Season 3 Episode 4

Series 3 Episode 4

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2009 on ITV
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The team face a predator bigger than a T-Rex in the form of a Giganotosaurus. They must stop the dinosaur from wreaking havoc all the while trying to ward of journalist Mick Harper and his media mogul boss, who just might have the G-Rex on tape. Danny Quinn makes an unexpected return just in time to help out the team.moreless

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  • A successful attempt at continuing the series Post-Cutter. A solid outing with a few niggles that are sometimes a bit too distracting to overlook, but great fun nonetheless....

    The previous episode made us bid farewell to our 'Primetagonist' Nick Cutter. And here, we get no redemption- Douglas Henshall doesn't come running from behind a curtain to say he was only fooling around, he really is dead. What's more, this episode does not linger on the sentimentals. As a Saturday night drama, it is expected to continue as per normal to a reasonable extent. This makes the opening scene of the episode all the more moving. The ARC is being rebuilt, Connor is pondering over Cutter's final words of wisdom to him 'It's on you now'. It is a short look at how Nick's life has been eradicated and is done most effectively- there is no music, just the sounds of the saws and drills fixing up the demolished laboratory.... the show must go on.

    The episode gives us the first major monster-of-the-week on offer from the series. Last week we had the rather underwhelming rodents (Diictodon's), and before that this series we had the rather unmemorable Future Gremlin and the Ambulacetus. Here, our monster is one of collossal proportions, as we are faced with the prospect of something like T Rex but even worse.

    The Primeval writers inevitably dubbed the Giganotasurus of the episode, a G Rex- understandably as it is easier to spell, and easier to pronounce for kids hoping to do a Primeval role-play in the school playground. The dinosaur in question is quite well realised. Like the Gorgonopsid of the first series and the Scorpions of the second series, the G Rex is a monster with knobs on- it is given extra spines, speed and agility to up the ante while also working to preserve the true creature being rendered. Despite the odd duff CGI effect (the legs of the dinosaur as Connor is on the runway, is a prime culprit of a not-so-good graphic), the G Rex is one of the more effective looking beasts, probably as it doesn't have to interact with some of the more complex features of modern society. It is a rather impressive creation that Framestore should be most proud of- the handheld camera shots of the G Rex were also very striking and made the creature look all the more realistic. Maybe an episode of a future series could harness that effect more prominently.

    The G Rex wasn't the only CGI Giant of the piece. It should be briefly noted that one or two of the Boeing Aircraft shots were also rendered with CGI and this is quite an unoticeable but expensive thing done by the makers. And that brings us to the setting. The episode somewhat stretches the credibilty of its own plot, and maybe insults the viewers intelligence- a giant and iconic dinosaur weighing in at around 8 tonnes, stomping across an airfield would surely be picked up by other people; Perhaps a local aircraft enthusiast, or maybe just people driving by in a car on a nearby road. Its somewhat nbelievable that the creature would not have been spotted. Added to the fact that there are a number of fatalities on-site, including Nigel Marven who puts in a funny and interesting albeit brief cameo, and someone has a hell of a clean up which we are not enlightened with at all. The concept of the episode could have been better maybe as a finale. Imagine having a craft full of passengers as the Cretaceous world of the G Rex unfolds on the airfield....there were Argentinosaurus- the largest dinosaur of all time, there were Ornithocheirus- the largest ptersaur (flying creature)of all, ad there was a whole abundance of weird and wonderful prehistoric creatures. It would be slightly less taxing than the finale we were actually presented with, but is fundamentally more in line with what Primeval is about.

    As character development goes, it is a bit of a mixed slate. Jenny is given a more substantial role as she replaces Nick as team leader. Unfortunately, this role is short lived, and its removal in Episode 5 only cheapens the build up of this episode. Connor is given quite a bit to work with, almost a second-in-command kind of role- had he assumed this status in Series One, things would be a lot different but he has really moved on from the geeky, dorky, annoying character from earlier days. Sarah and Becker are once more given very little to do, but this may be acceptable here, as older cast members work to deal with the death of Cutter. Abby is also given very little to do here, although the introduction of her brother at the end is a sign her relationship with Connor may be in jeopardy. Danny Quinn returns from the second episode and plays up far too much to the stereotype of Team Hero. What's worse is that as he rides off into the unknown once more, we are faced with the concept of his return again in the following episode, once again cheapening what is on display here. The Journalist who made a brief appearance last year and made a return in the previous episode makes a final appearance here. In his initial appearance in last years mammoth episode, he was made out to be quite a sinister character. Here, he is reduced to no more than physical joke-fodder. Crashing and smashing around with his female colleague has made him quite a pathetic anecdote to events when Ramon Tikaram who plays him is capable of a far darker role that is never explored. Atleast we have Christine Johnson for that now.

    Overall, the episode is a great roaring escapade. Despite some uneven character development, it manages to stand its ground rather well, and does not tax the viewer too heavily with long-drawn story arcs. The episode is more reminiscient of the second series, and the fact that it is also the strongest episode of the third series to date, may not make that a good thing.

    On a final note, did anyone else spot the product placement that may or may not have been a nice rememberance of Douglas Henshall? Notice how the baggage-handler driven by Connor reads 'Douglas' on the front of it. Whether or not this is reading into it too much, Episode 3.4 proves that Primeval is capable of life after Nick Cutter, and it proves it remarkably well.moreless
  • The team must save the crew of a 747 from a terrifying dinosaur nicknamed the G-Rex. They get help from an unexpected source.

    After such a good previous episode this one stands out for being nonsensicle and silly. The show my use anomolies but this episode hs plot holes so large planet wouldn't fill them.

    The idea in itself isn't bad it's the level of stupidity that is the problem.

    How can a monster bigger than a T-Rex be running across a hude open space the size of a filed maybe even two yet the people working don't see or hear it coming?

    The conclusion of the nosey journalist was a welcome part of the story. It was obvious the writers had no idea what they were going to do with him or that storyline.

    This story is going to be known for the reintroduction of the character Danny Quinn. The character is such the stereotype hero he stands out like a sore thumb in this series.

    How convenient is it that the guy just so happened to have had a couple of helicopter lessons? On top of that he managed to handle the thing too well. He definately had more than a few lessons. Had he been less capable it would have been more believable and strengthen his character.moreless
  • With Cutter gone Jenny becomes the new head of the team and it is hoped things go back to normal. The team has a run in with Christine Johnson, then the press, and finally an anomaly with the biggest predator in history the Giganotosaurus or G-Rex.moreless

    One has to wonder what the biggest threat is the ARC is facing. You can't help but think it is Christine Johnson and her agency. Then things gets a little messed up and the press is involved. Finally Danny Quinn shows up and the team has to deal with the ultimate predator the G-Rex which is even bigger than a T-Rex and was named the Giganotosaurus by Paleontologists because of its huge size and ferocity. In other words a T-Rex is to a G-Rex what a Tiger Shark is to a Great White. Both are predators and they both would kill you but one is substantially more impressive in size and speed.

    The dinosaur and the action were really well done in this episode. The G-REX himself was very lifelike and believable even though computer generated. The press people sort of got their comeuppance in a way we all sometimes wish they would but it was pretty brutal. Sometimes when you play with a big enough flame you really get burned though. I feel sorry for the person who has to do the cover up on this one between the deaths and the dinosaur.

    You sort of feel that Christine is the new nemesis for the ARC team but I'm not convinced. As far as Danny goes we have been set up for him to be the replacement for Cutter no doubt. He seems a cross between Stephen and a very small piece of Cutter though. Not a good combination to replace Cutter. Since Captain Becker and Dr. Page have been added they really haven't been built up with character development and Conner and Abby really have always been secondary characters in general. The only one left really is Jenny Lewis/Lucy Brown and there are holes even in her story though she seems determined to see things through. I can see this show suffering from the lack of a few strong focal characters in the future though. We'll see how it goes.

    This is my 200th episode review. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • One big surprise.

    Although spiced-up with some outstanding stunt work, a Giganotosaurus running amok over an airfield is routine fare for Primeval, and it exposed the CGI. And a plot strand in which the press discover an anomaly must have left everyone incredulous.

    However Christine Johnson (Belinda Stewart-Wilson, aka Mrs Ben Miller) continues to preside over Primeval's most promising conspiratorial plot todate. And in the wake of Cutter's death, Jenny (Lucy Brown) and Connor (Andrew Lee-Potts) form a beleivable, yet uncharacteristically understated, partnership that is still able to deliver the laughs; think of the way Buffy or Supernatural can flip between comedy and drama without painting the characters as caricatures. So I'd love to see them paired together more. And the cinematography was jaw droppingly good, too.

    So overall, another episode of Primeval threatening to cut free of the clichés and become credible action-adventure.moreless
  • The team tries to pick up the pieces after Cutter's death.

    I love this show! I will admit that this is not the best episode of the series but it was still pretty good. I was very disappointed that Cutter was killed in the last episode, that being said I think that the writers did a descent job writing him out. One nice thing about this episode is that it explored Abbey and Connors relationship a little more. We also see Danny Quinn return to help the team. I'm hoping that he becomes a permanent character, it looks like that's where things are heading. The interesting twist in this episode is that not only does the team have to contain perhaps the largest and most dangerous creature that has come through an anomaly but they also have to try to keep the press from spilling the story.moreless
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Ruth Gemmell

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Alex McSweeney

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    • Jenny: Thank you. You saved people's lives today.
      Danny: Don't worry about it.
      Jenny: I'm going to have to arrest you.
      Danny: Well, we all have our own unique way of showing appreciation.

    • Lester: I appreciate how hard it's been for everyone, so I wanted to say thank you, for everything you've done.
      Jenny: Calm, controlled and slightly dull, just like you asked for, except for that G-Rex of course.

    • Jenny: How's the head?
      Connor: I dunno, might of knocked some sense into me.
      Jenny: Well done today, Cutter would have been proud of you.
      Connor: Yeah, and you.

    • Danny: The door's jammed, Connor, go round the other side.
      Jenny: Oi, I give the orders around here. (Connor pauses) Connor, round the other side.

    • Jenny: What are you doing here?
      Danny: Saving your bacon.
      Jenny: How did you even know where we were?
      Danny: I followed the journalist, you know he broke into your car.
      Jenny: Yeah, I gathered that. Right, thanks for your help but just go now.
      Danny: But it was just getting interesting.
      Jenny: If you don't go now I'll have you arrested.
      Connor: Guys, as fun as this is, we've got more pressing matters.
      Danny: Just give me the gun and I'll go in first.
      Jenny: One more step and I will shoot you.
      Danny: Alright, absolutely. (He pauses and waits for Jenny to walk away and then continues forward)

    • Jenny: Oh God, I can't believe I let myself get taken in by that reptile of a journalist.
      Connor: He was pretty good though, you know, as reptile journalists go. He had me.
      Jenny: (On the phone) Becker, how far away are you? I don't care how many barriers you go through, I need you here faster than fast. (As Connor launches himself at the locked door) They're stuck in roadworks. (Seeing Connor sprawled on the floor) What are you doing?
      Connor: The door's solid, we're not getting through there.

    • Connor: (Seeing Jenny's hand is shaking as she loads her gun) You okay?
      Jenny: I'm fine.
      Connor: I'll go first.
      Jenny: No, me.
      Connor: (Seeing that Jenny looks scared) How about we both go together?

    • Sarah: Cutter kept a lot of things to himself.
      Jenny: Tell me about it.

    • Lester: You're in charge, until we can make a permanent appointment.
      Jenny: Are you sure you want me to take over?
      Lester: If I wasn't I wouldn't ask. Don't expect a pay rise; I could probably swing you a parking space. Keep things calm, controlled and if you can manage it slightly dull.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Animal Apperances:

      Future Predator, species unknown but suspected Microchiroptera, a carnivorous mammal.
      Deinonychus, a carnivorous therapod.
      Giganotosaurus, a carnivorous carcharodontosaurid.
      Diictodon, a herbivorous therapsid.