to die.
      Jenny: Yes! But it's your job to see that they don't, it's my job to protect the integrity of this operation.
      Nick: At any cost?

    • Connor: Here's one I made earlier. This is a palm held detector for use in the field, it's a short wave radio receiver it's got an effective range of about a 100 metres or so.
      Cutter: I was hoping for something a bit more compact.
      Connor: It's just a prototype so we can work on that.
      Jenny: Have you tried beaming up with it yet?
      Connor: Are your here to help or just be sarcastic? Cause this is a serious bit of kit.

    • Connor: I'd like you to meet the Anomaly Detection Device or A.D.D. for short. Actually that's probably not the best acronym is it?
      Nick: Connor.
      Connor: Sorry.
      Nick: Breathe!
      Connor: Sorry. What you're looking at is a fully integrated, graphic representation of the radio communications matrix, networking the whole of the UK's transmitters.
      Jenny: Congratulations you've built your very own Sat Nav.
      Leek: I believe you can get them dashboard size these days.

    • Nick: Tell her I'm on my way
      Abby: (On the phone to Jenny) He's on his way. (Pause) She says she'll meet you there.
      Nick: Why? Why, why is she coming?
      Abby: (Smiling) Obviously doesn't trust you with the public.
      Nick: And why is that funny?

    • Jenny: Who've you told?
      Valerie: Just my managing director, Peter Campbell.
      Jenny: Good, no press, no friends?
      Valerie: No.
      Jenny: Keep it that way, this whole incident is under wraps for the time being.
      Valerie: Are you the police?
      Jenny: I'm going to need to speak to the man who found the body, do you know where he is?
      Valerie: I put him in as hospitality suite, obviously he's very shocked.
      Jenny: I'm sure, whenever you're ready.
      Valerie: I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?
      Jenny: I didn't.

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