Season 3 Episode 9

Series 3 Episode 9

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 23, 2009 on ITV
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When a herd of Rhinoceros type animals come through an anomaly the team tries to keep them contained. Abby and Sarah attempt to save a person trapped in a tent before one of the creatures tramples them. Meanwhile Connor tries to move the creatures back through the anomaly. Shortly after Danny arrives with a woman from the future named Eve, things go hay wire and the anomaly suddenly closes causing a stampede.moreless

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  • Have you herd the one about the giant Rhino? The team have to deal with a herd of Prehistoric Rhinos rampaging.

    Oh dear this one was didn't work properly. It wasn't awful, it was just an so-so story.

    It starts off bad with Danny Quinn easily breaking into an maximum security facility and wandering around quite freely. If you are going to do this kind of thing do it at night when the building is empty or less people are in the building to add believability to it.

    You then have an mysterious woman from the future named Eve. Now this idea is good. We have never encountered anyone from the future. Whilst it's not an new idea in itself it is for this series.

    They then throw it away with the stupid idea that it's really Helen Cutter using an personal cloaking/image altering device.

    Wouldn't have been easier to change your appearance to one of the ARC team and just walk into the ARC building?

    As per usual Helen gets away by going through an anomoly. It's all getting a bit predictable with her I'm afraid.

    The idea of the Rhinos on a rampage was good. I could have done without the pointless comedy situation of the guy on his stag night endiing up dressed as a woman. Also the stuff about does Abby look like a stripper? Whilst it may be funny to a few people I wonder is it really necessary for a show that is so popular with children?

    An so-so story in what seems to be an so-so season.moreless
  • Danny rescues a woman from Christine's custody. A herd of prehistoric rhinos appear in a camping area. The team attempt to return them to the anomaly. The new woman helps them after it closes. The episode ends with a big confrontation.moreless

    So it seems things are coming full circle. Helen returns with some kind of cloaking device that makes her seem to be someone else. A few of the team (Abby and Connor) both seemed to recognize something about her before she revealed herself. Versus the last episode this one was a big improvement but overall I think the show is lacking with no Nick, Claudia, or Stephen. The brains and the heart of the show.

    *SPOILER* Helen takes Christine Johnson at the end of the show and we are to conclude she has killed her for the same reason she killed Nick. I must admit that Christine was even more annoying an antagonist then Helen was the prior seasons. She was basically a smarmy civil servant intent on grabbing power.

    Really not much else happened in this episode worth talking about. I enjoyed the Rhinos and the situation had to be one of the more difficult ones that the team has had to deal with. Let's face it without Helen they were never going to get out of it.

    Connor and Abby are great and I kind of like Sarah and Becker but even though Quinn is heroic he isn't Nick Cutter and I think this is where the show is really falling down. The combination of heroism, cleverness, and intelligence was Cutter's strong point. He also was the perfect foil for his wife.

    So there is one episode left to the third series and I am beginning to wonder if there will be a fourth. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Revaling: in all the wrong ways. (**SPOILERS**)

    This an episode that reveals Primeval's insecurities.

    A more confident show would have done away with the prehistoric rhinos and focussed on the stranger from the anomaly. And a cleverer show would have allowed the stranger to be a new player from a new world bringing new ideas to the show, rather than pointing the the mythology back at Helen. Nor, for that matter, would a larger-minded show have killed off Christine Johnson (Belinda Stewart-Wilson) - Lester's delightfully manipulative foil. But those quibbles aside--oh and the dialogue could have been snappier too--it was great. And the rhinos (a whole heard!) did look good - "sitting" convincingly in most shots.moreless
  • Hmm

    What looks set to be a rather reptative final for a hit and miss 3rd season of Primeval. In series 1 the final was Helen. In series 2 the final was Helen. A promising Lester vs the civil servant lady once again pushed aside for more Helen. This show is starting to get repetative and rather boring. It's about time we found out why anomalies exist. The Artifact storyline sounded good, but when they said it could track anomalies I actually yawned. We've got the anomaly detector for that! Hmm, we'll see what happens in season 4 I guess, if there is one.moreless
  • Pretty good episode but this show is losing its footing.

    This episode typifies what has been going wrong with the show since Nick Cutter's death in episode 3. Any transition as traumatic as killing off your show's hero and replacing him with a completely new character is going to be trying, but the producers of primeval have given us a textbook example of how not to do it. The sad fact is the writers should have found a way to write Helen out of the show when Nick died. She made a terrific villain in large part because she was Cutter's wife: their personal history as well as the sexual tension between the two kept the show's dramatic tension high, even after Stephen's death robbed us of their wicked love triangle and the oscillating friendship/rivalry between he and Cutter. So what were the producers to do? Connor and Abby were never developed beyond marginal supporting players, and now their tepid flirtations - once a counterpoint to the the lead characters' tortured romanticisms - have become stale and irritating. The beginning of series 3 gave us Sarah Page and Captain Becker, and the writers gave us very little of interest in terms of their personal histories to make them particularly involving. Quinn's introduction to the show in episode 2 gave him a backstory with the anomilies, but the show has done nothing to exploit it since. When Quinn took over as the lead in episode 4, he just showed up and announced himself as an artificially badass action hero. Flemyng is adequate in the role, but in replacing a dedicated scientist - and wistful romantic - with a shoot first super cop, the show has sacrificed substance in favor of flash. The sparks just don't fly like they used to when Helen drops in because there no one left in the cast for her to push off of. Now she's just an ordinary plot contrivance; an sneering antagonist throwing up obstacles for the heroes to overcome. They would do well to write her off the show in the series 3 finale and try to find a new direction for the next batch of episodes. I had assumed that Christine Johnson would be developed as the foil for the new protagonist (somehow involving her in Quinn's brother's disappearance would have been a coup) but now that they've offed her too I'm afraid this once relentlessly seductive show is going nowhere. It's still fun as a people vs. monsters action show, but if the writers don't start putting some meat back on these bones, I'm going to run short on excuses to watch.moreless
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    • Helen: You're playing games with her life, James.
      Lester: Oh, go ahead. Shoot her. It's perfectly fine with me.
      Christine: That is not funny.
      Lester: Depends where you're standing.

    • Christine: I suggest you co-operate immediately Quinn, or I'll personally see to it that you spend a very long time in jail.
      Danny: You're really going to have to work on your small talk.

    • Sarah: You alright? (Notices semi-naked man)
      Abby: Yeah, ah sweet! (Sarah gives her a questioning look) Not him, them.
      Sarah: What've you been doing in there?
      Abby: Never mind.
      Sarah: Oooh!
      Abby: No!

    • Abby: I just don't want things to be weird between us.
      Connor: Absolutely! Me neither, don't want any sort of weirdness with, no weird areas here. (Abby stares at him) I'm being weird aren't I?
      Abby: Yeah.

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