Season 4 Episode 6

Series 4, Episode 6

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2011 on ITV

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  • Not only did this episode feature the "return" of Jenny Lewis but there were more revelations than you could poke a stick at, I'm 99% certain I finally figured out who the F*CK Ethan is (Don't read if you don't want to know)

    As with past PRIMEVAL series, Series 4 had a pretty slow overall pace but as with the last few episodes of prior series episode 6 was full speed ahead and didn't hold back. The main aspect of the episode was the "return" of Jenny Lewis; I use "return" because it was more like a cameo than a return since she won't be sticking around. Rocking up to a fancy estate to investigate an anomaly alert everyone is surprised to discover that their old colleague Jenny Lewis is there trying to pull off her own wedding. The on screen chemistry between Jenny Abby and Connor was still as strong as ever it was as though she never left and the whole thing felt like it stayed true to what us fans expected it to be. Plus it was nice that after everything they'd been through Lester was the one to officiate her marriage ceremony even if it was done via video-link.

    Surprisingly Jenny's return didn't turn out to be the biggest aspect of this episode, We were given 3 major reveals, Only 2 if I'm wrong about the 3rd one but I don't think I am. Firstly we finally got more information about Matt and his relationship to Gideon, Turns out they're father and son from the future and that certainly explains why Matt has seemed so devoted to him over the series and it also helps to explain this secret mission they've been discussing all series and it now makes sense how Matt could have been preparing for work at the ARC all his life, If they're from the future and know all about Helen The ARC and Ethan then it makes sense why Matt is the way he is, Perhaps they are trying to stop the future Helen saw and the only way to do it was from inside the ARC and since the tech to open anomalies exists in the future they'd have no trouble arriving here 10 years earlier and setting up a fake cover so Matt could get in when the time was right. Matt and Gideon were 2 of the most frustrating aspects of the series and I'm glad the writers finally shed some light on them I just wish Matt had finished telling Emily about the disaster he is apparently here to stop - Guess we're going to have to wait until next week
    Talking about Emily and next week this leads me to my biggest revelation from this episode, The whole thing was handled brilliantly by the writers I just hope I'm not wrong or I'll sound like an i*iot. For weeks now the team has been chasing Ethan after he appeared with Emily and that other woman from an anomaly that led from the 1800s it became clear rather quickly that Ethan was not truly from that time period as was evidenced from his construction of bombs and his rather fast adapting to this century not to mention last week when he drove a car which obviously didn't exist in the 1800s at least not in their modern form. The character while elusive and intriguing was proving to be rather annoying for hi continued reluctance to actually do anything or identify himself but this episode saw him do and say plenty even if he didn't say it!

    First he set a trap for Becker who had spent the episode chasing him and delving into his history after that came the biggest moment of all he went to a seemingly normal house and looked as if he was considering going in when an old lady popped up out of nowhere and engaged him in conversation, After asking her the name of the family that lived in the house he promptly fled the area yelling "That boy is dead" once it became clear that she was going to identify him. She didn't say his name or the name of the family that lived in the house but if she had I am 99% sure she would have said he was Ethan Quinn and the house belonged to the Quinn family. Ethan has to be Danny's missing brother. I always assumed Danny was the older brother but perhaps Ethan was which would explain why he heard a voice telling him to look after his brother, I know Becker told Jess that there was a criminal by the name of Ethan in the 1800s and I didn't hear the last name but since he told the old woman "That boy is dead" it isn't inconceivable to think that in addition to growing up in the dinosaur age and going just a little insane he also changed his name so he could forget Danny and his family. Danny never mentioned his brother's name he always just said "my brother" so this episode in my opinion set it up nicely for not only Danny Quinn to return and save the world again next week but it has also setup the potential for one hell of a family reunion.

    It was also good to see the return of the armed soldiers\guards that used to accompany the teams on missions, Haven't seen them for weeks but this episode featured plenty of them. On top of everything else this episode also had one more bonus for us fans, That poorly portrayed evil A**WIPE Phillip Burton was nowhere to be seen, Sadly he's back this week and we'll be forced to endure another horrendous attempt at acting by Alexander Siddig so let's enjoy the Burton free atmosphere while we can and who knows maybe Mat or Danny can kill him next week!
  • While the ARC team tracks down an anomaly and crashes Jenny's wedding, Jess and Becker almost fall into Ethan's latest trap...while the villian seems to be facing ghosts of his own.

    The penultimate episode of season 4 was wonderful. The scenery was great, and the character development proceeded nicely, with the overall theme of death and rebirth just surging underneath.
    Firstly, of course, the death of the wedding planner. _That_ was an inauspicious beginning, if there was any; luckily that it wasn't noticed (apparently). And then there's Connor's not too subtle suggestion and overall "connor-isms". When he suggests to Abby that they might get married there as well, Abby had a right to be mortified, and Jenny - to chastise him.
    Jenny... it was nice to meet her again, even if just as a guest. One'd never expect her to get married...and if it wasn't for Duncan, one would've never expected to see her again at all. But season 4 seems to be the season when the "ghosts" of the older seasons are returning for guest visits. Maybe season 5 (the last season!) will develop this idea even further. That said, Jenny seems to be genuinely happy of her husband and vice versa, and hopefully, their relationship will be a happy one. (Jenny marrying a musician was especially unexpected).
    While Jenny got married and Connor and Abby tagged along (but so did Matt and Emily, more about that later), Jess and Becker had to disarm the bomb, courtesy of Ethan. Seriously, that man (namely Ethan) is a Bond villian, working on a budget. 'Course, Jess and Becker's disarming of the bomb (is there any military aspect that Becker _doesn't_ know?) was hilarious in a sort of terrifying way, and the two have bonded, finally! Yay for the good ship Jecker!
    And the same goes for Emily and Matt. Matt (and Gideon, his father) came to the present from the future to stop some sort of an apocalypse, but with Gideon dying and Matt being distracted by Emily, that plan might be getting derailed; that said, Gideon's death was simply heart-rendinering; poor Matt, he's now all alone, will he turn to Emily or drive her away? Since this is "Primeval", this pair has some rough times ahead of them!
    And finally Ethan. The villian is vulnerable, it seems, to ghosts of his past. That said, he seems to be belonging in the present, rather than in the past, so it's all tricky.
    (Lester, incidentially, has little screen time in this episode, mainly to marry Mathew and Emily. Oh well, he had plenty of screen time during episode 5.)
    And so, Connor and Abby being the same socially awkward couple, Matt and Emily the same chronologically mistmatched couple, and Becker and Jess the couple that disarmed the bomb, this was an episode fit for Valentine's day, and not even the hyenadon (which are not dogs, but extinct mammals not really related to any modern species) family was able to spoil it. Hopefully, the season's finale will be just as good. Let's wait and see!