Season 5 Episode 2

Series 5, Episode 2

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM May 31, 2011 on ITV

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  • In the second episode of S5, Matt, Connor and Abby go under the North sea to seal a time anomaly, while Jess and Lester have to deal with a high-ranking admiral to prevent the time anomaly from being nuked.


    The second episode of Primeval S5 took place after some time had passed since ep. 1. Connor, apparently, had been neglecting his ARC duties in favour of his Prospero duties, and Abby doesn't like that. (It should be noted that Philip and April are absent for this episode, just as captain Becker is - yet no one misses him for some reason.) Consquently, it comes as no great surprise to discover that the bulk of this episode is taken by Connor and Abbyworking things out between themselves, inconclusively, of course, since it is only the second episode and there are four more to mess with their feelings.

    Matt, meanwhile, is engaging his inner leader, as he manages Connor, Abby and the sub as it becomes stranged in a late Jurassic ocean and surrounded by a pack of pliosaurs (the same model as Liopleurodon from earlier IP series). With a carnivorous dinosaur on board, things become really messy, but Matt managed to keep his head and seal the time anomaly (unlike the dinosaur, whose head is bitten off by the pliosaur instead, as the rest of it is swallowed whole instead). Hurray for Matt!

    Finally, back on the dry land in the ARC, James and Jess have to stave off the advances of an angry admiral, who is determined to have time anomaly nuked as an alternate way of sealling it off. Fortunately, Matt, Connorand Abby manage to seal it off the old-fashion (an electromagnetic pulse) way instead. Double hurray for Matt, and a welcome relief for James Lester, who just cannot catch a break: first Philip Burton gets a knighthood and now this!

    Sadly for Matt, this episode ends on a more sombre note as he learns that Emily died in a mad house in the past instead. Guess the next episode of Primeval will be about Matt doingsomething about this, eh?