Season 4 Episode 1

Series 4 Episode 1

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 01, 2011 on ITV

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  • rubbush

    well after such a long wait i was really looking forward to this season of primeval howver now that it is back ive found myself dreading the episodes to come, This was simply just a terrbile episode of primeval the new chracters introduced seemed boring and wernt given nealy enough screen time for you to remotly care about them, abbie and connahs return to the present day seemed rushed and anticlimatic and as for old chracters like danny and sarah they were nowhere to be found. All in all this was a terrble episode of primeval which to be honest could have benn wrote better by a monkey
  • A kicking and screaming start of a brand new season of Primeval!

    This season picks up where the previous had left off, in the Cretaceous. Abby and Connor encounter with the spinosaurus was foreshadowed back then, when Connor Temple mentioned this dinosaur to Danny Quinn. That said, one wouldn't expect to have actually see it, for after "Jurassic Park III" and the documentary series "Monsters Resurrected", the spinosaurus has recieved plenty of recognition already. Sadly, that's what "Primeval" appears to have done: the spinosaurus-raptor confrontation in the first part of the episode seem to be strongly based on the T Rex-raptor fighting at the conclusion of the first "Jurassic Park" film, and the spinosaurus itself looks a lot like the scruffier version of the "Monsters Resurrected" series.
    The human characters, on the other hand, are as great as always. Connor and Abby finally have recognized their love in each other, and Lester got himself a new arch-nemesis, one Philip Burton, the new co-owner of the ARC (who looks a bit like the Sherrif Vaisey of BBC's Robin Hood series). Other newcomers consist of the snappy dresser (and hacker?) Jess Burton, and Matt Anderson, the new team leader who appears to have hidden secrets of his own. Together with Lester, Becker, and finally Connor and Abby they seem to be forming the core of ARC's new field team. However, they may also be forming the ground for a new blood/old blood split, with Becker potentially getting caught in the middle - or not, for when it comes to Jess, that man is obtuse!!
    Concluding points. Connor feeding the time anomaly manifestation device to the dinosaur is risky - no one can be sure what futuristic technology can do to flesh and if that damn dinosaur won't mutate into something even more dangerous and smart. Plus, Philip Burton seems to be setting up the way to Hell, paving it with good intentions, he might become a more impromptu villian than Christine Johnson and Helen Cutter had been in the previous season of the show. Here, however, time will tell - considering how Primeval likes its little twists and turns Philip may end up saving the world instead. Primeval's season opener was fun and exciting, even if a bit more cliched than the episodes of the previous seasons. Hopefully, the future episodes will make up for this.
  • Season Premiere - New characters galore

    Just finished season 3 and moved onto season 4. What the hell happened to Sarah - that is my question. I can understand not seeing Danny at all, but seriously, nothing was mentioned about her other then she died and that annoyed me so much.

    Ever since the end of season 2 where they began to replace characters the show has gone downhill. While I loved the idea of the ARC, the characters just aren't doing it for me.

    In this particular episode they just weren't introduced properly and just seemed to appear out of no where. If it was one character the way they played it out may work - but it wasn't just one character.

    I have to say that it was fantastic to see that Abby/Connor got back safe and sound - and I am glad that they finally found one another and it's nice to see their struggle to fit back into the world. I love those two and will stick around for them but the other new characters... I will have to warm up to them.

    An alright season premier - hope the season warms up alot more!
  • Welcome back, Primeval

    A year that promises many exciting shows kicks off straight away with a very delayed fourth series of Primeval, following ITV's very strange decision to axe it in 2009. While the start of series 3 felt a little bit like the show was growing stale, the writers dared to kill off its main charactor only 3 episodes in, and made it work. Their answer was introducing new charactor, Danny Quinn, as their leading man. A million miles away from the origonal Nick Cutter, the series hotted up when he took over and following a rather exciting final I was really excited for a new series.

    You won't be surprised then, that I'll say this episode suffers from Jason Flemyings absance. I'm not sure who the leading charactor is. Abby and Connor have always been supporting charactors and seem to now come very much as a pair. The new leading man seems to be one of the two new charactors, but his charactor wasn't on screen long enough nor fleshed out enough for this to be so, something which I hope they'll develop over the course of the series. So what did I like? Well, it was good seeing Abby and Connor surviving in the Cretacious, and it is always good to give us interesting new charactors. I like the change to Lester's charactor; he seems to be less of a idiot this time round and does seem to care about his team, especially Abby and Connor. The CGI is not steller but hey its a TV show on a limited budget. It requires you to use imagination. The escaped Spinosourous was fun, but very samey. Which is another problem Primeval now faces; how to keep the show fresh and good.

    All in all, I'm very glad this show got another chance to come back. It wasn't its finest episode but it did a decent job setting up the story arc for the next 13 part series. Who is the posh guy? What killed Sarah? And where does the Alan Sugar like bloke fit in?
  • By the end of this episode you will believe a dinosaur can dance...

    When all's said and done, this is a curiously downbeat episode. I don't mind--I liked it--but my tastes don't always coincide with those of mainstream audiences.

    Anyway, the show resumes one year on from the S3 finale. Two of the team, Connor and Abby (Andrew-Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt), remain trapped in the Cretaceous; while colleagues Lester and Becker (Ben Miller and Ben Mansfield) are in the present, directing the fight against dinosaurs. The home team has been swelled by a couple of newcomers, including Matt Anderson, played by Ciaran McMenamim.

    McMenamim seems to have spent his career playing thugs and villains; he just sweats "hard". The script has him show off his ruthlessness, but it isn't necessary - he's the biggest reptile on set; and I have to stay, a refreshing piece of casting. (Also shining his star power on the show is is Deep Space Nine's Alexander Siddig.)

    But it's Potts and Spearritt who steal the show with their portrait of the effects of a year-long exile in the Cretaceous; the memory of their despair lingers long after the episode has closed. Of course the duo return home, but it's not until halfway through, and even then they're not restored to operational status; the show would have been more uplifting if this bad news was swept into the next part: but instead of concluding with the dancing dinosaur, there are epilogues that see Connor and Abby wrestling with PTSD and denied the right to "carry on Cutter's work", while newbie Matt confers conspiratorially with an outsider. It's tantalising stuff, and relegates the dinosaurs-who are barely off the screen-to wallpaper.
  • Series 4 Episode 1

    Series 4 Episode 1 isn't much of an episode title, however this episode was definitely a unique season opener. This episode was full of shocking changes and revelations. I enjoyed watching this episode because I like the series a lot and this episode gives us some of the classic humor, action, and creatures we want to see. I thought this episode was interesting because Abby and Connor have been alone together surviving in the past for a year. I thought the changes at the ARC were shocking and I'm not sure how this will all play out. I look forward to watching more of Primeval Series 4!!!!!!!
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