Season 4 Episode 4

Series 4 Episode 4

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2011 on ITV
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Saturday detention is thrown into disarray when a deadly Therocephalian attacks a teacher, allowing the kids to run riot. The team are soon faced with not only tracking down the creatures, but fighting against the antics of a group of terrified students. Finding a Therocephalian nest in the school canteen, Connor enlists the help of the kids to stun the creatures into submission before returning them through the anomaly. Meanwhile back at the ARC the menagerie, including Rex, are under threat of termination at the order of Philip Burton.moreless

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  • As the ARC struggles to save the lives of several high school students, Abby's own menagerie comes under threat of extinction.

    Firstly, the animals. Therocephalians, contrary to Matt's statements, were reptiles, albeit mammal-like, and were merely a side branch on the tree of evolution that led from reptiles to mammals. Plus, their venemous bite is largely the invention of Impossible Pictures, brought back from 2005, "Walking with Monsters", when these animals first appeared on the screens. Secondly, the school. It is filled with almost as much computer controls as the ARC itself, yet its walls are flimsy enough for the therocephalians to muscle through. Either someone has tried to cut corners during its construction, or all this running in the past had changed the present in the ARC-world after all, in regards to building construction at any rate.

    Finally, the characters. Philip tried to get rid of Abby's pets, and Connor... didn't support Abby. Okay, the last time he was this obtuse was in season 2, in face of Caroline's feminine charms. This time he doesn't have this excuse. If he decides to break up with Abby now, it would be just wrong, after all the stops and false starts. And if the script writers decided to break them up now, after a year of mutual intimacy in the Cretaceous, that's just cruel. Give those two a bone, please! Stop making them into a soap opera!

    Of course, this might've been just a ploy to give Lester a hug. Sure enough, the man has been neglected by women since the beginning of the show, and it's a right time for him to get hugged, but even so, please let's get Abby and Connor back on track, right now, they're two of the last constants of the old ARC!

    Jess and Becker, of course, are something else. As far as Jess believes, constancy is the key to success, and it seems that it's about time that Becker realized that she has nice legs and what-not. Her personality is just what our pessimistic "soldier boy" needs as well - even after the tragic loss of Bess the high school student (this is the first time when an innocent civilian got killed on the show in a long while), she still remained optimistic enough to console Becker, something that others didn't think of doing, apparently. Finally, Matt and Emily. They aren't going anywhere, or at least are taking things very slowly in this episode, slow enough for Ethan to kidnap Emily. Hopefully, the next episode will be more developing in regards to this plotline.

    So, in summary, Abby and Connor took a step backwards, Jess and Becker took a step forwards, Matt and Emilty just stood still, and Lester got character development. A good, solid Primeval episode all around.moreless

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    • Phillip: You haven't co-signed this executive order yet.
      Lester: Ah, yes, and I don't intend to.
      Phillip: You do realise I don't actually need your signature. Scientific policy is directly under my control.
      Lester: That's perfectly true, so go ahead. Don't let me hold you up. Of course what posterity will make of all this is anyone's guess.
      Phillip: What's posterity got to do with anything?
      Lester: Well I dare say we can't keep the anomalies secret forever. One day it'll all come out, whether we like it or not. After all you've achieved to be remembered simply as Burton the Dinosaur Killer, does seem rather a cruel fate. Not quite the legacy you had in mind, I imagine.
      Phillip: You threatening to leak this?
      Lester: Certainly not. No, I'm simply saying if this should, somehow, ever become public knowledge the world outside these walls is going to come looking for a scapegoat. I assure you, it won't be me.

    • Lester: Abby, you've got to stop this now. Please, don't make me call security. There's no chance whatsoever of you getting those creatures out of here.
      Abby: How did you know?
      Lester: Don't blame Jess, she was frightened of you getting hurt.
      Abby: This is wrong. No human being in history has seen these creatures alive before us. We've been given the most amazing gift, and how do we replay that? That privilege? By killing them because they're inconvenient. What does that say about humans? About us? Lester, after all we've done here; is this how we are going to be remembered?
      (She walks away and Lester looks thoughtful before a sly smile crosses his face.)

    • Becker: Matt, how long have I got?
      Matt: How does 20 seconds sound?
      Becker: Not the greatest news I've heard all day.
      Matt: Alright, well I'll give you 30.

    • Connor: Why do all schools smell the same? Like spot cream and misery.
      Becker: I quite liked school.
      Connor: Yeah, that figures.

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