Season 3 Episode 1

Series 3 Episode 1

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2009 on ITV
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A Pristichampsus, which resembles the Egyptian God Ammut, comes through an anomaly in the British Museum but escapes into the city. Cutter, Abby, Connor and new head of security Captain Becker must track it down with the help of the museum's smart and sexy archaeologist Sarah Page before it can claim anymore new victims.moreless

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  • Cutter is dealing with Stephens death when another anomaly is found. This one at the British Museum in an Egyptian exhibit complete with a new character Archeologist Doctor Sarah Page. A crocodile creature has come through and the team must stop it.moreless

    Not a bad Series Three beginning. The loss of Stephen Hart hurts the team as he was the real hunter of the group but will he be back? Only Helen knows.

    We meet the new military liaison Captain Becker who is told by Lester to follow Cutter's orders except when he and his team are trying to get killed. Not a big addition to the cast so far. I actually liked the guy from the first season better but this is only one episode.

    Dr. Sarah Page, an Archeologist by trade giving kiddie tours in the London Museum is also introduced. Her part in the plot is more central as she understands the meaning of how and why this anomaly exists and may be able to assist in finding future anomalies based on myths and legends.

    Lester seems to have a new nemesis in the home office Christine Johnson a former division head of MI-6 who seems to have an agenda of her own and won't reveal it to Lester except it seems to involve the ARK. She also doesn't have trouble sacrificing her men if necessary.

    The anomaly was pretty cool in this episode based on the mythology. Dr. Page is pretty cool and calm when she exclaimed "an Egyptian Goddess was trying to eat me!" The CGI quad to biped effects we pretty cool on the creature as well.

    Overall a pretty good season premiere. The show misses Stephen and unfortunately we will obviously be seeing Helen and her clones again pretty soon. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Primeval suddenly took a turn downhill...

    This time around instead of finding Primeval exciting and funny this time I found it annoying. Last seasons finale just didn't feel right and not that exciting so I thought I'd watch the start of the new season. I was just left dissapointed. It was like the script was written by a 3 year old with no experience. The dialogue wasn't that funny. I also find the new actor joining the team pretty annoying too. I guess this episode is an anomilie that shouldn't of happened. Nick Cutter also looks like Mr Bean with his new hair cut. Please try and make better episodes the last 2 seasons were great. This episode just isn't the same as the others...moreless
  • Cutter and the team go to the British Museum and ask, "Is that your mummy?" No it's a great big monster!

    The first epsode of the third series and the show is back with a bang. There have been a few changes. Not only in personel but in hairstyles. Some work and some don't. That doesn't just go for the hairstyles but the new team members.

    Newbie Dr Page looks like an interesting character but there is something that doesn't sit right about her. She comes across as likeable and should become a fan favourite quite quickly which is more than I can say about the other nexbie to the show. Captain Becker is so sterotypical of a soldier he is quite bland and uninteresting. Where his character will go in this series I'm not sure but he really needs some major work to get across in my opinion.

    Connor remains an unstable character. One minute he is heroric and handling a gun looking very professional and the next minute he is being used for comedic effect totally messing with the character. The producers need to decide where they want to go with his character and stick with it.

    The monster looks like something we have seen before. Whilst there will always be a danger that the "seen it" factor could come into play it is a worry that it's happened so quickly.

    A good episode over all though.moreless
  • Nick Cutter and the Jurassic Stargate

    The characters we like were back but also some new characters were introduced. Sarah Page, played by Laila Rouass, is a major addition to the cast. But I guess we'll have to wait for her to grow on us because her performance didn't really convince me. Her acting wasn't bad, just average, but I think her script was a bit sketchy, specially its humorous lines. Otherwise she makes a believable Egyptologist as she counts a mixed parentage, Moroccan-Indian. Not that you have to look like Cleopatra to do such a job but I'm sure the writers have planned something special for her… One last word about Connor. I think he should act less clumsy now he's more experienced. In fact I found most of his scenes quite boring, nearly annoying. I don't mean the show should be less funny but it's not interesting anymore when characters don't develop. However I have to admit that Rex still rocks.

    About the story, I'm fond of mythology so I think bringing some Ancient Egypt legends into Primeval is a great idea. Some scenes even reminded me of Stargate. The future predator was scary and I'm pretty sure its outdoor scene was inspired by I Am Legend. Also the pristichampsus really looked like an Egyptian god, almost like a living statue. Moreover the writers managed to make us believe in what Sarah said about the sun, gods… These archeological elements are specially welcome considering they connect the Anomalies to the present. There're also other information to consider like the metal allowing to trap an Anomaly, the hieroglyphs to decrypt, Helen's clones army…

    Adventure, love, CGI creatures, science-fiction and now mythology… It's Indiana Jones meeting Jurassic Park. This episode was quite a good way to begin series 3 and I can't wait to learn what will happen next.moreless
  • prieval is back and as good as ever!

    after a long break primeval is finally back. A dinosaur walks out of an anomaly and wrecks havoc first in the museum then in a shopping mall. This episode introduces several new characters such as dr paige who the team enounter in the musuem and some militaly guy who i can't remember the name of right now. This episode also lays out some sotry arcs that will likely run thorought the season such as some military guys searching for an artifact, the significance of this arifact will no doubt make itself clear in due course. all in all a great start to the season let's just hope the rest of the season is as good.moreless
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Regina Freedman

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Belinda Stewart-Wilson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • ID goof: when Connor is identifying pristichampsus, the picture that comes up on his computer is that of a bernissartia, a very different extinct crocodilian, as pictured in Simon & Schuster Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures, 1999.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Cutter: Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, this is Captain Becker. He's here to protect us so do what he says. (They look at each other puzzled) Unless I think he's wrong.

    • Jenny: Cutter? Don't you ever go home? (Cutter doesn't answer) You can't take this personally you know, nobody blames you.
      Cutter: For what?
      Jenny: What happened to Stephen, wasn't your fault.
      Cutter: Yeah, I know. It was Helen's.
      Jenny: Then why are you blaming yourself?
      Cutter: Because I should have stopped her, that's my job.
      Jenny: But you can't change the past.
      Cutter: Yeah, you don't know the half of it Claudia Brown.
      Jenny: Okay, I'm out of here. (She pauses) Do you want to get something to eat? I'm starving.

    • Lester: (Talking to Captain Becker) You'll be dealing with a highly strung, temperamental team of rank amateurs who happen to be brilliant at what they do. Your job is to stop them getting themselves killed. No matter what they say, no matter what excuses they use, you and your men stick to them like glue.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode marks the introduction of Christine Johnson portrayed by Belinda Stewart-Wilson, who is the real life wife of actor Ben Miller who plays Sir James Lester.

    • Animal Appearances:
      Pristichampsus, a carnivorous crocodilian.
      Coelurosauravus, a flying diapsid.