Season 2 Episode 7

Series 2 Episode 7

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2008 on ITV
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The team have to deal with the return of the future predator when they're imprisoned in an underground bunker. Must one of the team members make the ultimate sacrifice?

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  • Totally love Primeval

    Primeval never fail to bring suspense and excitement. I completed 2 seaons in 2 days. I am now very excited and looking forward to Season 3. I hope next season Nick will find a new woman in his life after accepting the fact that Claudia is no longer in his current world. I cannot stand Helen she is so selfish, how can she continue to do this and cause not just problems to people who loved her like Nick but death to Stephen. So sad that Stephen died hope he will be back coming seasons. As for Abby and Connor I hope to see them both together next season. They bring laughter to the show. Thumbs up for Primeval production team!moreless
  • What can I say? Disappointing

    What can I say? Disappointing. Actually disappointing in an annoying way. I was so looking forward to this episode, the preview looked really good and I knew we were going to resolve some open issues from the past few episodes and well... disappointing. The plot was brilliant, just brilliant, but somewhere between the written story to the actual execution of the story things got lost. The whole episode seemed (trying to think how to describe it best) - rushed. Everything resolved this way or that way really quickly, too quickly. If you ask me. The acting was quite shallow especially when a bit more that the standard emotion was required… for example Cutters reaction to Stephen's death as he watched through the glass on the door was absolutely ridicules. I mean, the look of utter horror was there, but only for a tiny second and then the emotion drained out of his face and things rushed on. Not to mention the silly girl fight which was actually filmed poorly and just looked plain unreal. The only person that actually acted really well this episode was Juliet Aubrey as Helen, who as always delivers her lines in a brilliant manipulative manner. Shame the other actors can't follow her lead. I One last comment, I like Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall). First of all he's got a great accent and his character has a lot of potential (smart, courageous, romantic etc.) but in this episode the character seemed shallow. I hope Douglas shapes up for the third season and delivers what we've already seen he's capable of in previous episodes.moreless
  • Helen's real motives seem to be reveal. The crew is trapped in a bunker with a Zoo of creatures from various anomalies. Leek's plan is coming together.

    I think you sort of had the feeling that one of these days a major character was going to bite the bullet. Stephen did the dangerous job it is just too bad he went the way he did. At least he got to save his friend Cutter.

    Leek turns out to be an evil bastard and to be honest not very smart. In the end you think exactly what is going to happen to him does. You shouldn't play with things that can eat you! Helen, are you reading this!

    Special effects were good but a little clouded up with them trying to add so many figures to a scene in a massive way. It was a little distracting.

    I was really impressed with Abby in the scene with the Saber tooth and also using the alarm to get the creatures to return was a brilliant thought on Helen's part. Of course she was saving her own hide. I also enjoyed Stephens hunt on the beach and will miss those sequences going forward.

    Overall not a terrible finale but it wasn't great. Some fun parts but a little disappointing. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Helen's motives are revealed. Sub plots and outstanding questions are tied up in this second series finale.

    This episode had a lot of work to do. There was so much to tie up an in most part they did that despite there being many plot holes and continuity problems.

    The need to create enough drama screnes for the exposition stopped this being the big action finale that it could have been but it was definately needed.

    This episode needed more deaths in it particularly the character of Caroline whom was now an totally irrelevant character. By killing her the baddies would have had their status raised as being willing to do anything it takes and being totally ruthless.

    Leek as a baddie was a lightweight who didn't have any presence when on screen. this was fine when he was an unknown character at the start of the season but not so good when you are in the finale.

    Helen's total change of character is interesting but may be too far removed from the person she was to fully be successful. Credit where it's due though to the producers for at least giving a female character the role as the main baddie.

    I was glad to see the back of Stephen who in my opinion was quite an uninteresting character. The writers never seemed to know what to do with him in this season.

    In the first season he was very much the action man. Cutter hated guns and was against killing. This iis where Stephen came in. This season Cutter started to use the gun and this made Stephen redundent.

    I did think that his character may hav picked up once Helen returned but it didn't. So logically it was time for him to go and the way he went was pretty much telegraphed from the start.

    The final scene in this episode is horrible. The often used phrase of "jumped the shark" appears to be just around the corner if this is anything to go by.moreless
  • In the 2nd season finale, Leek's plan is beginning to take form, and it's up to Nick Cutter and his team to stop him. But will Nick's ex-wife Helen prove ally or foe, and will the gang be able to save Rex before the future predators tear them to shreds?moreless

    As the second season came to the end, Connor had to grow up and face reality, which is slightly better than Leek described it; Nick came to the realization that Claudia's gone and he's stuck with Jenny (at least until Helen changed the present _again_); Abby realized that Connor is a good man to have, while Caroline realized that she's been greedy and stupid, _and_ that the past is leaking into the present; Steven made the ultimate sacrifice and died, saving the world from a plague of future predators; Lester finally came to a realization that he can get along with Nick at certain subjects (such as Leek); and Helen prepared her very own clone army, it seems, and is ready to launch yet another new plan for the upcoming season 3. Add to this a whole lot of predators of past and future and you got a lot of drama on your hands indeed!moreless
Claire Spence

Claire Spence

Lorraine Wickes

Guest Star

Robin Pirongs

Robin Pirongs

Father on Beach

Guest Star

Elliott James Langridge

Elliott James Langridge

Youth on Beach

Guest Star

Naomi Bentley

Naomi Bentley

Caroline Steel

Recurring Role

Karl Theobald

Karl Theobald

Oliver Leek

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Helen places a fossilized ammonite on Stephen's grave in an echo of the living one she left on Nick's desk at the end of episode one.

    • 15 clones of the character known as "The Cleaner" can be seen surrounding Helen at the end of the episode. How many more clones there are is yet to be revealed.

    • When the man is buried in the sand and is attacked by the Silurian Scorpion, you can see the sand moving from him breathing, his head vanishes, but he can still be seen breathing under the sand.

    • At the end of both series, an important character dies. Captain Ryan in the first, and Stephen in the second.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jenny: Drink? (Nick fails to answer) Another time then?
      Nick: Yeah, that would be nice.

    • Connor: Where did you learn to shoot like that?
      Jenny: Most of my friends liked Pony Club. I preferred clay pigeons.
      Connor: Brilliant!

    • (Inside holding cell)
      Jenny: What are Leek and Helen up to? All those creatures, why are they here, what are they gonna do with them?
      Nick: Well, I could guess but what's the point, it's going to be okay, Helen's not interested in you.
      Jenny: She's your wife, you should have kept her under control.
      (Nick laughs)
      Jenny: You know what I mean.
      Nick: I hope your fiance knows you're such an old fashioned girl.
      Jenny: For your information I don't have a fiance anymore.
      Nick: Why? What happened?
      Jenny: This job.
      Nick: Yep.
      Jenny: He thought I'd met someone else, I couldn't very well tell him it wasn't another man, as much as a something-asaurus. Anyway, the truth of the matter is I've been feeling different recently. Look can we talk about this another time.
      Nick: Sure, I didn't start it.
      Jenny: It's not like we haven't got anything else to worry about, imminent death for example.
      Nick: It's okay, we're not gonna die, Helen's a lot of things but she's not a killer.
      Jenny: You really think she's in charge here?
      Nick: Yeah, Leek doesn't have the wit to do this on his own.

    • (Oliver clapping after Nick kills a Future Predator)
      Oliver: Clearly a design fault, I'll have to correct that in the others.
      Nick: What others?
      (Nick looks up to see the ceiling covered with Future Predators)
      Oliver: I wouldn't bother trying to escape, they'll rip you to pieces before you can blink, my very own Praetorian Guard, they'll make me untouchable.
      Nick: You really think you can keep them locked up for long?
      Oliver: Well properly chipped, they are no more dangerous than a car, or airplane, a machine designed for human use.
      Nick: That's not how it's gonna work Oliver, because one day they are gonna escape, and when they do they are gonna kill all of us, it's the end of the human race you're looking at.
      Oliver: I'd love to stand around discuss your apocalyptic fantasies all day professor, but unfortunately I have got work to do. Now, in a few minutes the mainframe will have eliminated the virus. Unfortunately your friends have escaped, Lester will soon know where I am, but I have you, and I don't think he'll attack me.
      Nick: I wouldn't bet on that.

    • (Talking to Stephen's grave)
      Helen: Be patient Stephen, things can change, more than you'll ever know.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The song playing on the stereo on the beach is called "The Only Way Is Up" by Yazz, released in 1988 and taken from the album "Wanted".

    • Animal Appearances:
      Future Creature, species unknown but proposed Pinniped, a semi-aquatic marine mammal.
      Coelurosauravus, a flying diapsid.
      Geralinuridae, a carnivorous uropygid.
      Smilodon, a carnivorous felid.
      Deinonychus, a carnivorous therapod.
      Scutosaurus, a herbivorous anapsid.
      Arthropleura, a herbivorous myriapod.
      Future Predator, species unknown but suspected Microchiroptera, a carnivorous mammal.


    • Oliver: My very own Praetorian Guard.
      The Praetorian Guard was a special force of bodyguards used by Roman Emperors. Before being appropriated for the use of the Emperors' personal guards, the title was used for Roman generals' bodyguards, at least since the rise to prominence of the Scipio family; around 275 BC. Constantine I dissolved the Guard in the 4th century.