Season 4 Episode 3

Series 4 Episode 3

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2011 on ITV

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  • Intriguing entry

    Although the main purpose appeared to be to introduce Lady Emily.

    Philip grew on me a bit. He may not be the intentional architect of future disaster. Even Jess improved dramatically, a great deal less smug and know-it-all.

    I enjoyed it but there is still something nagging at the back of my mind. While elements of the re-boot are working well, some of the changes really don't hang together with what we already know.

    Matt is growing as the lead character. He has not got Cutter's calm authority, but he has more "scientific" knowledge than Danny (it never made sense to me that the team leader would be an ex-copper.)
  • The ARC team has to deal with time-travelling people, one of whom seems to have stolen Matt's heart, as well as several deadly dinosaurs. Can they deal with both?

    When Helen Cutter died at the end of season 3, the series have lost its best villian. Driven not by greed, but by ideology, Helen left some big shoes to fill, in the series' plot. The 3rd episode of the 4th season seems to be attempting to do that with not just one, but two people, each of whom is an apparent aspect of the late Helen.
    Lady Emily Merchant is a 19th century version of Helen, whose alignment has been switched from evil to good, with Matt taking the role of Nick to court her. No, that is actually incorrect. Lady Emily is no Helen, and Matt is no Nick, but their romance has brought back memories, as once again in the ARC's history a scientist and a time traveller seem to be tentatively set on romancing each other, regardless of mutual dislike and not quite capable personalities: both Emily and Matt want to be in charge of the situation, and as in case of Lester and Philip, too many cooks spoil the broth.
    Ethan, on the other hand, is apparently being set up as a villian that will outdo Helen in sheer craziness. Since the latter planned to destroy the human race all at once, Ethan will have to do a lot of catching-up since he is more of "kill one person at a time" kind of villian. Sure, Emily has good reason tom imply that he is crazy and deadly, but is he deadly enough to fill-in Helen's shoes? Time (punt intended) will tell.
    Speaking of villians and time, Philip has almost run out of his, as Rex and Connor had accidentally sent the ARC into lockdown. Connor being Connor (and we love him for that) had also fixed this mess (with the help of Jess, of course), but now the new dawn that had been mentioned in the previous episode has risen once again, dragging with it the question: just what will Philip be up to? That it'll be evil, there is no doubt - Philip doesn't like Rex, and the last person who didn't like Rex was Caroline from season 2, who proved to be a stoodge working for Leek. Philip, of course, is no Caroline, but Connor seems to be falling for him (non-sexually, hopefully) all the same - when will the script writers cut him and Abby a break and bring them together? Probably only when the show will come to an end.
    New characters, new personal problems, and villians both established and new, all that's left are the creatures, to wit the so-called "tree creepers", the arboreal raptors. Seriously, if the episode called for extra-smart predators with heads for heights, the old future predators worked just fine, and unlike the tree creepers, they didn't have pretensions for realism, they were fully invented and fully deadly. But, perhaps, just a bit too deadly for the new and improved ARC crew, and a trio of rejects from Conan fandom had to be used.
    The episode 4x03 of Primeval was an important introductory episode, but the creatures featured in it were just too bizarre, a product of a script writer's overactive imagination. Hopefully, the future episodes' creatures will be more realistic.