Season 4 Episode 7

Series 4, Episode 7

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2011 on ITV
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The team are sent to investigate an anomaly signal coming from an apartment building, only to discover a rampant Titanis wreaking havoc. As the team struggle to regain control, they get an even bigger surprise as the missing Danny runs through the anomaly. But emotional reunions all round have to wait, as he joins the attempt to get the Titanis back through the anomaly. The team don't notice someone watching them from the shadows; it seems Ethan has tracked them down and is still plotting his revenge on Emily.moreless

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  • WOW, Near perfect ending to a wonderful series that sets up an epic fifth and possibly final Series.

    All series we've had questions being asked with very few answers given, We've had the team going off on missions and the team members have sometimes had their own agenda (Connor and Philip, Matt and Gideon etc.) that have left us wondering who was really a good guy and who was not, Only 1 thing was certain and that is the fact that Phillip Burton the alleged Saviour of the ARC is in fact an evil dirt bag who is intent on destroying the world and the team.

    As evil as Burton obviously is it took this episode and the long overdue return of Danny Quinn to truly appreciate how evil he is and how long he has been involved with the anomalies. Danny's return was the catalyst for several big revelations in this episode, Firstly that the seemingly insane serial killer whose been taunting the team for weeks was his long lost brother Patrick whose been traveling through the anomalies since he first fell through when he was just 14, As you would expect ending up in a prehistoric timezone on his own when he was that young forced him to learn to kill to survive and that ultimately led him to killing people apparently for the fun of it, After reuniting with Connor and Abby and Becker Danny was informed by Lester of exactly what his brother had done in the past and present times which led to a rather awkward reunion for the Quinn brothers. Around that time Danny had a meeting with Phillip who seemed idly interested in how Helen died and whether or not Danny actually did it which led Danny to expose that among Helen's possession was a document with Burton's name all over it, Burton in the true evil bad guy way proceeded to deny knowledge of the document or any relationship with Helen Cutter thankfully though Danny not being an i*ot like everyone else at the ARC has been and didn't fall for his crap sadly events would unfold that would prevent him from really delving into it.

    Matt's covert investigation into the anomaly event that destroys the world was forced to change direction in this episode after he learned that his prime suspect, Ethan was simply trying to get revenge on Danny who he blames for his having to grow up going through the anomalies and having to learn to kill. Clearly Danny did everything humanly possible to find him and maybe if he wasn't insane Patrick (Ethan) would realise that. After a seemingly loving reunion and moment of understanding between the two Patrick lulled Danny into dropping his guard before knocking him and the single security guard (Again another example of how poor their security is since Burton came on board) unconscious Ethan returned to the site of the anomaly again with Emily as prisoner and escaped back to a prehistoric era after a brief showdown with Danny and Matt. Danny made the only decision that a brother could make and explained to Matt and Emily that he was going to go through the anomaly and attempt to locate his brother and presumably help him, Before he left he did warn Matt and Emily about Burton's relationship with Helen Cutter and presumably that will provide a new avenue for Matt to explore in series 5.

    The introduction of the link between Burton and Helen Cutter was a nice surprise it certainly explains why Helen always appeared to have so many resources and technology at her disposal, If she were working with Burton she would have had all of Prospero at her disposal and that building she used to store her animals in series 2 no doubt belongs to a Prospero subsidiary or Prospero itself. and her death would certainly explain why Burton suddenly became a partner in ARC operations, With Helen gone he had to become directly involved to get what he wanted the only real question is was Helen working for him or the other way around. The Burton\Helen relationship also helps explain why he was so keen to get Connor on his side, If Burton is Darth Sidious (The Emperor) then Helen was Darth Maul and now that she's dead Phillip is working on converting Connor(Anakin Skywalker) to the "dark side" to replace her, That's how I'm viewing it anyway and that shot of Connor and Phillip leaving in Burton's car after Connor was sworn to secrecy about the anomalies eventually destroying the world seems to indicate that at least for now Conner is evil which isn't a huge secret he's been slowly going down that road all series, Hopefully the team and Danny sort him out in series 5. Now that Matt knows of Burton's involvement with Helen I look forward to seeing him work on exposing him and hopefully come clean about his origins with Matt, Abby and Lester but not Conner until he's good again.

    The only bad thing about this episode (Apart from Danny not staying) was the presence of Phillip Burton or more specifically Alexander Siddig, his portrayal of Burton all series has been ranging from terrible to atrocious and I really wish that Matt or Danny would just kill him and be done with it...Oh well maybe in Series 5!

    Overall the series was slow in pace but as usual these last two episodes really picked up the speed and set in motion events that will lead to an epic and possibly final series – It hasn't been renewed or canceled yet but if the 6 episodes in series 5 are half as fast as the last 2 of series 4 we're in for one hell of a ride, Bring on May already!moreless
  • In the season's finale, Ethan's mystery is revealed, Connor may've made a grave mistake, Matt and Emily split, and a terror bird is haunting an abandoned prison building.

    The finale of the fourth season of Primeval delivered everything that it had promised. Firstly, Ethan is evil, he's just been misunderstood. He doesn't attempt to take over the world, he just wants to travel through time and kill...well, everything and everyone in his past. He's homicidal, not megalomaniacal, like Philip. The big surprise about Ethan, of course, is that he's Danny's brother - yes Danny Quinn makes a guest appearance on this episode, and no, he doesn't trust Philip either. Gasp! What a surprise. That said, Danny doesn't stick around - he has to follow Ethan (whose real name is Patrick) and stop him, and bring him to justice, or something. Good luck to him in this endeavor - he'll probably need it.

    Speaking of luck, Connor has blown it, big time. There was a reason why Philip was so much like the sheriff Veisey of Robin Hood - he's evil! All he needs now is a Guy of Guisborne of his own, and he's all set. Connor is probably not quite up to the challenge, but given his rather poor performance record in such matters, it can go either way.

    Of course, speaking of either way, it's possible that Philip will not be behind the apocalyptic disaster that Matt is from, and his plans are just another red herring, just as Ethan's actions were in this season. Who knows?

    Then again, according to Danny's police instincts, Philip had known Helen Cutter, who was intent on getting rid of the humanity. A raptor killed her off instead, and now, lo and behold, in Matt's opinion, killing at least some of the humanity isn't such a bad idea after all. Isn't dramatic irony great? And look, no matter what, it all comes back to Helen. Verily, this woman just cannot die even if she is dead!

    Speaking of Matt, he and Emily went their separate ways; then again, this episode was rather "anti-shipping": Matt and Emily have separated, Connor did something stupid that could jeopardize his future with Abby (and the future of the world), and Jess almost had no time in this episode, even with Becker. Oh well. They cannot have it always their way, as it was in the previous episode.

    Finally, the terror bird. Unlike the episode 3x06 where a flock of these birds terrorized Danny, Sarah and Connor with Abby, here it seemed to be more of a comic relief, rather like the Colombian mammoth in the episode 2x06. I'm not sure if it got returned to the past, but, hey, it did its job as a distraction and the featured creature of the episode.

    And so, we say good-bye to the latest cast of Primeval for now, and hope that the fifth (and probably the final) season of this show will be just as great!moreless
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