Season 4 Episode 5

Series 4, Episode 5

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2011 on ITV

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  • As Abby and Connor struggle with each other and search for a prehistoric "worm", Matt has to race through time to save Emily from Ethan

    This episode was best so far, in no small part because it was focusing on Abby and Connor!
    Connor... what are we to do with you? You finally realize that Abby is the best thing in your life, and then you go back to Philip... with his job offer. You're clearly experiencing a case of hubris, which means you're going to get bitten in the arse by Fate soon enough. Philip, clearly, is power-obsessed as Christine Johnson had been in season 3...but much, much smarter.
    Speaking of villians, Ethan... so far he came-up with a plot worthy of Bond villian... on a very restricted budget. Oh, sure, he kicked Matt's arse, but how good Matt's a fighter, anyways? Becker has always been the man of action in this outfit, and this episode, sigh, he was on medical leave. Poor Jess, hope that no nurses were mentioned, it would've just ruined her day for good, what with Abby and Connor and Matt constantly getting hurt. ...I think we've just found Becker's role - he's the rescuer _and_ action guy at the same time.
    Sure, Matt has rescued Emily - James Bond on a restricted budget again, only the actors' acting skills had saved the day - hooray for Matt and Emily, as well as Abby and Connor.
    Speaking of Matt, did he chewed-up by Gideon or what! And, hey, Helen got mentioned after a long, long while. Just who _are_ those two guys of mystery? Hopefully not someones who will destroy the world in an attempt to save it frm something else, 'cause that would suck.
    Finally, the prehistoric monsters (and the picturesque seaside village). They were great, but can someone tell me what they were supposed to be? Just like the arboreal raptors from the third episode, they seem to be rejects from the Hyborean era, unstoppable biomachines that could go both on land and water and survive a car crush. If they were supposed to be something like real-life labyrinthodonts... they weren't. Seriously, if the scriptwriters wanted to set the ARC field crew battle something unreal, they could've just pitted them against something futuristic instead of warping prehistoric animals!
    So. Abby and Connor starting to straighten their relationship, Emily and Matt admit their feelings, or at least lust for each other, Matt is supposed to save the world, the prehistoric creatures are quite unrealistic...and, oh yes, Lester decided to join-in on the team action - it's about time! Clearly, having Philip around brings the humanity out in Lester, and as the fourth season begins to roll to a close, it's about time! This episode of "Primeval" had been truly great!
  • With only 1 more episode before the series final and the long overdue return of Danny Quinn the battle lines have been drawn!

    This was another good episode with the actual dino-hunting taking a back seat to the character development storylines and the overall series arc. Since Series 4 started Phillip's evil nature has been on display for all to see yet surprisingly no-one sees it! Ever since Connor returned Phillip has pursued him with a passion trying to force him out of the field and into a lab which would be bad in so many ways because Connor does his best work on the front line and being in the lab he'd have no protection from Lester or the team. Sadly I see Connor going down the same road with Phillip that Stephen went down with Helen (Though without the bedroom antics) and not realizing before it's too late. Connor has slowly drifted toward Phillip obviously in search of a replacement for the hole that Nick use to fill in his life(The father figure\teacher\mentor etc).

    Should be interesting to see how that develops over the next two weeks especially once he starts having to lie to Lester and Abby.

    The story also continued to evolve with Matt's hunt for Ethan and the kidnapped Emily which led to some semi surprising revelations about Ethan that he isn't from the same time period as Emily but rather seems to be from this time period though as he ominously said he is "the past and the future" or something like that, Could he be connected to Burton and New Dawn whatever that is?

    And continuing the Burton-centric appeal of the episode Lester and Burton continued to clash and attempt to flex the biggest muscles as they've been doing all series, It certainly seems to be leading up to one epic showdown.

    We also got another glimpse of the mysterious Gideon with Matt reporting to him after Ethan got away, Those two are definitely up to something and while I'm no longer convinced they're evil like I was after I watched the webisodes they are definitely hiding something and I really can;t wait to learn the truth. hopefully it involves destroying Burton!

    As I said in my summary there's only 2 weeks to go and the battle lines ave been drawn, Abby and Becker are clearly with Lester and the ARC and in this episode Jess proved her loyalty to James and the team by secretly keeping an eye on Burton while he was clearly trying to drive a wedge between Connor and Abby and whatever else he was up to. Matt appears to be on team Lester but his secret relationship wit Gideon could clearly see him turn if he has to. Surprisingly the only one who's loyalty is in question is Connor as I said he's slowly drifted away from James and Abby toward Phillip and while he may be going to research the anomalies out of genuine scientific interest and to honor Cutter since Cutter himself always planned to study the anomalies more and his innocence and willingness to believe the good in people could lead to some very bad SH*T, Hopefully he snaps out of it soon.

    The writing and acting was brilliant all round in this episode especially with Jess who has developed from annoying bubblehead with a serious tween crush(On Becker) to a devoted hard working loyal and unannoying character with plenty of potential.

    The only bad thing about this episode was Becker was completely absent without a real good explanation they mumbled something about being on sick leave but there didn't seem to be too much thought put into that particular aspect of the episode.

    And finally off topic Jenny puts in an appearance next week how cool is that leading up to the long overdue return of Danny Quinn.