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Season 4 Episode 2

Series 4 Episode 2

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 02, 2011 on ITV
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Episode Summary

When Connor looks up his old friend Duncan, he doesn't expect to find him obsessed with creature sightings. Warning him of the elusive dock creature, the pair track it down to the docks, only to find evidence of a fresh kill. With Abby and Matt arriving to help, they find the creature after a tense chase through a container yard. Will Connor's quick-thinking and bravery earn him back his place on the team?moreless

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  • Points extracted for the incredibly annoying Jessica!!

    Honestly... within the first five minutes of her opening her mouth, I wanted to slap her. And the smug businessman in the suit is a candidate for t-rex lunch (as is the creepy old professor-type).

    Other than that, Matt is a big improvement on Danny, glad to see Becker back, (missing Sarah... she was an under-developed character who had a great deal of potential), Connor has finally grown up (and he's a big improvement) and Abbey is great. Lester has mellowed, and that's an improvement too.

    Basically, the storyline has progressed nicely, although I am a bit disappointed with businessman/professor villains, somewhat cliched and a bit tiresome. Big business bad for social cohesion... and self-absorbed... we get it. Mysterious whittering old professor chattering in vague terms about a maybe conspiracy... Feel very much as though we've been there before.moreless
  • Well Jess worked for me...

    In Primeval's original line-up, tech wizard Connor played the comedy sidekick. A new, sleeker hairstyle suggest he's been promoted to action hero (though he's still gets to do his shtick, but only off the clock in his own spare time). Of course that leaves the position vacant. However within 30 seconds of Connor having stood up, newbie technician Jess Parker (Ruth Kearny)--think a degothed version of NCIS's Abby--has kidnapped the comedy-sidekick seat, put a whoopee cushion on it, and sat on it. Twice. And with her Karen-Gillan hemline she also ticks the "something for the dads" box, too. (Although she's going to turn out to be a mole – she just /too/ interested in the team's personnel files.)

    Ruth may be the most sparkly addition to the show, but it's still a solid gold episode. Connor and his old mate Duncan (James Bradshaw, reprising his role from S1E4) track down a Cretaceous-era "crocodile" that was flushed down the toilet five years ago, and has been snagging homeless vagrants from the docks ever since. (It's our recent run of warm summers and mild winters that have allowed these alien species to thrive.) There's humour, suspense, and scares. The plot progression won't have you choking on your cocoa, and the team is behaving more professionally than I've ever seen. The cinematography seems better than the season opener, too. All its lacks is a soupçon of originality; even so, only Primeval at its finest has eclipsed this.moreless
  • As Connor and Abby try to settle in at the new ARC, a Cretaceous crocodilian shakes it up.

    The second episode made me think that it was clearly a fill-in. For a start, the kaprosuchus' arrival was clearly reminiscent of the smilodon in the episode 2x03: in both cases the ARC had to deal with an animal that arrived in the present before the ARC was established, and in both cases they were tough, but relatively dim, creatures.

    This brings us forth to kaprosuchus proper. In terms of a plot, it was just a bigger, spikier pristichampsus from the beginning of season 3, and it was about just as exciting, nevermind the fact that it seemed to walk, swim, jump and climb equally well (that was probably not as true for the real animal). Its only weakness was its lack of brains - it didn't seem to be any smarter than the already-mentioned smilodon.

    If the animal wasn't too smart, then people were - kind of. Jess, for all of her image of a fast-talking fast-living ditz (she got four phones at home - does she ever go out if she has to?) clearly has some brains as she is determined to pump Connor and Abby for information, mainly about Becker, of course, but still. Living with her will be a challenge... but didn't Philip give Connor and Abby an apartment of their own? Had it been already rescindled or something? Philip is clearly many things, but cheap? That's probably not.

    Speaking of Philip, his relationship with Lester is very vague, which is quite reasonable. Obviously, both of them are used to getting their own way within their spheres of influence, and now that they have to share, it can get really ugly for the ARC really fast.

    Finally, Matt Anderson? Just who is that man of mystery? Hopefully, not Danny Quinn's long-lost (in the future) brother, because that would be just wrong. Same goes for Matt's friend, Gideon - who's he? The two men clearly know more about the ARC than complete strangers would, yet they aren't intending to capitalize on that knowledge either, which makes one wonder, what is their agenda?

    So, one 'boar-croc' that is nigh-unstoppable, the ARC that might begin to split into factions given the number of staff working there, new strangers with their own agendas...and, oh yes, Duncan. We haven't seen Connor's friend since the first season, and his presence clearly indicates that this episode is a filler, or at least written by a script-writer that didn't have any specific goal in mind, but wanted to tie-up some lose ends and fill-in narrative space. Seriously, how could Duncan get video clips of the various animals that ARC had encountered on his own? Somehow such feats of technological and otherwise daring do not mesh with the man we've seen on the episode, not at all. That said, it was good to Connor to make peace with his past and his old friend, even the odds are we won't be seing Duncan again, for he won't be necessary.

    And so, this episode was a filler, but a good one all the same.moreless

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