Season 3 Episode 2

Series 3 Episode 2

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2009 on ITV
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The team face off against suspicious detective Danny Quinn and a terrifying Camouflage creature from the future that came through an anomaly in a local haunted house.

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  • Cutter and Dr. Page figure out a possible stream for the anomalies therefore being able to predict the next one. Conner, Abby, and Jenny go to the house where the anomaly will occur and find it being watched by a Detective for suspicious reasons.moreless

    Possibly the most annoying episode of Primeval in the first three seasons. I liked the creature and enjoyed the new character Detective Constable Quinn, but the stupidity factor on this episode was fairly high.

    Abby and Connor both act like they have never seen any of the creatures or terrible things that have come through the anomalies in the past. I found myself not wanting to watch the episode for the first thirty minutes. In general their lack of being careful is not exciting, it is just annoying.

    Also is Helen Cutter the leader of the Evil Empire? Her character has almost become animated and bigger than life. Obviously she is mad but still no one seems to find her the least bit dangerous except Nick. When Nick says she's back Captain Becker and Dr. Page almost laugh at him and they also seemed to think the twin of the man who died was pretty funny as well? What was with that? I almost felt as if this was some new surreal world in which nothing that has transpired before did up to this point.

    The last quarter of the episode was pretty good and you were glad the kid Ryan who's friends had disappeared was sort of cleared. The action was pretty good as well. The scene with the girl Emily feeding the creature was sort of creepy. She wasn't that old and the creature must have been their for years before she was born. How did she find out it was there and how did she know to feed it?

    Pretty weak episode of Primeval in general. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.moreless
  • Abby, Jenny and Connor have to deal with a creature from the future in an old empty house.

    I love this episode. For me this is possibly the best episode ever. Everything fell into place perfectly.

    The creature was interesting and believable. If you are a Harry Potter fan then imagine Dobby the House Elf in a very angry mood with death on his mind.

    I also liked that Abby and Connor got to shine again. Abby seemed to go missing in the last series. Her profile was low and at times she was almost a bit part player. This time around she got a lot more to do.

    Jenny whom I don't particularly care for did a good job making up the threesome that needed more air time too.

    The supporting characters were interesting which really helped to keep you in the story. Why was the cop so obsessed with this house? Who is the little girl and what is her link to it all?

    What really happened many years ago?

    If the rest of this series is like this pisode we are in for the best series yet.moreless
  • Giant Agraphobic Bald Wingless Bat haunts house. Angry Policeman lurks in the bushes and well... 'Don't Look Now!'

    Actually I quite enjoyed this episode. Unlike the first which didn't have enough complexity to the characters or enough story to fill in the bits between action this felt like progression. The introduction of the nosy cop, out to avenge his brother, gives us a little more confrontation as well.

    The creature of the week is actually quite scary as well although I don't think it ever ate those kids years ago. Seeing as it had been there for such a long time I thought it must be agraphobic (scared to go out the house), turns out that because it was bat-like it was more to do with sunlight.

    The little girl in red unlike others I didn't connect with Little Red Riding Hood. In fact I thought more about the movie 'Don't Look Now' which means she felt creepier. Obviously we weren't going to get the ending of that movie, but still when she led the creature away you felt it was a trap on her part. Turns out she was just feeding it.

    As Cutter doesn't appear much in this episode (he's fiddling with his new sculpture that seems to help in predicting where Anomalies will appear - something that will hopefully reap even more rewards later on) it's up to the others to rise to the occasion. Connor, Abby and Claudia make a good team and each seems to get into their own scrape. Abby gets attacked by Hairless Bat, connects with red coated girl and Connor get's locked up. I'd like to see this dynamic developed more in the future with Cutter not involved.

    Lastly is the return of Helen and her henchman clones. A minor plot bit and I don't know why they needed something out of, most likely, Cutter's locker but it looks like more will be revealed next week.

    So Good, and slightly scaryish episode, with an interesting creature. Look forward to next week, hopefully we'll see Ben Miller this time.moreless
  • Abby the Creature Slayer

    The creature of the week was sort of scary and the visual effects quite impressive. In fact it was so well animated and post-processed that it reminded me of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings films. Moreover it had these Gremlins ears, camouflage and sharp teeth that made it even more interesting. However even if the Scooby Gang scenes were a bit frightening I wish they had occurred at night and not in bright daylight. I don't mean turning Primeval into an horror series but in general I find the show far too family-friendly. But I understand that the creators had to compromise their vision to appeal to a larger audience. It's not that a bad thing considering the Little Red Riding Hood character brought some fantasy to the story. Moreover her appearances were spooky and the feeding scene was like reading a fairytale.

    This time I enjoyed Connor's scenes and was very impressed by his clothing style. It would even scare the future predator. Abby made the haunted house scenes even better, the Cuty and the Creature. However I didn't buy she forgot about the creature after falling down the stairs. At first I thought the creature casted a spell on her but then she never mentionned it so I became skeptical. In fact it's probably why I remembered so many inaccuracies. For example Sarah didn't recognize Ellen but as she's government she should have been briefed. An other problem was Nick's technique to find Anomalies. What about the radio interferences from season 2 ? Moreover Sarah's puzzling 3D structures didn't make sense. Or at least they should have better explained how she came up with it. Thankfully Jennifer's joke about using computers saved the scene. Ellen's arc was also good and I can't wait to learn more about it. Last but not least the actor playing the detective made a very convincing performance. It's nice to see some talented guest stars on the show. What about Anthony Head next season ?

    So overall it was a great episode. In fact I find these episodes quite refreshing. It's even easier to enjoy them considering the writers found the right balance between them and the ones only covering the main story arc.moreless
  • A little review, or a long review (=]), about what I think of this episode. Obviously, this review is my own opinion. I'm not telling you to go watch it straight away or anything. Just giving my own opinion. Becuase I love this show soo much. =]] xxxmoreless

    I was tempted to put the episode down as 'Exactly why I watch this show' but I didn't - Instead I chose 'A very special episode' because it was.

    This episode was totally worth watching and is definitely going in my list of favourites from the show.

    The storyline was extremely interesting - three boys enter an empty house, only one makes it out alive. And then 14 years later, hear they are, investigating if there is an anomaly.

    What I found particualrly interesting was that, becuase the creature can go invisible, they didn't find it until at least half way through, which might sound a little boring when reading it but the epispode was not at all affected by it (in my opinion).

    I really loved the way Connor and Abby's characters have grown closer and the way we see Jenny and Abby bond as well.

    I also jumped quite a lot whilst watching it. I suppose you could say I was just a bit too girly but I watch a lot of horror films and it really only the suspense films that make me jump. I'm not saying this episode was a suspense-ish as many of the movies but it definitely had sudden moments that caught me off-guard, especially when the creature was on screen - it moved fast and could'nt be seen most of the time. Oh yeah, and it lived in an abandoned 'haunted' house. That's enough to make you jump on it's own.

    I strongly suggest watching it. Especially if you're a Connor/Abby fan (like me, obviously). =] xxxxmoreless
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    • Sarah: Cutter, this guy was eaten by a giant scorpion in the Silurian desert. I'd say that makes him fairly dead.
      Cutter: I didn't say it made sense!
      Becker: Alright, it's his identical twin.
      Cutter: So, what's he doing here then, going through my laundry?
      Becker: You killed his brother, so he steals your shirt!

    • Jenny: We'd better check it out!
      Connor: Then what? We just sit, twiddling our thumbs, until an anomaly appears?
      Jenny: Yes, something like that.
      Connor: Hold me back! I don't think I can take the excitement!

    • Connor: I just phoned Cutter. Told him he was right about his prediction.
      Jenny: What did he say?
      Connor: Well, his words exactly were something like... (Impersonating Cutter) Of course I was right. (They both laugh)

    • Connor: (Being released from jail) Oh my God! Oh my God! Thank you so much. Come here. (He hugs Jenny) So nice to see a friendly face, it's been horrible I've been going crazy in there.
      Jenny: Connor, you've only been in there a few hours.
      Connor: Alright, so I'm not Nelson Mandela. It doesn't mean I haven't suffered, does it?

    • Jenny: (Observing the Matrix) Call me stupid, but erm, couldn't we have done all this on a computer?
      Cutter: This way, it's more tangible.
      Connor: Makes him feel more like God, you know, the whole creation thing.

    • Connor: (Looking at the Matrix) I love this thing. (He begins to fiddle with a wire)
      Cutter: Connor, if you touch that you could be changing the entire destiny of the universe.
      Connor: I'm not going to touch it, I'm just going to... (He backs away)
      Jenny: (Walking in) Woo, please tell me this all means something.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Animal Apperances:
      Future Creature, species unknown but apparent Chamaeleonidae, a carnivorous reptile.

    • This is the first appearance of Jason Flemyng as Danny Quinn. His name is added to the main title sequence in between those of Juliet Aubrey and Ben Miller although at this stage his image is not shown.


    • Cutter: Take...Sid and Nancy with you!

      Sid Vicious was the bassist of the seminal punk rock band, The Sex Pistols and Nancy Spungen was his girlfriend. The were the subject of a 1986 biopic charting the downward spiral of both the band and their relationship due to heroin addiction, which eventually resulted in the stabbing mruder of Nancy at Sid's hands, and Sid's death by overdose shortly thereafter.