Season 3 Episode 7

Series 3 Episode 7

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 09, 2009 on ITV
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When an anomaly opens in a junkyard the team goes to investigate. When they arrive they find a dinosaur that has come through and a Medieval Knight, Sir William de Mornay, who mistakes the dinosaur for a dragon. The team must now fight to save the creature before the Knight kills it.moreless

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  • definitely not the best episode, the plot around the knight was a good idea but badly done and getting rex back should have been a bigger plotline.

    As a member of this site it makes sense that i watch alot of tv. alot of what i enjoy watching comes from american tv which can at times be questionable in quality, however i do like the fact that american shows can be "less uptight" for lack of a better word than british tv (look at ITV's show, demons for bad acting and accents to get my drift).

    having said that There are alot of things i like about primeval so this episode, as bad as it was, was still fairly watchable but ultimately forgettable.

    this is a show that has a unique idea and for me that makes it worth watching, i do like the people in it especially Connor and Abby as they are the most interesting characters. this show has a great cast and an idea that can be expanded in so many different and interesting ways that there is definitely hope for it to get better.

    the cons; The "dragon" in this episode wasn't nearly as realistic as past creatures and the story around the knight was interesting but badly delivered and could have been altered.moreless
  • Something a bit different for the ARC team when they have to deal with an Medieval Knight that comes through an anomaly to slay a dragon

    This show can be so infuriating. When they get it right it's great, but when they get it wrong they really mess up.

    Let's start with the negative.

    How many times can a dinosaur go through the streets and not get seen by the public? After basing a couple of episodes at the start of this series about a journalist about to expose it all and them managing to keep it covered up they come up with this stupid scenario again.

    It's an insult to our intelligence to expect us to believe that nobody would spot a dinosaur, or in this case a dragon that is walking about for hours.

    Why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot like this?

    The positive.

    The whole idea of an Knight coming through the anomaly to slay a dragon and being hit by modern times and thinking "I am in hell" whilst not being original is still an good story. There was a lot of lucky coincidences in this story involving his character but it worked because the concept is such fun.

    Had I have been the series Producer I would have had him stay and become part of the team. Having someone who is not only mesmerised by a dinosaur but also something as mundane as electricity or radio could have been really interesting. Certainly more interesting than the increasingly tedius Danny Quinn. This should have been an 9.0 but the dinosaur/dragon unseen in the streets bit let it down unfortunately.moreless
  • An anomaly opens in a junk yard and a "dragon" comes through followed by a Knight bent on destroying it. Abby races to save the dinosaur. Quinn and Connor go after the Knight. Sarah goes thru the anomaly to learn what she can find out about the Knight.moreless

    This was a pretty good episode with good pace and a lot of action. There are a number of plot lines in this story. You have the herbivore dinosaur who somehow ended up in medieval England who came through another anomaly to today. The dinosaur is injured by the Knight. The Knight comes through after the "dragon" and gets confused by the many "demons" he meets. Finally Rex is up for sale on the internet by the guy Abby's brother Jack lost him to in a card game. In general the pieces all fit pretty well together but the Rex story was a little weak even though I liked how it ended.

    So Abby has a new pet from the same era as Rex, but this one is a little bigger. I wonder how she's going to hide this one? It was great how she stood up to the Sir William when everyone else really hadn't. Sir William de Mornay is a mercenary Knight who has pledged to kill the "dragon" that is plaguing the countryside. Sarah goes through the anomaly to discover his name and what had occurred so that she could maybe piece together a solution to the problem. In the end she and the others manage to make him understand and send him back through the anomaly.

    I liked how Connor got Rex back with Captain Becker's help, but I really think Jack needs to be reigned in for this. I don't think he is the type that is really going to feel bad for what happened and I think he is going to cause even more trouble. So two pretty good episodes in a row. I would recommend seeing this one as the acting is good, the action even better, and I liked the overall storyline. See you in two weeks and thanks for reading...moreless
  • An excellent episode!

    I was pleasantly surprised by just how good this episode was. Not only was it thought-provoking and well thought out, but it had some great comedy moments as well. Yet again, I loved Connor, Danny and Captain Becker, and I felt that Sir William's story was strangely touching. The script was amusing and realistic, and I felt the episode flowed brilliantly. As well as this, it felt like all of the characters had a role to play, rather than just hanging along for the ride. If you haven't already guessed, I loved this episode!

    This show seems to be getting better and better, and I eagerly await the next installment!moreless
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