Season 3 Episode 6

Series 3 Episode 6

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 02, 2009 on ITV
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After the team discovers a mysterious artifact, Christine takes over the Anomaly Research Center in an attempt to steal it. The team manages to escape and they make their way to an abandoned cabin in the woods. While there an anomaly opens and several large ostrich like creatures begin to attack. The team must find ways to defend themselves against not only the creatures but also some of Christine's men who were sent to recover the artifact.moreless

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  • Good creatures and twisted story but not "anomalyc" enough.

    The creatures were quite scary and it actually felt like if they were part of the real settings. It was a good surprise considering all scenes occurred in day light. This episode was also heavy on action and in fact they quickly bored me because I'm more into character development, ambiance… But I have to admit that some of them were well done and the characters really seemed in danger. However I hope the writers won't use the same trick over and over because now it's obvious something scary will happen when Abby is involved for example. A scene shouldn't be predictable.

    The story could have been better but it was nice to see that they tried to make the new characters grow on us. I still haven't forgotten Nick and Claudia/Jennifer, and probably never will because I don't want to, but as someone pointed out it's nice to see that the other characters are better used. However I'm still not convinced by Sarah and Becker, even Abby is starting to bore me somehow. But I think Danny and Connor works really well together. Moreover the James and Christine arc had a major twist and I'm glad Helen is not the only strong woman on the show anymore. That's why we need her back on the show ! Primeval can't afford to lose an other charismatic character. The anomaly arc was also covered but only during a few minutes.

    So overall it was an average episode. It was entertaining and the woods reminded me of The Village. However it didn't convince me to watch the upcoming episode and in fact I don't think I'll come back to Primeval. My favorite characters are out of the picture and it seems the writers prefer to focus on creatures than on the anomaly, when that arc is really interesting.moreless
  • The team take refuge in the woods and are forced to defend themselves without the aid of modern technology when they are attacked by vicious terror birds.

    Primeval does the Shack in the woods" scenario and give themselves another great episode.

    As the show is built upprimarily about the monster of the week this format suits the show perfectly.

    Right from the outset you knew this story was likely to be a good one as it started differently. On first look it appeared our heroes had gone back in time judging by their period dress and the music.

    IMO too much time was spent on the flashback sequence and the subplot involving James Lester. Those scenes should have been used in other episodes to allo the atmosphere of the team's isolation in the woods with nothing modern to defend themselves to be built up.

    However, the biggest weakness in the story was the giant osterich type creatures. I found them all a bit ridiculous at times and so it weakened the threat I felt the team were under.

    Despite that this episode is in the top half for the second season.moreless
  • Conner continues to come through when he and Sarah discover the artifacts power. Christine has been observing the ARC and gets permission to take over. The team escapes with the artifact and runs into a new dangerous anomaly. Abby's brother losses Rex.moreless

    Conner shows a lot of leadership qualities in this episode and a tremendous amount of courage and maturity. I was actually very pleased with the chemistry of the new team. I think making Christine Johnson their nemesis right away brings the team together and gives them a common goal.

    Robert Lowe as Jack, Abby's brother is really a scum. He bets his sisters pet Rex in a poker game like it was nothing at all and then doesn't bother to tell her what happened. Obviously a person of high regard and integrity.(Sarcasm!!!) Hopefully he gets eaten by a creature from an anomaly in the near future. Sorry. :)

    The overall story was pretty standard but the highlights were the creatures in the forested area and how in sort of a strange way they rescued the team from Christine's thugs and the fact that Lester and Captain Becker were able to eject Christine from the ARC is such a sneaky clever way. It'll teach her to shoot her mouth off like that in the future. It was great to see her get her comeuppance and for Lester to get the applause in the end.

    Somehow they have managed to make James Lester a character you like and root for through all of his British stuffiness.

    I really enjoyed the team of Quinn, Connor, Abby, and Sarah. They do make a great group and with the addition of Captain Becker I think they may have a winning team here. I am quite surprised as we have lost three major characters in the last seven episodes and most shows don't survive that.

    A good episode with a great story and well acted. I hope this is a sign of the things to come. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Let me die now!

    Whoa! This was bloody brilliant: better than Doctor Who, better than Jurassic Park, better than the climax of "Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles", and that was pretty damn good. This was 60 minutes of adrenaline set in the scrumptiously decrepit "grounds" of a wonderfully ramshackle old house. (I adored the woods and the field of dead corn.) The plot developed credibly. The action was unremittingly inventive (mine fields, monsters sliced by exploding cars, clay pigeon flinging wine). One or two stunts and effects could have done with more budget (Danny Quinn hanging out the side of a Range Rover; most of the creature explosions) and there was a silly B plot, but that doesn't matter: I've not seen a better slice of action adventure all year. Watch it.moreless
Robert Lowe

Robert Lowe

Jack Maitland

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Michael Wildman

Michael Wildman

Captain Ross

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Belinda Stewart-Wilson

Belinda Stewart-Wilson

Christine Johnson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The song heard at the end of the episode is "Better Man" by Bill Baylis.

    • The ostrich-like birds are called terror birds and they lived during the last ice age in South America. They stood three meters (ten foot) tall. They had to be pretty fierce as they had some nasty predators, like smilodon (sabre toothed cats).

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Lester: You know, this isn't over Christine.
      Christine: When people say that James, it usually is.

    • Becker: I'm satisfied there was no serious breach of security.
      Lester: Excellent. A new definition of serious – you let him abseil down the ventilation shaft!

    • Lester: We are not "flatmates". And if ever find your socks in the bread-maker again, you're fired.
      Connor: I was keeping them warm!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Danny: (reading the diaries) It seems the Prime Minister is promising peace in our time.
      This is referring to the famous quote by Neville Chamberlain. It was made in 1938, after he signed the Munich Agreement. It's actually misquoted here, the original quote was "Peace for our time," but it is frequently misquoted.