Season 2 Episode 5

Series 2 Episode 5

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2008 on ITV

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  • Sand monsters can totally ruin a day at the beach.

    This story is in the wrong place. it would have worked better before the previous one as it's quite a weak story.
    Basically if you have seen the film Tremors then you have seen this episode pretty much.
    This would have worked better as a two parter to allow time for the suspense to build up and the viewers to fear for a missing child's safety.
    There is very little in character development other than Connor dumping his new girlfriend Caroline... by text!
    If I hadn't seen this episode I wouldn't have felt I had missed out on anything important.
    Most series should improve and grow with each season. I felt this one was more like an first season episode than a second season.
  • great !!

    yes ! it appers that primeval may be back on track after weeks of dodgie story telling primeval is starting to give some good tense funny episodes agian and this was no exception. Nick and Steven getting stuck in the past was exciting and the young girl they were with was actually finally and was a good little actess. The Cleaning man story appers to be intresting and exciting and im looking forward to see what eles will come of that . Abbie and Connahs relationship was also enjoyable this week. However i am still finding it differcult to connect with Jenny. A good Episode !! :)
  • Cutter and Stephen get stuck back in time after the anomaly closes on them.

    This was really a great episode of Primeval. The little girl Taylor (Mabel Rogers) did a great job at interacting with Cutter and Stephen. The scorpions? I guess you would call them were pretty convincing creatures to have for this episode. When I saw the sand like that I was thinking something along the lines of tremors! lol. I am glad that Connor's and Abbey's relationship may finally take flight after Connor broke up with that girl. However I feel for poor Rex, poor little guy he took quite a beating from her. This episode also was a great setup for what I believe it going to be an awesome season finale this coming Saturday and I can't wait for it :)
  • As Helen and Leek each seem follow their own agenda regarding ARC, Nick and Steven become trapped on the wrong side of an anomaly, over 400 million years in the past with a teenage girl and giant scorpions that want to eat them.

    Yet another relationship-development episode. Helen Connor clearly has plans for Steven, while Leek has plans of his own for the whole research center. Connor finally decides to dump Caroline, even if via text-messaging... but poor Rex pays the price - never hang around a scorned woman. Lester admits that Nick Cutter is not so bad to have around, especially with Connor as an alternative leader to lead the field research, but it may be more of damning people with faint praise than anything heartfelt. And Jenny is finally beginning to succeed in catching Nick's eye... as well as the eye of practically any other straight man with that revealing sun dress she has chosen to wear for this ep.
  • nick and Stephen are trapped in the past after trying to rescue a girl who went through the anomaly.

    This was a pretty good episode, are girl goes running through an anomaly a while chasing after a dog and get's trapped on a rock while being chased by some giant sand scorpions. that guy we've seen in a few episodes following the team get's himself killed in this episode, being eaten by a sand scorpion, it's rather strange that that girl has more sense than those army guys climbing onto the rock. there's also a cliffhanger at the end of the episode when we wonder what has happened to Abby's pet lizard. also we see cutter get really pissed about something at the end of the episode, I'm not quite sure what.
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