Season 3 Episode 5

Series 3 Episode 5

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2009 on ITV
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The team must protect London from a deadly, spreading fungus that could wipe out the entire city's population.

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  • Great teaser. Best ep I've seen in quite a while.

    I really liked the teaser here. Best of the series easily. I liked the monster of the week. The jeopardy worked and they managed to keep the glaringly stupid actions down to a minimum and restricted to Connor which was true to his character from the start of the series so I didn't feel the need to scream at the screen as I so often have. I still got bumped out of the show for logic reasons in the final big sequence. Someone could convince me with science (possible spoilers from here on) but the quick freeze to death of Jenny just didn't work for me. I am disappointed that Jenny left, tho. They just began to give the actress something more to do than yell cover stories at people and she leaves. What really surprises me is how much Danny has grown on me in two episodes. Just as I'm bellowing at the screen about the extraordinarily poor security (we've busted a guy who snuck into this top secret facility....let's sit him down in front of the top secret anomaly detector. The woman working on the artifact no one is supposed to know is there seems not to have a door on her lab) sorry. Back to my point... Just as I'm bellowing at the screen about the extraordinarily poor security Danny spots the wandering off to spy on the arc pointing out that he's suspicious. He wisely does not touch the mold covered man on the floor. Yup, I'm okay keeping him around.

    The many conspiracies of Primeval are boring to me. I pay little attention. It does keep me from giving the episode a higher score.moreless
  • Danny Quinn breaks into the ARC and gets involved with the team by necessity. An anomaly causes a flesh eating (literally) fungus to come into our time and threaten all of human existence if it cannot be stopped. Christine visits the ARC as well.moreless

    A disappointing episode in which to loose Jenny in. Of course the driving force for Jenny's character was Cutter so in a way it makes sense for her to leave now as she really needs to find herself and maybe find out what happened.

    So we are now left with Connor, Abby, and Lester as the main characters from the original series. I say this for them. They sure are willing and able to kill off their characters in this series. I am just not sure special effects and creature monsters is going to keep viewers by themselves.

    Jason Flemyng seems to be pretty good as Danny Quinn who is now the new leader of the team. Laila Rouass is exceptional as Dr. Sarah Page. Certainly Andrew Lee Potts as Connor and Hannah Spearritt as Abby are still there, but they were mostly secondary characters until this season. They were there mostly for his humorous bits and her good looks. Now they must become an integral part as the main characters. They both have done a good job the last few episodes. The creature this episode was pretty scary until they figured out freezing would stop it. A number of really stupid bits in this episode which definitely push its score down. #1. When I go into a strange bio-lab I always lift the lid of containers and touch the contents inside! (SARCASM) #2. When I am hunting a dangerous creature and someone rings me up trying to tell me something, I just assume its what I want to hear and don't bother to go out to get better cell reception to really find out why they are calling at such a crucial time! (MORE SARCASM) Now really the writers need to come up with a little better plot ideas to push the stories forward. I would chalk this up to Friday the 13th type horror where people are being murdered left and right so we are going to go down in the dark basement with no weapon to investigate the sounds we are hearing in the haunted house. A show with this level of tech needs better plot driven stories.

    The rest of the story was certainly good and the episode was definitely worth seeing. Now you understand the score I gave it though. I will be interested how this new show will do now that we basically have a new cast. Let's keep a positive note in general. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • .The team face a terrifying flesh-eating fungus that turns its victims into human shells intent only on spreading the fungus further

    This story was a vast improvement on the previous one. Dann is even more annoying in this one than the last one though. Adding him to the show has changed the show too much to being very American. By that I mean having the very stereotypical "all action" hero.

    British fantasy and sci-fi drama doesn't tend to use that as much and it's one of the things that sets our shows apart from the US shows.

    The monster of the week was an interesting idea and was handled very well. I liked the way that they died even if it did make you as the viewer have to susspend your reality for it to work properly.

    This is a typical mid-season filler episode that gives a few things away in the build up to the end of the season but stands alone as it's own story.moreless
  • Good creature but disappointing story and even worst ending

    The fungus creature was original and well rendered. Moreover they didn't make the same mistake as with the G-Rex as its scenes mostly occurred in dark tunnels. The lab one was specially interesting and reminded of Half Life, the video game. Its effect on the characters was also quite frightening. I specially enjoyed its interactions with Connor and Jennifer.

    About the story even if it was only a creature of the week episode I quite enjoyed it. However it was just entertaining. Moreover a major twist happened and now I think I've just lost faith in the show. They really have to step up their game if they don't want to lose their viewers. Introducing new characters like Danny is not enough, even if I like him.

    I think the only solution to save Primeval would be to focus on the anomaly arc but I don't think it'll happen.moreless
  • Broke the mould

    This is a killer episode, in every sense of the phrase: the fungiform monster is unreservedly convincing; the dialogue snaps like Chinese firecrackers; and the cinematography is gorgeous, particularly the shots of the lit flame-throwers in the sewers.

    The plot has a clean "shape" and good pacing, although the science would struggle to satisfy Key Stage 1, and writers Catherine Linstrum and Paul Mousley sometimes manipulate the characters in juvenile ways rather than have them act as intelligent professionals (for example, getting Connor back into the lab via the pet dino and then having him clumsily knock over the saline to rehyrdrate the fungus - couldn't the dinosaur have knocked over the solution itself?). But that's Primeval. However with Cutter gone, there is no need to funnel the story through a single "hero" and that allows a more balanced, natural narrative, making good use of the ensemble cast.

    Which is why it's gutting that Lucy Brown has departed. Without Cutter constantly undermining her, Jenny Lewis was developing into a credible leader who kept the story rolling forwards. Hopefully her departure won't set back Primeval's best season to date.moreless
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    • Jenny: I warned you to stay away from this Danny.
      Danny: See, I thought we were flirting, it's so difficult to read women these days.

    • Lester: I know some of the creatures can be frightening, but surely this many pairs of underpants is overdoing it.

    • (As Jenny holds a picture of Claudia Brown found in Cutter's stuff)
      Sarah: When was that taken?
      Jenny: It wasn't, it's not me, it's Claudia Brown. Oh my God Sarah, I used to be somebody else.

    • Danny: You can't leave.
      Jenny: I have to.
      Danny: It's your team.
      Jenny: No, it was Cutter's, and now it's yours. I don't belong here anymore.
      Danny: Of course you do.
      Jenny: Danny, I died today, I think I should probably quit while I'm ahead.
      Danny: I know you and I know all about Claudia Brown, and I'm sure there's some perfectly rational explanation.
      Jenny: Yeah, that's what I used to think.
      Danny: Maybe we've all lived other lives, but what's important is who we are right now.
      Jenny: You're absolutely right. That's exactly why I have to go. Danny, if I stay here I'll always be looking back wondering who I really am, I just want to go and try and forget about the ARC and forget about the creatures and the anomalies, and most of all I really want to try and forget about Nick Cutter and Claudia Brown. You said it yourself. You only live once.

    • Lester: You know I'll never look at athlete's foot the same again.

    • Jenny: (About Danny) He's really overdoing the alpha male bit isn't he.
      (Danny reverses back)
      Jenny: Something's wrong.
      Danny: No Sat Nav, show us the way back to the ARC.

    • Danny: (About the fungus infected man) So we corner it and then we grill it, right?
      Abby: Isn't that cruel?
      Danny: What?
      Abby: That thing was a man not long ago, suppose he's still in there.
      Danny: So we ask it nicely and then we grill it, right?
      Abby: Thank you.

    • Lester: (Looking at the Fungus covered man) Well this could be tricky to explain to the next of kin. Good news he's not technically dead, bad news he's turned into a mushroom.

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